Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • I will try this, ta.

  • I guess being mindful to try avoid this would be a good starting point?

    one day feeling mildly better so doing too much

    It's hard though. Hope she's on the mend.

  • I know, but try to point it out to someone who has been self employed all their life and is the co founder and CEO of a rapidly expanding business is a sensitive matter!

  • Faint line I missed on last test. So positive 😑

  • 0-Covid in less than 30 seconds...

    I suspect you've got part of a faulty batch, or the machines that put the buffer liquid in aren't quite calibrated right. Either way, you're definitely not the only one.

    It does seem odd they don't just put a little more in to avoid this problem. The Randox ones are the only ones that rely on only two drops as well, AFAIK.

  • There is only really one tip - rest, rest and more rest.

    I know it's frustrating - I first tested negative a week ago and I'm still exhausted and still have some symptoms - but a doctor friend told us that most people she is seeing with long Covid overdid it while they were sick or just after. So ensuring that you've recovered properly is so important.

    Personally I'm finding it particularly frustrating with the nice summer weather.

  • Really bad timing to be ill then, and sounds like she's very driven so then it sucks even more to have no control.

    Hope she recovers soon, unfortunately it seems to be a waiting game with no magic cures.

  • Personally I'm finding it particularly frustrating with the nice summer weather

    Some people seem to put a lot of effort into lying motionless in the sun. I've never really tried it properly but perhaps a bout of Covid is a good reason to try?

  • lol. It's not really my bag either, I'm not very good at not doing anything. But I had peak Covid when it was that hot snap and it hit 33, it was really no fun at all and despite all the lovely weather I had zero desire to go outside.

    I am now finally at a point where I can sit outside in the sun and it's nice. I've got some time off later in the week so maybe I'll give it a go!

  • The original plan was to use it to do some riding/swimming, but never mind :/

  • Have ended up with some lft tests that are just out of date, would you still use them?

    Last vaccination was in Jan should I get another?

  • Yes, these ones are really fucking annoying.

  • If you need it (health reasons, work with people...) and if you can, yes, it will stop you getting an active infection for 3ish months.

  • Forgot I ordered this in a covid fog, another lightweight brewer for the stash.

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  • Well we are back to wearing masks in any non-clinical areas and the hospital has declared an internal incident due to spike in admissions and staff absences due to infection.

  • Am I right in thinking that positive LFT = infectious?

    I’m over a week from catching it, very strong T bar on the test…

  • Am I right in thinking that positive LFT = infectious?


  • Thanks.

    That 5 days thing is bullshit isn’t it.

  • Two full covid wards in the royal Liverpool.

  • That 5 days thing is bullshit isn’t it.

    Depends what your aim is. If you want to allow people with zero hours contracts to go to work so they can feed themselves because you have destroyed any sort of social security safety net then it is a bit cautious.

  • Mask wearing recommended in wales once again.

  • I'm waiting for this to come back to our NHS building but still no announcement on masks or distancing.......

  • And no mention of bivalent vaccines for the autumn/winter.
    Moderna have one, Germany have ordered theirs.
    JVCI should be all over this but there is just a statement from May about over 65’s and “being prepared”, they are banking on hybrid immunity of older vaccines and an infection being ‘world beating’

  • I have every symptom and back pain so bad I just lay on the floor crying.

    Still testing negative but have caught it from my MD who “felt it Friday, but thought the 4 hour meetings we had would be fine”


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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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