A new lease of life

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  • Not so much a new project, as giving the old faithful a new lease of life.

    I’ve owned my Storck Fenomalist since 2014 and we’ve covered 28000 miles together since. I have too many happy memories to count and I absolutely adore how well this frame rides, so something new has never crossed my mind, but it is starting to show some signs of wear and tear.

    So, I’ve decided to have it re painted.

    My tastes are not usually the most flamboyant, but I saw this paint job by Colourburn Studio and loved the purple/blue flip.

    So, after some emails I’ve got it booked in for the start of March.

    As it’s a slightly dated frame, the cabling is all external.

    I run eTap though, so have no need for the gear cable stops and wanted to clean the frame up before painting. I sent it to a carbon repair place in Hackney to get the stops removed and the holes filled. I know I could have probably done this myself, but had visions of the drill slipping and writing the frame off. They did a very neat job and now everything is ready to be stripped and the frame sent to Bristol in a couple of weeks.

    Yet to be finalised is what to do about the graphics. I like the solid pink on the Condor

    But then I spotted this S-Works that had holographic decals and they really caught my eye.

    The current “STORCK” text on either side of the down tube is in a white outline on the main black paint

    I like the effect, so am weighing up whether to replicate this with the new holographic graphic. My concern is will the impact be lost ? Or should I go for solid holographic graphics? I’m struggling to fully visualise both options at the moment, so more thought is needed.

    Finally, I wanted to add a personalised logo on the top tube that would incorporate the things I love in my life. I’m no graphic designer, but I’ve been playing with something very simple that has the letter of my wife and daughter’s first names and three mountains. This is what I’ve come up with so far, but am slightly paranoid it looks like the logo for a double glazing firm! I’m very open to other suggestions here if there are some creative opinions.

    That’s it for now and I’ll update over the next couple of weeks as I start to finalise designs.

  • Can’t see photos

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  • Hmmm, me neither. Off to the "How to post Pics" thread

  • Press the share icon on your flickr image, select the embed tab, and copy the part after img src.


    in your case

    Then you can use the image function here on the forum:

  • Thank you, all sorted now

  • Working now.

  • If you wanted to make the logo look more obviously like a mountain, you could make the snow-line more wobbly.

    I honestly wouldn't worry about what it looks like to other people though, you're the one looking at it and it's for your own personal significance. If you like it, go with it

  • I quite like the symmetry of the triangles, but will have a play with some freehand designs too.

    You’re right, I know it’s for me. I just didn’t want to decide on something and then people to ask why I’ve got the Everest Double Glazing* logo on my bike.

    • Not a real thing as far as I know.
  • Oh! Hadn't even clocked that all three small triangles were the same! 'Luminati confirmed and all that jazz :p

  • Love this. That condor is great inspo for a new paint job. Personally I'd go for solid graphics, not sure you'd see the holographic effect with a thin outline. And personalised logo is a lovely idea. Might be overexposure to LFGSS argybargy but the triangles you've created sorta remind me of Mamnick who is universally disliked around here. Maybe @branwen or @6pt could knock you up something. Ask their day rate first tho it's probably eye-wateringly high #london. I do like it tho, nearly a serpinski type thing which I love love love, alas

  • Yep, I think you’re right about going solid on the graphics. It’d be a shame if they don’t pop.

    I wasn’t really aware of the Mamnick thing, but will have a look.

  • Mamnick

    This was also the first place my brain went when looking at the logo.

    The paint on that condor is fucking rad, so I’m looking forward to the outcome on this.

  • There is this Everest windows https://www.everest.co.uk/double-glazing­-windows/

    I only remember it from an annoying TV advert they ran in the early 2000s I think.

    Like the look of what you’re going for though. The logo you’ve put up wouldn’t have made me think of this Everest

  • Way back Everest had an interesting logo that shared elements with the logo above. This was before they were bought out in the early 90s; my dad was a director there. CSB.

    I’ll see if I can dig it out.

    Edit: this isn’t quite how I remember it but hey.

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  • A storck with pink graphics that will look banging. a change from the boring storck . can't wait to see .

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  • Ha ha. Bugger

  • Do holographic decals or purple flip paint, but not both.

  • It reminded me of Mason Cycles.

  • Do holographic decals or purple flip paint, but not both.

    Too much?

  • I think Netakure's right, the flip and the sparkle might look a bit unicorn sick.

    Either way I think it'll look pretty good. You'll be going so fast most people won't notice the details anyway....

  • Hmmmm. Maybe back to pink then.

    Is there some clever web based thing that lets you preview colour/graphic combos on bikes?

  • I think holo and purple flip will mesh together in a disco, blurry mess. I quite like it in black carbon or white frames.

  • Definitely just do one 'fancy' element, not both. I nearly put pearl flake across my whole paint job, but decided that less is more, and glad I did so.

    Who's painting it?

  • Yep, good advice all around.

    It’s being done by Colourburn Studio in Bristol

  • Looking forward to seeing it finished!

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A new lease of life

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