Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • Is that study any good?

    I mean, Griggs says it’s conclusions are ‘plausible’ which is academic for ‘probably nonsense’

  • how dare you say something against the drivers in a city with some of the best public transport?

    daily mail has said, cyclists are riding in groups and thats causing the pandemic

  • Thanks @danstuff. @SwissChap it has definitely misled me at first glance. I can see the value in it, but it would be good to see a 'true' comparison shown also for context.

  • Not really surprising though. The fact that air pollution kills is well-known, we're all just very good at suppressing the knowledge because people don't spectacularly drop dead on the road when a car drives past. But overall, air pollution is linked to quite a few life years lost, and when something like Coronavirus comes up where any lung-related health condition is bad news, well...

  • Yeah for sure it can be misleading when you don't fully realise that every tick is now a tenfold increase in numbers! And even if you do realise it, it's difficult to visualise unless, as you say, the linear representation is shown as well.

  • Swedes go to shops, cafes, bars, cinemas events like everyone else, no? And the government really hasn't limited these. I've seen pics from friends in Gothenburg showing they are out and about at galleries, sitting on packed cafe terraces etc...

    Seems to me that if one person in Korea can spread it to 1000 people in a church, one person in Sweden is capable of doing the same.

    I genuinely hope to be proved wrong but Sweden has large urban centers like everywhere else and without restriction of movement the virus will have been spreading throughout them and I don't see that Swedish sociability or lack thereof is a natural defence when public transport etc is involved.

  • All very good points and I agree. It's just my assumption that they're basing their recommendations on our society being a bit more isolated by nature. Or more likely, I'm super biased as I live in the sticks and work from home...

  • That graph is absolutely cray.

  • There are definitely less people out. Most people i know respect the recommendations and keep distance and don't go out unless necessary. But many people are still pretty naive and think being out socializing isn't a problem unless you feel ill. Even though it can, and probably will, result in mass spread later on. We've only been given recommendations. Normally, that's about enough for Swedes. But in this situation.. Dunno.

    I feel all systems in Sweden are so ill equipped and prepared for situations like this that they try to keep things running as normal for as long as possible. Out wellfare system works well in normal circumstances, but not if we shut everything down.

  • Don't know if this is the place to ask, but charity I work for is looking to do an online family singalong to raise some funds.

    We're looking for a platform that would allow for people to sign in for a 15 minute event to sing a few popular songs. Any suggestions?

  • Google Hangout?

    Depends on number of seats required and video requirements tho

  • Only nine new cases in Queensland yesterday, looks like the spread is slowing down... Bit of a relief...

    Not enjoying all the reports coming out of the UK tho', looks shit... My 19yr old nephew in London has got flu like symptoms, fuck knows how cuz he hasn't been out of the house in three weeks... Allegedly... I reckon he's shinned down the drainpipe...

    Take care, Londoners! ❤️

  • Woodcraft Folk have been using GoToMeeting for something similar, eg­ual-campfire-0

  • Some small shops are opening again in The Netherlands, with the implementation of 1.5 meter rule, more cleaning etc... I think they want to re-open much more April 28th.

    I suppose NL will be another data set for us look at soon.

    The "herd immunity" or accepting people may need to catch it wasn't as controversial in NL. Which hasn't had a decade of savage health cuts and there is more trust in the government. They did close schools/shops much earlier.

  • As long as you don't expect people to be able to genuinely sing together (i.e. hear each other in real time and join in) then I think any of them work. Unfortunately, as far as I can see and from lots of other musicians experience, there is a perceptible lag to all of them so trying to actually join in is impossible. The way that choirs I know are doing it is just making sure everyone's on mute except the leader. As such each participant can sing along to the leader, but won't hear everyone else. I've seen it work for choirs with almost 100 members on zoom...

  • One of my colleagues is Dutch and just before we shut down, she went home for the weekend to see her parents. They may have been accepting herd immunity in some respects but she said to go to the supermarket they needed to have their temperature taken so they clearly weren't taking chances.

    New case rate is slowing in Luxembourg so there's talk that at the end of next week the government will start to remove some restrictions on daily life. Given most of the restrictions stem from almost everything being shut, I'm not sure how many they can remove without saying "Go on, everyone as you were"

  • That's going to be the tricky thing as there's isn't so much hard evidence on what is safe.

    Schools may not be "as bad" so will they open up schools one group at the time, like 11-12 first and the exam years first? Then slowly go to shops, then bars/cafes and then festivals? We have to wait and see...

  • we're pretty isolated to start off with

    The same applies to the Nordic region as a whole. There´s just so few people out and about and people chatting away (if they´re one of the weirdo extroverts) two metres apart looking at a shared imaginary focal point on the ground 5 metres away is the norm. Unless they´re drunk of course. Also, "bigger cities" needs to be taken with a grain of salt anywhere in the region. To sum it all up, it´s just boring up there.

  • The same applies to the Nordic region as a whole.

    And the most for Finland, I found. I know it's a bit of a meme anyway, but I visited Helsinki not too long before the whole Corona thing and I found it amazing how wide the spaces between houses and blocks of flats are, how wide every pavement is, etc. Seems to be built with a 2m distancing rule in mind...

  • Speak for yourself, I love the wild nature and don’t have to listen people chatting sh*t in my ear

  • Well, for all that there's been a very different approach between Denmark, Norway on one hand and Sweden on the other...

    I don't know that Sweden is any less/more sociable than their Nordic counterparts?

  • Wow. Boring in the North. 😎

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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