Anyone cycling with kids in London?

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  • I cycle regularly with my son. And it means so much to both of us.
    Motivated to see more people doing it.
    So I wrote a blog post to help folks get started.­-london-with-kids/

    Please check it out.
    Any ideas to make the article better would be very much appreciated.

  • Cool! Consider posting in the Mums and Dads thread, although I lot there cycle with their kids already I think.

    A quick flick through it and it seems to focus on the more equipment side of things. I can see why you've done that. Given that you have a lot of experience of cycling with your kid/s you could also give advice on overcoming the physiological barriers? This might be more valuable to those just exploring the topic?

  • Thank you very much for finding the time to review the article.
    Completely agree with your comments. And you reinforced that.
    I'll work on adding more content on these topics.
    Thanks again.

  • Hi, I like the website. It's a nice start in getting people out there. A few minor things:

    "While riding, the backpack does not necessarily have to stay on your back. You can mount a pannier rack to your bike allowing you to attach your backpack/bag there while riding."

    That's an odd claim. Most backpacks can't fit easily to a pannier rack. I'm not totally sure what you mean here.

    A couple of times you write something like "Don’t be lazy to stop". That reads slightly strangely to me. Do you mean "Don't be reluctant to stop?"

    One more major point. This paragraph is quite questionable, especially the bit in bold:

    "Always ride passively
    It does not matter if you are right or wrong when it comes to interacting with heavy vehicles. They will always win. And it’s of course not about winning, but being safe. So slow down, let others pass, take your time and anticipate things looking forwards."

    It might be worth revisiting that, since the general advice is to ride assertively. "Passively" suggests that you're just an obstruction in the road that motorists will need to overtake.

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Anyone cycling with kids in London?

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