Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • number 6

    Where you getting all these jabs from? 6!

  • I take medication. Which puts me on a particular list.

  • Fair enough, still seems like loads though, I didn't realise anyone was being given quite that many, glad it's able to help though.

  • Yeh I'm really grateful for it.

  • I've been invited for 6 this week.

  • Shout out to my immunocompromised homies.

  • i've had 5. but #1 and #2 were for a clinical trial

  • High-Five, Chalfie.

  • I've had three doses of one of the Chinese vaccines but would like to get a western vaccine once I'm in the UK - can you choose which one you want?

  • can you choose which one you want?

    Officially no. Sometimes vaccination centres have both on the go on the same day and will give you a choice but generally they don't. You.can sometimes work out what a vaccination centre using and pick that way but they might change.

  • Not officially. My father-not-in-law was determined to get Pfizer last year though so went around Walthamstow asking who had it until he got it, but he'd been living in the Philippines and had also had the Chinese vaccines, so was theoretically unvaccinated. He's also a boomer so they were desperate to jab him.

    You could play the same card presumably, but there's only Pfizer, Moderna and Novavax available in the UK at the moment, and I don't know anyone who's had the latter. Not sure why you want to choose but the efficacy of Pfizer and Moderna are very similar and both mRNA vaccines.

    If you're worried about Moderna side effects I felt fine after 24hrs and was never that bad.

  • Cleaned my clock

    I'd actually never heard this charming phrase before but it sums up my first 24hrs well!

    @snottyotter arm stopped hurting this morning for me. I think hives might be one of the 'official' side effects but the patient information leaflet is in the recycling...


    No need to apologise! @villa-ru

  • Booked in today for flu plus covid number 4. Not been told what vaccine it is yet despite filling in consent form.....

  • I decided to get flu jab this weekend and put off covid booster for at least a week. Not sure my logic is sound but I figured I haven't had a flu jab this year so it was more urgent.

  • The only issue might be that the first booster (3rd shot) was a half dose of Moderna which was proven to work well as top up to 2x AZ or Mod/PHZ, not sure what the pfizer dose was.
    So there is maybe an argument for a full sized shot of Modena/Pfizer for you.
    But if you have had covid before then a current booster (bivalent) will top you up.
    I would speak to either a GP or go to one of the larger vaccination centres for your area like the ones at Kings/Guys/StThomas’s (these are SE london health authority) I know the bigger centres offer first/second/booster doses but smaller pharmacies didn’t last time i looked.
    I am not a qualified/trained health professional

  • Thanks for the advice all - this would technically be a "first" dose as I can't transfer my Chinese records to the UK. I think I'll try to get Pfizer when I've got over the jet lag.

  • my OH has finally far I've stayed clear too but stuck in a one bed flat might be tricky to isolate from each other

  • Replying to one of my posts from a year ago:­

    Reminds me to look into Royal Institution membership for my (11yo) daughter as she's now old enough to go to the Faraday Christmas Lectures if she was lucky enough in the ballot.

    Just got the email saying we got tickets in the ballot for this year.

  • Anyone else had a pretty full on sinus infection after Covid?
    Covid symptoms lasted almost two weeks and have been replaced with headaches every day building to a lovely crescendo at 3pm and basically just massive pressure on the forehead area when pressed
    : (

    Ibuprofen/paracetamol combo helps but it would be nice to not still be taking those come Christmas time. Been about 3 weeks now....

  • Just got the email saying we got tickets in the ballot for this year.

    Congratulations. We are still waiting.

  • I went for my booster jab yesterday at 10am, in was given the Spikevax/Omicron jab. I was asked if I’d had the flu jab yet, I hadn’t so they offered me that as well. I was assured the two together would be fine, so I said yes.

    About 3pm I started to feel a bit cold and meh. I went to bed for a nap at 4pm. It’s now 3pm the following day and I’m still in bed. I feel like shite. So does my wife, who has her two jabs yesterday at 5pm.

    I had no real reaction to the initial covid jabs, but it think I had Pfizer. Maybe it’s just immune system overload?

  • Son had a cold and a bit of a temperature all of half term, but was still functional. It never even entered our heads that it might be Covid until my partner went down hard with it yesterday and tested positive. Guess it's fallen off a lot of people's radars, but I've mentioned it to a few people and everyone seems to know people who're contracting it again.

  • I've tested borderline negative* this morning, after testing positive last Wednesday following being under the weather since the Sunday. I was up and showered on the Wednesday, to go into the office and thought I'd do the responsible thing (test) just in case and there it was: positive, a very strong positive. Despite feeling better.

    I don't think I would have tested if I hadn't planned to go into the office. Head cold with a bit of aching on the Monday before.

    Other half has it now - similar symptoms.

    *if I hadn't been previously positive, I wouldn't have been looking at the test so closely (quick glance, one line, in the bin), but there is something there, which I would honestly challenge most people to notice.

  • I'm having a pretty shitty run at it here. Day 4 and while I might have broken the fever, I now have a hacking cough that's borderline convulsions and every time I start walking around a bit I feel so woozy that I have to lie down again ...

    Supposed to start a job tomorrow. Just FML really

  • Fuck that is poor timing. Get well soon

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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