\\\EBAYED\\\ Xtracycle Cargo Bike !

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    £xxxx collected from SWINDON

    Alternatively pay up, cover the train fare and meet me at Paddington (or Zone 1-2 at least), I’ll get the train and meet you. I’d even get the coach home to save you some cash. I’ll gladly get the train to Bristol, Bath, any other direct route with bike spaces. Sod Cambridge, Oxford, or any other difficult interchange.

    Needs must, and after 4 or 5 months languishing unused, maybe I should sell it.

    Had a great time every time I’ve cycled this bike, it is awesome. What’s not awesome is my credit card statement.

    I believe this is an older Edgerunner model, it’s not a leap and it’s not a conversion, it’s a full frame. I bought it in the New Forest a year ago from a very strange person, as F&F + sidecar. Everything else was dead or missing, for example it’s not the original forks. He included a wheelset, but the rear wheel was dead.

    Setup off the top of my head:
    Xtracycle Frame - M or L size, set up for me @ 6ft
    On-One rigid mtb forks
    Mtb front wheel with Big Apple? tyre
    Custom rear wheel (see below)
    Xtracycle sidecar
    Xtracycle pannier rails
    Custom side bags
    Custom platform
    Jury-rigged front rack/crate combo
    Mixed 2x8 groupset (Deore shifters good for 3x with a different front mech)
    Extra storage boxes
    Planet X Moustache bars
    Generic side-stand
    Steering damper
    The disc brakes? Must check brand, bought new.

    The photos show it in various states, different bars etc. Saddle not included.


    Side bags - I made them. They’re waterproof and large capacity with black reflective strips. Carried lots in them.

    Top platform - I made it. It’s the matching tarp like the bags, with a mix of foam and construction-site signage for strength. It’s been sat on a bunch of times and my ex didn’t complain about discomfort. Otherwise flat for lashing down crates.

    Front wheel - bog standard solid axle disc mtb job. Jumbo tyre. Probably needs truing, ideally replacing longterm.

    Rear wheel - I made it. Original wheel was busted.
    NOS Sun Rims Big City (widest available 406 rim)
    NOS Deore XT disc hub
    Spokes must check my invoices
    Cassette - Shimano mtb (Deore or similar)
    It is not dead-true, but I built it to accommodate the largest possible 406 tyre, and then never got round to buying a large inner tube, so it has a standard bmx tyre at the moment.

    Rear signage is from the construction site sign, easily removed but works as a fender.

    Front rack is one of those basic brake boss-mounted jobs, with a crate zip tied onto it, and a bungee just to help reduce rattle. I planned on a static front rack, but this one has worked great.

    Sidecar is a genuine Xtracycle one with plastic platform. I’ll try find the photos of it piled up with bikes, but shown here is a massive flight case on it.

    Rear storage boxes are little workshop ones zip tied into the extra space.

    Gearing is set up with two road rings on a Sakae (I think) road crankset. Easy to change to mtb, but I found mtb too spinny. BMX pedals.

    THE BAD:
    The main bad thing is lack of seatpost collar. The seat-tube was dented badly. No seatpost was included.

    After sourcing a seatpost I had pulled out a number of the dents, but in the end left it as-is because the seatpost went in snug and hasn’t moved.

    Ream it, collar it, have adjustable height, or just do what I did and pipe-wrench the seatpost and tap with a hammer to correct height.

    I’ll leave the stem on the post too, so you can attach pillion handlebars, or I’ll try find the cut-down handlebar to include.

    £EBAY is based on:
    Frame - Good luck getting one less than £250, if you can find one at all
    Forks - £20 any day of the week
    Front wheel - £10
    Rear wheel - minimum £60 DIY (£30 rim, >£10 spokes, £20 hub, £xyz build time) or over £100 built by a shop - only one I saw was £150 custom built
    Bags - good luck buying XC ones for less than £million
    Groupset - £50 minimum in time and parts bin
    Tyres - £30 even arguing on Brick Lane
    Sidecar - £150 if you can find one
    Steering damper - £10 minimum
    Handlebars - £15
    Etc etc etc

    If I can find a spare saddle I’ll throw it on.

