Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • Yes full contact tracing over recent weeks could be fun.

  • Awkward though, he'll have to tell all his sexual partners.

    Which will take some time as he's fucked the entire country.


  • Boris tests positive:

    If you don't know the story already google: Pericles.

    The wiki entry does not make it immediately clear that the Athenian plague was at least partly due to Pericles' own policies.

    As a classicist Boris will know about this and probably, in the past, would have wished to be compared with him (P. was a great orator)

    However, he will also have known P's fate, which may be why Boris has been looking a bit uncomfortable recently.

  • Awkward though, he'll have to tell all his sexual partners.

    and his children, if he knows who they are

  • I'd imagine he hasn't been in close contact with them for some time so should be ok

  • bollocks like the Prince Charlie one


  • I thought this was inevitable and ultimately society will develop herd immunity and the symptoms will weaken over time as has happened with standard flu?

    (To be clear I'm not saying we should be aiming for herd immunity)

  • Pericles

    No need to be rude

  • Until you realise that Raab is due to step into the breach.

  • I seem to remember reading that Dominic Raab would take over if Johnson was incapacitated. So let's wish him a speedy recovery! He says he is currently still in charge.

  • Really awkward when Boris checks in to a private clinic

  • Raab...

    True. However, I've never seen someone dissolve themselves in their own sweat, live on TV.

    So glass half full.

  • He says he is currently still in charge.

    But Rishi's vibe suggests otherwise. I don't think it's a problem, I don't see the point of Boris at the moment. I don't think he's adding anything.

  • don't think he's adding anything.

    Really think Carrie is the only woman he has impregnated in the recent past?

  • Was Rishi not brought in by Johnson and Cummings because Javid wouldn't do what he was told? The new spending plans sound very much like a Cummings plan.

  • It is necessary to be rude about most politicians.

    But the Pericles story is not offensive -it is an informative comparison.

    It has been said that although history doesn't repeat itself, it does rhyme.

  • Tx :)

    And they posted another one, WTFFFFFFFFFF fighting this nonsense is so time consuming.

  • Sunak is interesting, he was relentless pre-election as the fact free spin-foghorn, his reward was his elevation to chancellor when Javid unexpectedly turned out to have a back bone.

    That he then displayed competence and looked 400% more prime-ministerial on TV when next to Johnson was, I suspect, a very nasty shock for Bozza.

    I'd expect Sunak to be sealed into a lead barrel and dropped into a deep sea volcano the second that C19 starts to drop away.

  • Has anyone had post in London recently? It's just occurred to me that I've not seen the postie for a week...

  • Hah, that image reminds me of the fate of the villain of Roger Rabbit :)

  • Yeah I'm still getting letters

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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