Atlas Mountain Race

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  • ~200mg caffeine every 4 hours can combat sleep deprivation according to the US military.­/10.1111/jsr.12711

  • I didn't want to mention it but.....


  • I know caffeine isn't currently banned but it has been in the past and it is, clearly, a performance-enhancing drug. Taking it in that way might help you stay awake but wouldn't do much for your long term health. Personally, I wouldn't take it.

  • "the parameters of the UMP were estimated to capture a ‘group‐average’ response to sleep loss and caffeine consumption. However, there may be considerable individual variability in both the response to sleep loss and the restorative effects of caffeine"

  • @rj on to finish in the top ten.

  • It's been implicated in quite a few deaths of exhausted marathon runners recently, particularly in the form of caffeinated gels.

  • Whilst incredible, part of me is worried about the precedent Sofs feat sets - sleep deprivation on this scale causes long term health problems* in itself (and might encourage 'training' of sleep deprivation) - but also could also encourages light packing of inadequate/zero sleeping gear in the hopes of getting an edge in future
    Not that people should be babied, but when there's somewhat of a competition as to how far you're willing to go to push things, I dunno..

    *And probably multiplies the threat of any hazards on trail, luckily weather seemed calm on this

  • Sofiane ride isnt unprecedented, it's essentially a repeat of Italy divide. He's very good. He would be better if he slept.

    Thanks all. Great fun.

  • looking forward to hearing your report. enjoy the downtime.

  • Ah, shame, I missed dotwatching this completely. Were you second, James? Well done in any case.

  • You can use the real time playback. See you in 4 days :)

  • Excellent ride, I hope you enjoyed the journey!

  • Link? Caffeine is one of the most used, if not the most used and one of the most tested drugs available.

    Most deaths in marathons I've read about are things like unknown heart conditions being exposed when relatively low-trained runners are overworked in marathon conditions. There was also the girl that died on Jack3d supplement that contained ephedra or DHEA or some other stimulant but it wasn't caffeine.

  • might encourage 'training' of sleep deprivation

    This is what RAAM and similar have done for almost 30 years now.

  • amazing feat, sofiane killed it. courier mentality i suppose !

  • Nahhhh.... He didn't stop for a single beer until the end! :)

  • /deleted as moved to other thread

  • Lael blatently cheated to win TABR but didn't seem to see it the way everyone else did

    ??? I can’t find anything about this online. What’s the story?

    Edit: ignore - just found the continuation of this in the ultracycling thread

  • Well done, once again - hope you experienced some proper Berber hospitality although I guess you were travelling too fast for that.

  • People here are a bit weird. They can be very kind, but they also often try to take advantage and charge you crazy prices. It's a bit sad but a few people have really tried to rip my off. A shame as many as super nice.

    The country is one of the most beautiful I've been too

  • There is a mandatory kit list and sleeping bag features. Not brining it and saving 400g isnt going to win you a race.

  • It's not unprecedented. It's how we did Italy divide. I just didnt have that level this race. He was about the same, perhaps a little quicker over the duration here.

    4 day races you can really let rip without consequence. Longer you need to pace.

    He was hindered, he was blown near the end and creeping. He could have covered the distance faster if he slept 1h30 each night.

  • Yeah, that's basically cheating ;)

  • I'm a bit annoyed I missed out on this. I've been listening to the podcast and it sounds more MTB than gravel - some hike-a-bike sections and pretty rough stuff. It doesn't sound like people brought the wrong kit but perhaps they underestimated the terrain a bit? Thoughts?
    I mean you had mtb with sus fork and Sofi had a gravel bike? so maybe others were unlucky, less skilled.

  • 1h 30 mins a night? treatyoself.gif

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Atlas Mountain Race

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