Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • This is good - maybe put it in the data thread as well:­70/?offset=50#comment15166500

  • Edit - misunderstood it

  • Just to add, this roughly matches the under reporting estimates given last week by Vallance (5,000-10,000 cases with 500 reported).

  • Thanks.

    That definitely answers the first part.

    There were reports (from Italy) of quite a large minority of positive tests coming from completely asymptomatic people. Basically long-term asymptomatic carriers.

    Like a lot of people, I’m worried about keeping a vulnerable family member (that is getting some care) away from this virus as long as possible. And trying to do so without making her life miserable.

  • Is life as normal in our print office with a little bit more space as the reps are wfh . Boss just said no info from gov on pay so its just carry on until someone dies ! Hopefully the boss is first .

  • Still allows for a walk around the streets for air, but forces me to cross the road and not occupy even the pavement with others.

    I like the 5 people logic, it's roughly what we've been trying to do in the last week. Exercise has been one 10k loop on quiet roads with a section through a park. It almost works. Until people out running brush past you, people block all pavements for a chat with neighbours, road works cut you down to a near single file 'alley'... we succeeded with <5 people at 6am this morning, but it's only a matter of time before everyone joins that club too.

    Turbo time it is.

  • I think the rule of thumb Vallance applied then was current deaths multiplied by 1000, per Neil Ferguson extrapolated from estimated CFR and growth rate.

  • Totally anecdotal, but I know a lot of people who have some symptoms (cough, fever, anosmia, shortness of breath etc) and no one who has been severe enough to be hospitalized. My great hope is that the number of asymptomatic or mild cases is far higher than expected.

  • nice

    quite a lot of my colleagues are in HK, they are definitely mentally stronger than the westerners

  • Cool - means (taking this work at face value) it was a good rule of thumb.

    They note in the paper that age of population is currently not being taken into account, but they aim to add it. That will be a fuck load of busywork, but it will be really interesting to see the impact it has.

  • Raab to take charge if Boris gets ill.

    Can only assume he'll run it like Edward Longshanks.

  • Thanks, hadn't seen that thread

  • Just been for a grocery run. ms_com's mum is self-isolating and needed some things but doesn't have a car. Local Lidl (Crown Point, Upper Norwood) was actually pretty well stocked, considering. Got everything I needed there. Had planned a few Tesco Express type stops on the way but in the end that wasn't needed. So much fresh stuff, freezer section pretty bare. Not too many people about and everyone respecting personal space/social distancing, for the most part. The chap in the queue behind me waited until my stuff had travelled down the belt a bit before he put his down, hopefully because he saw me doing the same.

  • 39 cases in HK would be the same as 351 cases in the UK in an area the size of Derbyshire.

  • Don’t know where else to ask, I don’t want to start a new thread- does anyone have a link to a reliable take-home salary calculator for people who go onto the government’s 80% pay thing? One that calculates your overall take-home, including employer’s 20%.

  • Enjoyed this more than I should.

  • Thanks. We have a 12 block of loo roll so hopefully that'll see us to the other side.

  • We have a 12 block of loo roll


  • What's an acceptable (non-triggering) stock to hold? We've got 1 more on the go and 4 in the cupboard, 17 rolls for 3 people for ? weeks doesn't seem too bad. We've lots of books too, plus the Shimano tech leaflets I always kept feel like they'd make a good alternative.

  • I'm triggered every time I look at our toilet roll stock and realise how profligate my partner is with its use.

    Still can't bring myself to issue a reprimand however... who wants to be that person?

  • Also triggered looking out at park this morning and seeing two elderly policewomen milling about. I think they were supposed to be a deterrent. Now they are gone and business as usual... all the local kids having a ball.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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