• I don't know if this already exists but I want to start a convo showing the before pictures, where the bike is trashed, dirty, or straight-up abandoned, and the after pics of the steed you granted a new life. I've done a ton of these so I figure other have too. I'll try to keep it one bike per comment.

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  • Here's my Bridgestone MB5. Abandoned in a college town back yard.

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  • Good thread

  • Trek 930 abandoned in a college town with strip-down pics

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  • great thread. I usually go from riches to rags so don't have anything to add but look forward to seeing this

  • Found a Koga Miyata Roadspeed that had been salvaged from the local tip, took a while but built it back up then sold it to someone for the eroica.

    Fun project and turned out pretty well.

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  • Rags: bought for £10 in a sorry state, missing front brake, slow puncture, other components knackered, rear cogs just a ball of dirty grease

    Riches: new brakes, new tyres, new chainset, new blue anodised bell, converted to single speed commuter

    I had a thread about the project at the time. I still ride it every day.

  • Good thread. OP's Bridgestone is ridiculously amazing.
    Here's a 1993 Scott Santa Cruz trekking bike I've restored. It was absolute filth and pretty much trashed, but I've successfully managed to clean and restore it.

  • Love the bridgestone!

  • Did this one for a friend's dad a while back. Fuji Special Road Racer that I spent a solid four hours cleaning, reconditioning the saddle, and reassembling

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  • Nice thread. Here's my effort. This came out of a friend of a friends shed. Nothing would turn and everything was seized.

    It took a while but I ended up with this:

  • You know thats cheating to just buy a new bike @Scrabble...

  • Perhaps. Only the frame remains and there is less of that than when I started. I did use the stem on something else too.

  • Great thread. And great bikes so far too.

  • I guess old projects don't really fit into current projects

  • Not exactly to riches

    But here’s a Gt frameset I found abandoned- rusted solid chain, covered in birb poop

    After chucking a few parts on it:

    Now has full mudguards and bullmoose bars, has been a solid commuter for a few years now :)

  • Is this the replacement for the FBNPNA thread now that that's become filled with bespoke paul components get rad rando rack "needs dyno and metal guards" grav mamil custom canvas luggage and Japanese tyre collaboration wankery?

  • Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  • Scroll backwards and this becomes a thread where people take nicely restored bikes and destroy them.

  • Poor man's GT Pulse

  • .

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  • That wasn't my goal. I just wanted a thread where people can post pictures of their down and dirty, sometimes downright garbage bike finds that they 180-ed and turned into running bikes. It doesn't matter if it's a bottom shelf Trek or a barn-find Colnago, the only requirement is a trashy before pic and an after pic, tho stories are encouraged

  • Friend's thrift store find

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Rags to Riches - show us before and after pics of the trashed bike you completely rebuilt!

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