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  • Exactly what’s happened at my place, which is deemed an essential service. We made a killing in the weeks leading up to the shut down, now four of us have been stood down so the owner’s son is running the place for 4 hours a day, so they’ll save on our wages while running on the bumper crop we earned leading up to the shutdown.

    I can see why they did it, but I do think it’s taking advantage of the system. Meanwhile I’m at home doing nothing, I’ll get paid 80% of my usual salary but I’m as bored as arseholes and frankly I’d rather be at work.

  • In honesty, without knowing what you do, I don't see that as taking advantage, there's an element of damned if you do, damned if you don't.

    We sent staff home a few weeks back but have some staff on various forms of state-assisted wage refund. One was on temporary redundancy (not sure how it works, but broadly what it sounds like and you MUST take them back) but now is on sick as she's tested positive, a bunch of others are on special parental leave as they have partners who work in healthcare or are also working from home and the rest are working from home as close to normally as possible. We make sure that they earn their full salary by topping up the statutory in the case of the temporary redundancy but we have to pay out the people on parental leave and then reclaim 80% from the government.

    Given the lack of certainty about how the economy develops, we'd be silly to continue to pay people without getting the rebates on offer. In the long run, we may not have needed them but I reckon circa 20% of staff are not working for a variety of reasons so it provides a buffer against a certain amount of our business going away before we NEED to do something far more disruptive which we absolutely don't want to do.

  • they've done another study on Hydroxychloroquine in France and again appears to be beneficial at reducing viral load and hospital stay to a median of 5 days. Still only on 80 patients but says clinical improvement in all but two which, although not a large-scale trial seems promising.­p-content/uploads/2020/03/COVID-IHU-2-1.­pdf?fbclid=IwAR2yKLqUxKnmjx6WsmXaao0z2wg­Nj3TUdW_vZ9l1CBYGNCsCE3CwczILxm0

  • I bet it's not just giving them a pack of drugs and saying "work it out" which is one of the big problems they're having with people buying it and self-prescribing a dose.

  • Don't know if you read this one yesterday, its a systemic shambles of under funding, complacency and politics overruling expert opinion:­0/mar/29/uk-strategy-to-address-pandemic­-threat-not-properly-implemented

  • Surprised the scumbag betting companies aren’t giving odds on the official daily figures.

  • Its quite clear that every company has lazy arses who jumped at the the opportunity to do eff all while some of us are riding to work and banking extra hours .
    Speaking as a nhs supplier and partner working in a hospital .

  • I think even betting companies realise that might be unacceptable. Although I bet they tested the idea with their PR departments.

  • Some good news. It's impressive how we are as humans. We try to find solutions and are extremely adaptable, two things noticeable in the last few weeks. A virus comes along and threatens large amounts of our number and we get to work on proding and poking it until we can eventually, hopefully find a way through.

  • My colleague suffers from lupus so she's prescribed it, she tried to get some at the weekend but it's all gone... Sold out everywhere...

  • yeah it's pretty shit state of affairs for folk with chronic illness who rely on it to hold things in check. Hope she gets some soon

  • It's a generic though* so some enterprising people somewhere will start spitting out tonnes of the stuff.

    * at least I think it is - it is, by drugs standards, somewhat ancient.

  • So gin and tonics as a fun alternative?

  • Generic means it is made by the cheapest supplier as a result no? Hence India is largest supplier of generic's and put an export ban on a raft of stuff including active ingredients, so there are supply chain issues still­-11ea-89df-41bea055720b

  • Good social distancing going on here

  • Well, the cheapest supplier is the cheapest supplier that can actually supply.

    Similar to how Fracking only becomes viable when crude is really, really pricey (or unavailable), it's entirely possible that this stuff will start being produced in locations and facilities that are usually 'priced out', due to cheap supply from India.

  • Here’s a with video of a non-epidemiologists playing with epidemic modelling.

    It raises quite interesting problems I’ve not heard about elsewhere, such as the use of hubs during social distancing measures and border closures timing and effect.

  • Cheers mate. Now need to get the King's people decide what the want to order... We now have just over £1000 in the kitty. Keep the money coming!! (Not you again Rich, unless you want to of course. :-P)­-nhs-workers-a-nice-meal?

  • Meanwhile, in Hungary:

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  • This is truly fucking awful. Poor, poor, Hungary.

  • Awful

  • Has NATO had a member that is a straight forward dictatorship before?

  • Greece?

    The EU will have to have a long think as well (once the more pressing issue of the virus subsides).

    Edit - my edit was wrong. Bad maths.

  • Yeah it’s not a happy house here today.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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