Frame repairs East London

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  • Uber decided they didn't like me or my Pashey Speed 5 and drove into me and then buggered off when I got up. Besides a smashed rear wheel which I had fixed, they slightly moved one of the seat stays inward and this has affected the geometry.

    Is there anyone East or within a 5 mile radius that could possibly repair it? Pashley did offer someone but they are down on the south coast and it's a sod of a journey.


  • Vaz is in south and to goto for frame repairs in London.

  • aah forgot about him! thank you

  • Also Stayer. Definitely East.

  • A repaired bike will never be the same, you should look into a full replacement.

  • I disagree.. repairs to steel bikes can almost unnoticeable.
    It's one of the main benefits of steel frame.
    Often the repair area will be better finished then from the factory. And structurally no weaker.

  • Nobody asked?

    Almost unnoticeable is also known as noticeable. I'd say repairing the steel is the less asthetical part of the repair and actually for most people the quality of the respray will be the thing and then it won't be a factory finish. If you have the option as the insurance will pay then new bike is also lots less faff.

  • Theres absolutely nothing wrong with repairing a steel frame. Often the finish and paint will be far superior anything from the factory produced from a place like Argos or Mercian.
    Its personal preference.

  • @Clockwise So where did the OP mention insurance? Sounds like it was a hit-and-run.

  • Yeah, bin it. Throwaway society innit. #lessfaff

  • Sorry to dredge up an old thread but I'm also looking for someone to repair a frame for me.
    I have a Columbus spirit track frame with a damaged downtube that needs replacing. I'd like to replace like for like but Im not sure how commonly used Spirit is. Does anyone know any frame builders in London (doesn't have to be East) that would be able to do that? I've already emailed Stayer and Autumn and Ill send Vaz an email too, just looking for some other recommendations in case they are unable to help.

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Frame repairs East London

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