Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • Unlike fake 'cures' and many other things that will have a negative and potentially deadly impact, I don't really see the downside to showing unity and solidarity. Many people cannot afford to donate money and many who clapped already do. They are not in a position to pay NHS staff more, but they can show support, from their own homes, which is also a way they can help.

    If the side affect is that some people feel smug when the shouldn't then I don't really care, it's bigger than that. They wouldn't have changed their whole outlook without a round of applause.

  • I was made starkly aware of the severity when I learned about just how many categories of patient would not be ventilated.

  • All my pals who work in the NHS were appreciative of it.

    So was my brother, who also works in the NHS. It doesn't make up for successive Tory NHS funding cuts, nor does it relieve the people who voted Tory in the past from their responsibility for that. If they voted Tory, and think that clapping makes it all OK and relieves from any responsibility for the state the NHS is in, then they're wrong. The clapping is a gesture, and nothing more.

    But I don't think that means that they were wrong to clap. I can't see any reason why people shouldn't collectively show their appreciation for people doing a job which is uniquely difficult at the moment. It is only a gesture, but that doesn't mean it's worthless.

    And yes, lots of people do shitty jobs and get little public appreciation for it. Maybe the answer to that is, rather than saying that the public shouldn't collectively express their gratitude for NHS workers facing an unprecedented situation, to have a little more public appreciation of all people doing shitty jobs.

  • Unity and solidarity vs aerosolised virus floating down your street from infected at number 52 hooting and hollering in the front garden.

  • aerosolised virus floating down your street from infected at number 52

    Not sure if ironic or serious. Benefit of the doubt, I'll assume the former.

  • Perhaps Rishi can point his money gun at the public sector employees and give them a nice bonus and wage increase.

    Perhaps we can then eradicate poverty. But you know, small steps

  • Bangface house mates girl friend has started to feel shit, me and my girl friend still fine, am I right in thinking the 14 days starts again, not planning on going anywhere but would be nice to be able to top up my tea bags and go for a run. Was weird putting the bins out front today, I could almost smell freedom as it’s the furthest I’ve been since Saturday.

  • Even some fireworks down our end of the estate.

  • No need. We should be worried.

  • No does not re start.

  • Cool if your own research has shown otherwise

  • You really just need to burn them.

    edit - housemates, not bins

  • I’m too nice, instead I’m feeding them delicious food and giving them my supplies of paracetamol.

  • I'm neither qualified nor in a position to research the potential for SARS2 transmission. However, so far as I'm aware the studies that are available such as this one strongly suggest that the transmission mechanism is droplet-based (apart from direct contact with body fluids and faeces), hence the consistent advice to keep a 2m separation.

    Of course, if you have credible evidence to suggest that someone shouting in their garden represents a serious health risk, then you should contact the CMO urgently so that the NHS/HMG can review their existing advice and make sure that no-one shouts outside. Or hollers. Or exhales. Indoor breathing only.

  • Bangface.

    That's still the funniest thing that's cropped up in this thread. Imagine that on your epitaph:

    Died due to human weakness and overly-generous spirit by taking in his erstwhile friend who had attended Bangface, who then proceeded to infect his household and sup from his hoard. He is survived by Mr Bangface who does to this day still live in his house, hot-rock burns all over the sofa, sink blocked since two months past, rats eating their way through piles of refuse in the hall.

  • Ahh, apologies, I was behind on this thread (it moves so quickly) so missed the subsequent conversation.

    Went to our local beer shop today but it was closed still on my lunch time shopping errands & exercise. Saw that a different local place will be open tomorrow though so going to try that!

  • Apologies if this has been posted. Yet another issue seems to be underestimating the true number of deaths. So it’s not just infections being underreported now.

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  • Latest on dogs and infections following the death of a dog which was first suspected of being infected a few weeks ago and was a close contact of infected owners.­2/1517063-20200326.htm

    Authorities say its latest tests have confirmed that a Pomeranian dog, whose earlier results had given a weak positive for the coronavirus, was indeed once infected before its death last week.

    The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department says serological tests were conducted on the dog's blood and the results were positive. The department said this indicates that the dog had developed an immune response to the infection as antibodies were found.

    The department said dogs and cats are not infected easily with the coronavirus with only two dogs testing positive as of now. It said there was no evidence that they play a role in the spread of the virus.

    But the department also said it would be cautious and quarantine animals from households with confirmed cases.

    Still saying no evidence that they play a role in spreading the virus (so no evidence that they can pass the virus back to humans or what viral load they carry).

  • Also, seen what those mad aussies are doing on Fridays?­ar/27/new-zealand-scrubs-up-for-formalfr­idays-despite-coronavirus-lockdown

    Since every day WFH is a dress down day, Fridays are now dressing up days.

  • You tell them they're Aussies to their face. I wanna see that!

  • Queensland local elections are still going ahead this week... 🤦♂️

  • This is starting to get closer to my reality.

    A chap who works for me lost his uncle in the Netherlands yesterday. Died in hospital from complications from pneumonia.

    So sad.


    "#COVID19 is not airborne

    #COVID19 spreads via droplet & contact transmission

    For #HCW, @WHO has always recommended droplet precautions, except when preforming aerosol generating procedures, where we recommend airborne precautions"

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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