    I want to list this on ebay by the 17th if there’s no interest on here. £1 max listing this weekend!

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  • More. I will try to take current photos of the bike later if there is genuine interest. These are all photos taken last year, hence the evolving saddle/bar setup.

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  • this is excellent, @NurseHolliday your perfect bike!

  • Love this. Unfortunately, I am in one of the aforementioned difficult interchanges, which is probably good for my bank balance.

  • Reasonable price for a useful bike. If I didn't have a Big Dummy already I'd be very interested in this

  • Here are some photos from just now. Hopefully showing it in the worst light for all honesty.

    I remembered one other thing, which is normal for the stupidly long slack chain, the highest gear is useless and jumps, because the tooth count is too small. Unless it’s unladen you’re never needing that highest gear, and to be honest just change the rings at the front if you needed to push harder.

    Brakes are Clarks, and were bought new.

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  • Final ones

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  • Last time I used it afaik...

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  • This is brilliant, I'd love it as a kids-carrier.
    Does the south of France count as a "difficult interchange"...?

  • Probably an easier interchange than anywhere north of Birmingham.

    Could totally do a Eurostar or ferry. Not sure it would be any cheaper to parcel up anyway ;)

  • You could have used this to pick up my excess rolls of truck tarp and then cycled home to Swindon! 😜

  • That was the plan!! 100kg max load on the sidecar, 160kg (I think) max load on the bike inc. rider. I seriously considered it but even 60 kg was knee-breaking across Swindon.

    I’ve spent months trying to sort out a parent to drive to London to pick them up, but they have been busy :( grandma falling ill, work commitments etc

  • Stupid question: where does the seat tube end and the seatpost begin? Struggling to see a clamp at either of the obvious junctures.

    Edit: Is there a clamp at the top of the black tube?

  • The clamp is missing (as per description) and the black seat tube is dented. The seat tube is the blue part, and black part all the way up. Seatpost is the silver part top 1/3, relatively long inside the black tube, and is held in place in the black seat tube by the pressure of the dents in it. This is the main bad point about the frame. As I said, ream it out and pop a clamp on, or ride as-is like I have for a year.

    I believe the black tube may have been a seat post or some previous owner’s attempt at something. Either way it is cold set in place and I never had the desire to cut it off or out, as it provided a nice strong tube for my seatpost.

    • Train Swindon to London Paddington, 130km
    • Xtracycle Paddington to St Pancras, 5km
    • Eurostar London St Pancras to Paris Gare du Nord, ≈500km
    • Xtracycle Paris Gare du Nord to Paris Gare de Lyon, 5km
    • Paris Gare de Lyon to Valence, ≈500km

    That'd be a 2300km round trip, about 10 hours each way.
    I don't know how much the train is London to Swindon, but Eurostar would be about 100-150€ return, and Paris-Valence by TGV about the same. Plus any extra charges for transporting a tank with pedals. So about the price of the bike again, all in all.

    This a great bargain for someone a bit nearer though.

  • Cheers for the clarification. Sorry for not reading the description!

  • What’s the ferry from Portsmouth to nearest port? Probably a fraction of that, can always grab a cheap winged pollutant back.

    No worries @Tonts - it’s an issue but not a major one as far as usage.

    If it’s a dealbreaker to someone regarding the seatpost thing, I’ll take a realistic offer near my asking price.

  • Nearest port would be, um... Marseille.

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  • Last chance before I put it on ebay tomorrow!!!

    Course, if it doesn’t sell then I can put it back on here, but keen to get a chunk of credit card paid.

    As I said, if someone is collecting, make me an offer near my asking price to keep it on the forum.

  • Someone buy this. It's ace.

  • Popped on ebay

  • Sorry man but you’ve shat on classifieds rules 3,5 & 8

  • How? I’ve removed it from sale on here. It’s now on ebay. This thread should have closed.


\\\EBAYED\\\ Xtracycle Cargo Bike !

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