Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • Which one did you go for ?

  • I think Sweden are closing high schools now? There was just a press conference but my Swedish is not perfect so didn’t catch it all.

    I would translate but the Folkhälsomyndigheten (public health authority) website seems to have crashed.

  • I think you just unscrew one of the crank arms and attach a power drill...

  • Just did a lap of Richmond park and then loop through Teddington/Bushy park to replace my commute. Richmond Park seemed to have more people doing laps than going to work. As an extra bonus, my new wheel stayed true. Taking every positive I can get.

  • My boss brought his sick kids to work. Great idea. Were fucking doomed.

  • I have just picked one up, just in time I think.

    That phone holder is clever, I have been balancing my iPhone on the adjustable stem plate and it’s not ideal.

  • People are saying that the wishy washy government advice not to go to pubs, restaurants etc is going to kill that industry and that a firm ban would mean they can claim on insurance giving them a chance to pay staff and not go under.

    But the problem isn't restricted to the leisure industry and the travel industry. All business will come to a grinding halt at the same time with many if not most small businesses folding and colossal levels of unemployment in a very short space of time.

    I might be being alarmist but I can't see how this won't result in permanent and catastrophic damage to the economy and society as we know it today. Its clear there's going to be a period when the country (world?) comes to a standstill. The duration is unknown. But without significant and decisive action from the government NOW then a huge proportion of the populous will be so buried in debt, without any means of crawling back out of the situation (a job) that the consequences don't bear thinking about.

    In my simple mind (I'm definitely not an economist) the only solution I can see is for the government to support the banks and financial institutions to implement a "freeze" on all personal loans, mortgages, taxes, business rates, leases etc for the duration of the enforced shut down. Effectively pausing the economy so that when we can all go back to normality, there are still businesses and jobs to go back to. If they don't provide relief or support then the financial institutions may be able to survive the short term of the crisis, but would then be dealing with a world where none of their debters can pay them back anyway which I assume would see them go under too?

    As I said, I'm probably talking utter nonsense but wanted to empty my head here as I know I'll get some replies and I'd like to understand why I'm wrong. Be gentle. Thanks.

  • Buy some kettlebells?

  • You point of absolute nonsense is good. The fact is there are NO real ways to deal with preventing the incoming shit storm, that are not mad.

    And yes, the hospitality industry shouting about protecting it, are being selfish. It's far bigger than just hospitality.

    Also maybe go here >> Covid 19 - the end of Capitalism?

  • Nice way to compound the problem!

  • I work for a small business that's been going around 40 years. We employ about 30 people. We won't last a month when everything comes to a standstill. The impact of brexit already has us on our knees.

  • I think Sweden are closing high schools now? There was just a press conference but my Swedish is not perfect so didn’t catch it all.

    From SVT (public broadcaster):

    Regeringen rekommenderar alla gymnasier, vuxenutbildningar och högskolor och universitet att införa distansutbildning från och med i morgon.
    Folkhälsomyndigheten gör fortfarande bedömningen att grundskolor och förskolor inte ska stängas. De negativa konsekvenserna bedöms bli för stora.
    Gymnasieskolor i Göteborg stängs onsdag - 20 000 elever berörs.

    The government RECOMMEND that all secondary schools, adult education institutions and higher education ones switch over to distance learning as of tomorrow.

    Public health officials remain convinced that primary schools and preschools are not to be closed. The negative consequences are judged to be too high.

    Secondary schools in Gothernburg to close on Wednesday, 20,000 pupils affected.

  • It's a quadlock which i use the case for on my motorbike, pedal bike and this. Handy to have the same system. Also £££ for what they are though...

  • Its a lovely sunny day today, I've done some gardening, chatted to my neighbour and given my kitchen a bit of a clean.
    Have also helped set up a group to help the over 70's on my street with anything they may need during this time.
    Going to stroll up the road in a bit to my local and grab some food for lunch.
    My cats being a prick.
    Hope everyone else is surviving the quarantine.

  • Emirates or Qatar should’ve been easiest and arguably cheapest, no?

  • At a friend's workplace the CEO had dinner with a couple of people who've since been tested and diagnosed with it. The CEO kept coming to work "because I don't feel ill".

  • Thank you. I am sure there are many people in our situation right now

  • My sister was made redundant on Saturday, from both her hospitality jobs, in Canada.

  • Which one did you go for ?

    I've never got on with trainers so I'm not dropping wads. Went with the Tacx Vortex which has decent reviews on Wiggle and is the cheapest available (on sale, but probably because they're getting rid of stock as it's also on sale at Wiggle). If things change and it turns out I love riding my bike in the virtual world, I can shift it and upgrade later. If I hate it, I'll return the whole kit within the 30 day period.

    Turns out a mate bought on in Paris yesterday as well. He suggested we organize rides with "pub" stops. #boringdystopia

  • Thanks for clarifying

  • A preliminary calculation by a US expert suggests that tens of thousands of premature deaths from air pollution may have been avoided by the cleaner air in China, far higher than the 3,208 coronavirus deaths.

    (From the Guardian ticker)

  • Hmm... should I dwell on the fact that I do not have a will?

    Is it possible to write one yourself and have others notarise... like they do in old movies?

    It's less the "I give this to that person" and more the "I want to document how shit should happen" and in my case that includes how to run this forum platform, etc.

    I'm not being excessively morbid here, I need to do this anyway as I'm going through a separation and need to tidy all this up anyway.

    Anyone done this DIY?

  • I share the same sentiments, the government needs to do something so people can actually buy food while not working, and there's places to buy food from. Maybe there needs to be some new type of company dormancy so when this is over and people can work again they can just start up where they left off without huge debt.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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