Bobbo completely renovates and extends his tired 1950s bungalow

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  • Good luck with it! - we had the local preservation society up in arms about using cedar shingles in a part of the design in the back garden that no one would see apart from us and our neighbours either side...

  • Well I realise that I'm tempting fate here but my architect and I managed to finally get through to the planning officer last week.

    He likes the scheme.

    He sees no reason for it not to go ahead.

    The decision will be made by him not the planning committee.

    Non of our neighbours are objecting.

    He was wondering seeing as he was supposed to make the decision ~ 4 months ago if we could possibly agree to extend that deadline until now + 2 weeks thankyouplease.

    It looks like all systems are go giving us a decent amount of time to get building regs approval and find a supplier for the gluelam frame SIPS and other structural elements. I was hoping to start this summer but have been told, in no uncertain terms, by Mrs Bobbo that that would be too soon as we want to preserve most of the front garden as much as possible so next spring it is. On the plus side hopefully the cost of ply etc will have come down by then.

  • That sounds positive at least. Better delaying the project than having to go back to the drawing board with a different plan.

  • So... suspense...
    Did you get an Approval?

  • Any updates?

  • I've not been updating this thread because:

    1. Things have moved at a glacial pace due to the world's most ineffective local government official (big call I know) handling or planning application. At one point even my architect suggested he may be old school and be looking for a brown paper envelope to progress the application. Even after my post 7 months ago it took forever to get the decision but it was finally passed!

    2. I've not been on the forum much.

    So as mentioned above the planning decision finally came and it was in our favour. As my wife and myself have been busy with family/work etc. We decided to wait a while before started building regs approval.

    We started this last week and selected a stuc eng. that our architect knows and recommends and this afternoon I started to dig test pits.

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  • Ah excellent! Congrats. We were in a similar position, took us nigh on a year to get permission, getting rid of our architect in the process. We had to get 2x bat 🦇 surveys as well so one of the conditions was installing a bat box. Looking forward to future updates 👍🏼

  • Congrats.
    It's a bit strange for me to see that you have to go through the process twice for planning and then building permission.
    Over here in Denmark they are handled in one.

  • Don't mention the b word!

    It terrifies me as we are near woodland and it's not unusual to see the winged rodents flying around at dusk.

  • It isn't the most logical way to do things I agree.

    To make matters worse once planning has been approved it is valid for three years from the date of the decision, once building regs have been approved it is valid for 3 years from the date of application. I think that this is because they are assuming that you will apply immediately after gaining planning permission but who knows how local government bureaucracy works in this country.

    I wonder if it is possible to spend so long arguing the toss about building regs approval that it lapses before it's approved?

  • If you use an approved inspector (ie private b regs firm) it will generally be a less painful process. Slightly more expensive but well worth it.

  • Ok so trial pits are dug and the struc. eng. Is arriving at 8:00 tomorrow morning.

    I'm nervous.

  • They’re a funny bunch structural engineers

  • Well the structural engineer has been and gone and its all good news! Foundations are solid built onto a very solid base of hard packed gravel. He said that if he was being picky he'd like to see a bit more concrete and a bit less brick but that the building will have no problem whatsoever supporting another story so it appears that after 2 years of naval gazing and having our time wasted by inept local government officials all systems are go.

    Once we have the calculations back from the structural engineer the next step will be to get in touch with SIPS manufacturers and begin the dialogue between them, their structural engineers and our architiect and our structural engineers so that I can (finally) start putting together something like firm costs!

    Shits getting real!

  • Tell me about it!

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Bobbo completely renovates and extends his tired 1950s bungalow

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