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  • It’s pretty drastic. HK is far, far worse mind. Government not helping the industry at all, unlike here in Singapore.

    Once the gates open in China they’ll all be wanting to GTFO and spend their CNY bonuses.

  • Probably a repost but I particularly chuckled at this one as I have my uncles 70th birthday to attend in a few weeks:

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  • Travel industry. It’s pretty much the norm atm.

    Incentive pay is obviously long gone as well. All in all it’ll add up to a good 50%.

    WAC of a year.

  • I guess supposedly if u had Pneu vacc it would potentially prevent secondary bacterial infection.

    Don't quote me on that.

  • Under rated

  • Only 2 months in...

  • I've properly been corona'd. Being made redundant after being headhunted for the role 9 months ago. They're blaming corona which is convenient but not factually accurate. Tough climate to be jobseeking in. N-n time.

  • I was musing on the different strategies of China and the UK.

    I reckon the UK made this sort of decision:

    Containment works but is only viable if everyone does it and does it until the virus is eradicated.
    That's not going to happen so let's not take the economic impact now as China has until the whole world has to take it and the British global status quo is maintained.
    Yeah, a load of old grannies are gonna die but that's collateral damage and we can politic that into a Chinese virus that hardens/strengthens the right wing base in the over 40s.
    This strategy assumes earned immunisation from recovery.

  • Trading suspended after 5 minutes in NY. That must be a new record?

  • Fuck. That’s harsh and incredibly short sighted by your employer.

  • All Belgian sports events cancelled until the end of the month­38094024906551296

    I was meant to be popping over for Gent Wevelgem. Ah well.

  • Could this be the end of the cruise ship industry?
    Would be a good thing for the environment if so

  • Pretty much, but I don’t buy the ‘public doesn’t listen so containment won’t work ‘ narrative they keep pushing. They could enforce it if they needed to but they’d rather a few old dears pegged it than stop business.

    Sorry to hear about people getting screwed by the employers in the middle of this, last thing you need.

  • Road cc suggesting that you have to have a pro licence to train on the road in Italy now­ing-locked-down-country-how-italian-cycl­ists-and-bike-brands-are-coping

  • Pretty much, but I don’t buy the ‘public doesn’t listen so containment won’t work ‘ narrative they keep pushing. Try could enforce it if they needed to but they’d rather a few old dears pegged it than stop business.

    They absolutely couldn't enforce it. Not now, and not whilst remaining electable.

    If things got completely out of hand, yes, maybe. It's possible the government would have resigned if it gets to that.

  • Would far rather concert I'm going to go to is rescheduled than be given choice of not going and being in a confined space for 3hrs or not going and getting skinned the best part of £100 for the pleasure of doing what the government is asking us to do in a couple of days anyway...

    Mrs m_v's drag thing tomorrow has been cancelled. I am very happy about that as I brought it up last night and she was not for missing it.

    She did get a bit upset when I said that if we went we should probably cancel the plans we have with her 70 odd year old, heart condition carrying father next week but she still wasn't willing to take the decision to stay at home and miss the show.

  • Course they could, an election is 5 years away and loads of countries have already done it.

  • Of course, all countries are the same. Silly me.

  • Manchester Universities have just notified students they will receive no more face to face tuition as of 27th March.

    Think there is a likelyhood that could be moved forward, but thats the current line

  • Ouch. I've that concern as been in my seat for 3 months.
    I work closely with our Global Head of HR and as she still looks me in the eye dont think I'm on the firing line

  • dont be a cunt, someones livelihood is at stake, not a time for woke-off

  • Yep, the tell-tale sign is when they stop looking you in the eye.

  • D, for you, i can make an exception and give you a proper man hug!

  • Durham have stopped this week. Not sure if they are doing online lectures etc as they only had a week left to go.

  • Company has now officially took the stance of no client visits unless the issue is an immediate risk to life/environment.

    All my visits are due to an immediate risk to life/environment.


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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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