Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • My little brother is

  • You live with him? My daughters mum might be in that group, we aren't together any more, but I'll need to choose which side of the fence to be on, and realistically being on the not leaving their house for 12 weeks (and the rest) is the only option.

  • If you're not at risk but live with them I think you can still leave but you need to be serious about distancing (and everything else). I think that's what I heard during the update this afternoon.

    Obviously this needs to be confirmed when the details are released (if they've not been already), so don't quote random internet guy on it!

  • That wouldn't be so bad. Its what I've been doing for the last week. WFH there, see the child, but go home to my flat to sleep.

  • No, live separately. Little is maybe an exaggeration he's 26. So far, his housemates have moved out of the flat and left him too it, and girlfriend has moved in.

  • As an antisocial person, I am rather enjoying being relieved of the obligation of social interaction.


    This seems awesome and built from off-the-peg parts. I wonder if it’s of use to the Italian, Spanish and other health services.

  • I feel a bit slow for just figuring it out. But it's now obvious. Boris proclaims I dont want to lockdown, no no locked etc. Knowing people will be idiots and the sensible half cry for a lockdown, plus media. Then when he does lock down (tomorrow) he can say I didnt want to do this, and also enforce it for longer as people and the media cried for it.

    Perfect Nudge group shit.

  • Good luck! Hope your partner gets well soon.

  • So, Australia has closed down bars, clubs, social venues, gyms etc from midday today.
    School stays open though, at least in South Australia.

  • What’s your local community? If I’m your local community I’m happy to help out with a non contact drop off of food or meds or whatever? (East London).

    I’m still mobile by bike and am out going to my isolated work on a daily basis.

  • They don't call Queensland the slow state for nothing, I don't imagine it'll make a blind bit of difference here...

    My local Sunday market was heaving yesterday, I was driving past to do a quick in/out at the supermarket...

    I laughed when a friend posted a pic of soldiers patrolling Clapham High Street the other day but I think it's the only solution... People are just fucking stupid...

  • I walked my daughter to school this morning and the local physio crossfit style gym was still packed as well. Maybe they were doing their last workout before the restrictions kick in at noon, but it's the wrong thing to do all the same. Some people are fucking dumb!

    Tuesday they will shut down the interstate borders and require anyone entering to sign a declaration to self quarantine for 14 days, which they will follow up and check on.

    So far every transmission in SA has been travel or known case related, so no community transmission so far, but I don't think we're far away.

    Talking to my family in Germany, things are way worse. I even messaged back and forth with my dad, despite having been on non-speaking terms for a long time. He's close top 80 and his partner is two weeks from retirement, but works as theatre nurse, so right at the front line. It's pretty dire :(

  • The border shutdowns are great news, my outlaw's neighbours were on their way to WA in their grey nomad wagon but got turned back this morning... There isn't much fear around here, that'll change soon enough...

    Also just heard two close friends in London have been diagnosed, not a great morning... 😔

  • Think so. sweats gone Saturday. No longer as tired. Still irritable and miserable though.
    If I did have it I think I'm very lucky. I do t think I had it.

  • My sister works at a private hospital which it seems is likely to be repurposed for coronavirus patients as of Monday. It seems that it has a fair number of ventilators (no idea how many).

  • enforce it for longer as people and the media cried for it.

    My exact thoughts from earlier today.

  • They’ve changed it so now it’s half in tomorrow even though we only need 6 for kids- the rest are planning. Crackers!

  • This is perhaps a bit dated now, but the reason I asked what was new on the ventilator front was that last week on LBC there was a man who reportedly works in the industry saying that talk of thousands of extra ventilators without the extensive training, the extra (baseline qualified) staff to give that training to and extra facilities in which the ventilators would be placed was "a comfort blanket". He also indicated that production rates were too slow to catch the patient peak anyway. Not to mention the obvious fact that every country in the world is screaming for the same kit.

    A retired NHS radiographer said in the comments:

    "For every ventilator, you need monitoring equipment (ecg, arterial and venous pressures, blood gasses etc.). You will also need several syringe pumps or other infusion equipment simply to keep the patient alive, let alone treat them. As it has always been a case of when, not if, the next pandemic would strike, it has been irresponsible for government to not have all the necessary equipment in storage, so that it was available in a timely manner. Talking simply about ventilators is not only impractical, it displays an ignorance of monumental proportions which will kill people. This also utterly ignores the staffing requirements needed to manage ventilated patients. We were promised 30,000 new nurses only a few months ago. They will be needed in the next few weeks, not years."­L60

  • Lockdown in 24hrs?

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  • Civil Contingencies Act 2004 aka State of Emergency because clearly stupid people are not heeding advice..

    Infections escalating at alarming rate

  • No doubt the news police and immigration powers would be used to quell Extinction Rebellion...

  • Harvey Weinstein tested positive for coronavirus, Reuters reports. The head of the New York state corrections officers union confirmed late on Sunday that the former movie producer, who is serving a prison sentence for sexual assault and rape, has tested positive for the Covid-19.

  • It's certain all of that is important. But I would guess the NHS is aware of it as well. Perhaps it's a big reason they're pushing to get ex-nurses and doctors back, getting new doctors into work, and getting thousands of private nurses to join (20,000). No doubt the coming weeks will be brutal for the NHS, though.

  • Thank you :)

    All the Tesco slots are suddenly gone, maybe people are panicking again?

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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