Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • Ran out of toilet paper so I'm reduced to wiping my bum with lettuce leaves. I fear this is just the tip of the iceberg

  • How times change.
    A year ago this weekend,
    it was The Peoples' Vote March.

  • The poor staff probably have enough on their plate and may well find it is an automated restriction anyway.

  • Just put the repeat offenders on ignore to flatten the thread

  • as if this thread isn't moving fast enough without you avalanching a pun run!

  • Thanks, yes I'm that Samuli, one of the people to make that happen. The idea was coming from every direction, even THL and then deputy mayor, which made it easier.

    The recommendation from THL's Markku Tervahauta was in his twitter, and then that was in Helsingin sanomat along with some other instructions.

  • Coronavirus: Social distancing enforced globally

    Says the BBC.

    But I think that they just mean developed nations. It's barely reached Africa yet, and that's when things will go nuts.

  • I noticed one of the stickers on my beer fridge yesterday and allowed a sad sigh.

  • I'm a mistaken or was it not rolled out earlier last spring as well? Maybe it just felt earlier.

  • No one appears to be paying any attention to the current situation here in Oz, I just nipped out to catch the shop while it was empty (closed early!) and there were lots of people eating out enjoying themselves... My neighbour's son is having a party, business as usual...

    These guys aren't gonna know what's hit them in a couple of weeks time...

    Meanwhile in Spain, my folks have battened down the hatches and aren't going fucking anywhere!! My sis in London is doing much the same...

  • Good time to get way ahead on the stocking up.

  • I’ve been ignoring reading this forum for a bit as it was making me feel anxious, so excuse me if this has been covered in the last few pages.

    Where are we with riding outside for recreation? My impression was it’s selfish/irresponsible because of stretching medical resources in case of an off. But my Strava feed is full of century rides and fast group smash fests.

  • Can confirm tills are programmed with the rules

  • Interesting interview with a famous epidemiologist­interview-larry-brilliant-smallpox-epide­miologist/

    How will we know when we’re through this?

    The world is not going to begin to look normal until three things have happened. One, we figure out whether the distribution of this virus looks like an iceberg, which is one-seventh above the water, or a pyramid, where we see everything. If we're only seeing right now one-seventh of the actual disease because we're not testing enough, and we're just blind to it, then we're in a world of hurt. Two, we have a treatment that works, a vaccine or antiviral. And three, maybe most important, we begin to see large numbers of people—in particular nurses, home health care providers, doctors, policemen, firemen, and teachers who have had the disease—are immune, and we have tested them to know that they are not infectious any longer. And we have a system that identifies them, either a concert wristband or a card with their photograph and some kind of a stamp on it. Then we can be comfortable sending our children back to school, because we know the teacher is not infectious.

    And instead of saying "No, you can't visit anybody in nursing home," we have a group of people who are certified that they work with elderly and vulnerable people, and nurses who can go back into the hospitals and dentists who can open your mouth and look in your mouth and not be giving you the virus. When those three things happen, that's when normalcy will return.

  • Solo = fine
    Group = you're a dick

    • Post a link to the dickheads
  • In Queensland we had fifty new cases yesterday and only forty today... We're clearly bucking the trend...

    Partner's mate caught it on the plane coming back from the UK, she became sick while self quarantined... Another mate is in the air and on her way back from London right now, coming back to live with elderly and sick parents... Fortunately she'll have the whole top floor of her folks' place to herself til she knows she's clear...

    Stay safe, everyone! ❤️

  • No, its not the case that people don't have much disposable income because of luxuries . Well, the Daily mail says it is but it's generally not founded in fact.

    The average proportion of income spent on rent alone is between 30% and 40% depending on where you live. Not hard to see how travel, fuel, food etc can take it much higher.

    I also don't think this is about "essentials". People will need to be able to service their consumer debt that they accrued before this crisis. There are literally millions (if not tens of millions) of people who have less than £100 in savings precisely because their cost of living is so close to their income.

  • Yep, know a lot of people where 1/2 - 2/3 of statutory sick pay would go just on paying the monthly car payment

  • Are there any studies predicting the impact in Africa?

  • Got mates who moved down to Australia banging on their Instagram about the importance of social distancing and everything. Then their story is them sat in a pub with mates.

  • British people are fucking cunts (I’m British) there is a reason everyone hates us and this shows why. For once why couldn’t we just step in line and follow the lead of other countries, instead we thought we were exempt.

  • It's barely reached Africa yet, and that's when things will go nuts.

    It might, or it might not. Heat kills the virus (allegedly) and their population is young. I am no expert on African daily life, but it wouldn't surprise me if their huge grey economy/informal sector will show an amazing adaptability to the situation.

  • it wouldn't surprise me if their huge grey economy/informal sector will show an amazing adaptability to the situation.

    That would be an amazing thing to witness

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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