• Hah interesting thread!

    My throwback GSR 100 as bought

    Frame and fork rebuilt with NOS mtb bits, new SRAM X5 and newly laced wheels.

    Bike is used everyday for two years now. This is how it degraded after one year, definitely need to tidy it up a little.

  • The colour is so similar to mine that I feel like I need new handlebars and a basket now

  • Started as a tattered voodoo with an obsolete fork. Bought it thinking it'd be an easy rags-to-riches. Turned out the seatpost was seized. Had to dissolved it out with HCl. Decided to turn it single speed. Rode it around town for a year till it was stolen.

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  • This is my new favourite thread. Got a frame waiting so maybe sometime I'll even be able to contribute

  • Has been on here before: My old Witcomb, bought for an obscenely few quid, and ragged up and down the 18 miles to and from work.

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  • Discovered it was a quality bit of kit, most comfortable bike I've ever ridden. Why did I ever sell it?

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  • Here are some of mine. A bianchi Rekord 910:

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  • Merckx Professional 1st gen.

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  • Giant chaos

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  • Bottecchia Hybrid to Touring Bike. The silver rear wheel has since been changed.

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  • Mbk pulled from a skip:

  • Thank god you got those awful brifters off it looks right proper now

  • Not just any brifters, Sora... I only kept the frame forks and crankarms.

  • Not really trashed but i hope theres still space in here

  • Not really trashed but i hope theres still some space in here

  • Not sure if this counts as a full bike...

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Rags to Riches - show us before and after pics of the trashed bike you completely rebuilt!

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