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  • Been off cycling for a few years now since uni, trail running keeping the fat off in the interim, but a fresh commute mostly through woodland has got my spices shaken and I picked up a Pomp a few months back, time to get it built.

    Dug out some bits and pieces; apex cranks, s500 levers, trp mini v's, cheap wheels and some spotter bars, if that is still a thing. Should be a lively build.

    Also picked up a new ribble cx hydro brake do it all machine to trim the fat off my velocipede collection. Plan is to get my fitness back up to scratch and ride OxDuro this year with my old man.

    More to come, cheers!

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  • Built it up last night but didn't get a chance to get proper photos just yet. 42x18 gearing was a bit much for me up the hills and may be too much on the trails home.
    Had issue with my front light fitting next to my Garmin so drew up and printed up a bracket to stick it on the go pro mount. Fingers crossed it doesn't drop off and go bouncing down Sherwood Forest...
    Cheap ebay Garmin stem bolt mount thing may have to go too.
    Proper photos to come

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  • Wicked commute. 9miles from work to home town sign without touching any roads proper. Super nice ride but way over geared. Will go down to a 39x18 and see where that takes me.

    My home brew light bracket did indeed fall off and rolled away into a ditch. Back to the drawing board for that.

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  • Lowered the gearing on the pomp to 39x18 and felt much better on the commute trails. Will get some updates soon.

    Got distracted and been riding a new ribble cx, a firm replace for both my shit mtb and old winter trainer roadie. Hydro discs and Sram 1x are next level, great ride out tonight on it in the white stuff.

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On-One Pompino-Et-Al

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