Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • Why is he called Dorito man? Does he enjoy eating them or does he resemble one somehow?

  • As demonstrated in the very sad Caroline Flack case...

  • Fair dos, IANAL.

  • He's that weird triangle shape, massive shoulders and chest, tapering to wee skinny pegs.

  • Great quote from someone on the radio this morning with regard to this:

    Cats can act as surfaces.

  • neither of which are taxed according to DVLA

    Don't have to be sold taxed, but they shouldn't have been parked on the road. If you report the cars now, it's the buyers who'd get done but that said, having had a bloke offer me 100 quid to send the details for a fake buyer of my car to the DVLA ("It's just a minicab, mate, the DVLA won't care"), maybe they're fully aware of what they're doing.

  • Yeah but it's normally easy to tell the two apart:

  • I’m not sure which is worse - cats or cyclists or heaven forbid cats that own cyclists

  • FYI victims can't drop charges in the UK, only the CPS or police.

    Unless the only evidence is their testimony and they refuse to give it, same result.

  • Good to know. I have no sympathy for the people buying these cars at all given their somewhat relaxed attitude towards social distancing. Buying a dodgy motor off a bloke in the street during a lockdown? Aye, carry on lads.

  • What about cats cars?

  • first time out at a big supermarket for a couple of weeks... generally quiet, lines drawn on floor for queues, but no screens or PPE for staff which seems fucking unfair, and just about everything back on the shelves...

    despite a couple of mask wearers (I had a cycling buff over my face, fnarr) customers just as fucking ignorant of 2m rule as ever, including old folk who should be trying hardest to protect themselves. Really seems like the majority just don't seem to think any kind of concessions are needed at all, or somehow believe that they're immune.

    Really have no inclination to be going back out out for supplies for as long as possible, but then my bastard neighbour seems to have been completely furloughed this week and has transformed relative peace of garden into pounding beers (I say beers, he drinks Budweiser exclusively which I find pretty representative...) from early afternoon, now that he's finally finished finessing the decking, cranking up the BBQ radio pumping out 'Living Next Door to Alice' and the like so it's like being in what I imagine a fucking Butlin's lodge to be like or something.

    Christ this is going to be punishing.

  • I heard the virus passed to humans when one witnessed a cat riding a bike.

  • 936 today (source Standard)

  • It appears that this is contagious, through the lesser known lfgss forum transmission route.

  • I visited a shop for the first time yesterday, small local village shop in Manchester, relatively quiet but impossible to be 2m apart from the 2 other people in their at all times, still probably better than being close to a lot more people at a supermarket I think. Weird going out into the real world again after 2.5 weeks.

  • Has anyone received that WhatsApp message this week, looks like it’s been doing the rounds

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  • There was something about it in the Guardian. This is what they wrote about the message:

    The WhatsApp message, which purports to be someone who works at the service makes a series of claims that from Thursday ambulances will not make call-outs to people at home suffering from Covid-19 related, that ice rinks are being used as makeshift morgues, and that a third of the deaths in coming weeks will be babies, children and teenagers with no underlying health issues.

    Not surprising it could cause a bit of mental stress for people. Another reminder not to share/repeat rumours (despite how good/or bad of an album it is, etc.).

  • Katzenbus (OmU)

  • You wait for ages and three turn up all milling around and being dicks

  • Not in London alas but good to know such a thing exists. #supergrass

  • Not sure really. But what I can tell you is that his surname is Grigg!­tre-for-genomics-and-child-health/staff/­jonathan-grigg.html

    A colleague sent a correction request in to the Gruniad this morning. They have 'fixed' it by changing his name to JonathanGrigg (one word) 😂

  • Has anyone received that WhatsApp message this week, looks like it’s being doing the rounds

    Not had that one but I had the one about the giant lasange.

    (In all seriousness, hopefully the new measures WhatsApp introduced today will stop this spreading round).

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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