Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • Wash your arse with a bit of water from the sink and wash your hands afterwards.

    As I understand it, human beings successfully evolved without bogroll.

  • Go to local shops like Londis and you'll be fine. My local is cleared out now but guy said it's dumb because they've had no problems getting restocked (and why would they?).

  • I am young, healthy and this will cause me no issue personally, quite happy to go about normal life with no bother. But I have a responsibility to not infect older people.

    There is irony in the situation were the people most at risk, are the ones being caviller. And might loose the help of younger people soon...

  • Wife is now off work, we are playing it by ear. Rohloff has now closed, waiting news from other suppliers to see what the outcome is.

    I envisage some bikes being ridden...

  • Well, I do a round trip of waitrose, Co-Op, sainsbury local, large sainsbury, Tescos Local and all have been pecked clean by the vultures. And i have done this route since saturday with no luck.

  • The M&S next to the royal free in hampstead only lacked some cleaning products this morning. Everything else was normal. All the other shops seemed fine. I am more than happy to pay a premium to avoid large supermarkets at the mo.

  • Have you tried a newsagent/local shop?

  • Yeah but try small independent shops/franchises etc as they don't lend themselves to folk looking to buy in bulk. My mum's local is even keeping stuff back for regulars and older folk and basically telling people panic buying to fuck off and put it back on the shelves.

  • Dunno really. Maybe ask everyone in Taiwan who wears one? Until a few days ago when people started returning from Europe, they had just 45 cases. Now only 60-something. We are what? 1500+ and the gov has effectively stopped counting (serious cases only). They are next to China and Japan. Could have exploded there, but they were smart and took the necessary precautions, amongst which: wearing masks. No "high horse" about it (thank you group-mentality / bullying stemming from ignorance, and everyone who replied along these lines - you sort of proved my point :P). I am not picking on others, quite the opposite. I don't appreciate being picked on for no reason if people need a vent for their bigotry.

    I'm making a decision for myself, based on what I see working elsewhere, without waiting for someone to tell me. If you do need to be told, then there are articles on reputable British news websites (Guardian) saying it can increase protection five-fold... Obviously don't re-use single-use ones, and if you have a re-usable one, clean it. Easy really. I also live with an elderly relative, so it's out of consideration for them I don't want to get ill. I am not buying 100 packs of bog roll or pasta, just making small adjustments. One mask and some hand wipes, that's it really.

    The attitude of "What will that do?" is why so many people got sick here so quickly. People don't want to take any tiny bit of additional responsibility to help both themselves and those around them, or adjust their lives at all, and now look what happened. Everyone is free to make their own choices as long as they aren't harming others, and I made mine. Anyway, look up the Taiwan stuff if you want and compare that attitude to the UK (two articles below). They are getting on with their lives quite normally too, no lockdowns or panic etc. Just common sense. Your choice of course.­

  • Had to go down Church Street. Can't believe how busy it is. Adjust your sets people. This is not a drill. Etc.

  • We had the damp proof guys round this morning, they were very quick and remarkably clean!

  • well the police are out here in Nyon, Switzerland watching group sizes of people walking around. I'm still rural so most groups are like 2 or 3 people, nothing massive

  • If people had to bet, when would they say sporting fixtures are going to be back on in general? - even in a closed environment.

  • If people had to bet, when would they say sporting fixtures are going to be back on in general? - even in a closed environment.

    Not till next summer. Though by that time most of the bookies will hopefully have gone bust, so you won't be able to have a bet anyway.

  • Summer, 2021

  • On a different forum (911UK, a Porsche forum that has a very voluble Gammon portion of the membership) the view is that people will just ignore instructions to stay at home as they have to keep earning money.

  • How many forums are you on and where do you find the time?

  • One of my clients is a company running 5-6 big restaurants in my city and was told yesterday they have approx 7 more days until bankrupcy. Zero visitors right now.

  • All the local business down here in Teignmouth doing good business which is nice to see. Not seen much panic buying Both the butchers and veg shop thinking of becoming card only over the next few weeks to minimize having to handle cash between them and customers. Although this won't apply to older or vulnerable people.

  • How many forums are you on and where do you find the time?

    I'm on holiday, I have all the time in the world.

  • The Swiss have just preemptively deployed 8000 reserves to combat the virus, primarily focused on supporting healthcare with their 'hospital battalions'.

    Hancock has just told Brits they shouldn't go on holiday.

  • Vallance says a good result is for number of deaths to stay below 20,000 that’s shocking

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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