Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • do some work!

    I am in Pune!

  • Who the fuck are these people you work with?!



  • It was entertaining to hear, if not fucking worrying that she believes it.

    Said something like her cat got coronavirus and died so how do humans get it... Its genetically made by us and is new. I tried to point out its a family of viruses and that both SARS and MERS were before it. the concept didn't compute so she shouted over me (basically mansplained to me I guess).

    Said that Billy was to blame as we have proof he was developing a cure even before it was a thing. He's invested 100s of millions into it.

    I gave up

  • You read about the NK official?

    He left his quarantine to go to a public bath so they executed him on the spot. Dereliction of duty and propagation of the virus dealt with NK style.

  • and here are some weird solutions to the virus

  • They have 1!

  • Well that’s my conspiracy theory debunked. Back to Bill and his master plan theory then.

  • What industry do you work in again...look up delusional disorders and maybe she needs help or an intervention.

    @ffm work with or look after.

  • Am I thinking poor cat, and maybe the death of her cat has made her become delusional.

  • Once you've had the virus - Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV do you then have immunity to it in the future as long as it doesn't mutate?
    (As long as you don't cark it when you first get it?)

    If you do then maybe everyone should stop panicking, share the virus and then most people would become immune after catching it.

    Or maybe everyone would die?


  • I believe so, unless it mutates significantly.

    This very long, multi day twitter thread was quite good on it and vaccines

  • Yay. There is a cure. only $300 a pop abut a cure nonetheless.­228079651655782400

  • Maybe this 1 person was infected in a controlled environment as a cover story.

  • Have the western media heard about the joke of the COVID-19 is actually engineered by the Chinese gov and it’s got some of to same ‘Ingredients’ as HIV... it’s so fake that it’s also so believable. (I read the news from both the west and from HK, so sometimes I lose track of where have a I read what... )

    What is actual news on the other hand, certain parts of China have now had a law imposed on them - the state can confiscate your money, sell your house, your car, your asserts to cash in to fight the epidemic.

  • Has been swirling round on Twitter for weeks. Mainly by people who mention qanon and Trump in their profiles.

  • Giver her a hug and then cough

  • And sneeze right in her face.

  • There's a mumps outbreak too. Being fuelled by Andrew 'struck off' Wakefield and dumb antivaxer parents from the late 90s/early 00s.

  • And a meningitis thing.
    There's also super resistant gonnorhea.

    There's lots of things swilling around.

    Giardia due to contaminated water.

    TB in London. Resistant TB.

  • Semester start in SNU, South Korea is postponed by 2 weeks because of the virus. There are about 30 confirmed infections but the geographical closeness to China seems to make a huge wave there.
    I'm about to do a semester there starting in March so that'll be interesting.

  • Tb from people spitting?

  • More people living in confined small spaces. Due to poverty.

  • My grandad died from TB. Coughing and sneezing are more likely ways of transmitting TB than spitting.

  • It's almost like the short term gains of the systematic flogging off of community hospitals are going to be considerably shorter than anticipated.

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Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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