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  • before the url works for most paywalls too

  • Well, COVID has finally made it to my immune compromised parents household. First infection in September 22 is not bad going I think!

  • Fingers crossed the hedge seniors don't get it too bad. Last vaccinations were a while ago weren't they?

  • Thank you! Dad has a bad cold so far. Mum still neg thankfully. Doing their best to keep separate but that's going to be unrealistic because of Mum's dementia... she'll never remember! Poor Dad is terrified that he won't be able to look after her if he gets sicker.

    We're not in the UK at the moment but thankfully my brother's are on hand to help if needed.

  • Is that now just a saving face exercise of the government? They are usually not the types to sacrifice economic growth over peoples health.

    The economy is in tatters, so actually it's quite handy to have an excuse like this ("we did it for the health of the people, not like in the evil west where they let all the old people die"). On the plus side, the government has learnt that you need to give people food if you're going to lock them in their homes.

    Lots of cities in full lockdowns in China right now and it's very hard to leave your city even if you're not in a lockdown. In Shanghai we're still having covid tests (PCR tests) every 72 hours, and teachers/students have to have them every 24 hours. So there's one part of the economy that's booming...

  • It's so jarring to think of you (and billions of others) living like that, when we have essentially zero restrictions here.

    It feels like when New Zealand was covid free and we were locked inside. Just with us being the Kiwis this time

    Stay safe @hats. Hurry home!

  • It's weird as fuck, that's for sure. Covid tests for fish, for dogs, for newborn babies. But no vaccine mandate? People dressed in surgical gowns to scan your temperature entering a building. Hazmat suits. Covid test pop up boxes all over the city. QR "healthcode" tyranny. It's so embarrassing.

    I'm pretty lucky: was never taken to a fangcang (the camps), didn't get covid and have to hide from the authorities (like some of my friends), had some food in the cupboard, made a point of trying to talk to someone every day. A friend of a friend had a breakdown during the Shanghai lockdown and is still in a psychiatric hospital. A lot of people who got covid got fired because their companies think they're too dangerous.

    32 days left here...

  • "over the counter" for vaccines won't happen.... you will have to book an appointment/turn up to a drop-in centre (unsure if they still exist) like you did for your first vacccines/booster

  • 32 days left here...

    Nice! Hope that goes quickly for you.

  • UK quietly removes vaccine access for children about to turn 5.­79234069225472

  • GF was supposed to go to a “Management Retreat” with execs from all over Canada. Fortunately she avoided it.
    16 of 61 attendees have covid. Talked to two on facetime and they looked and sounded awful.
    One of them was having chest pains and is probably going to be hospitalized.

  • I got a text saying I'm eligible for another covid vaccination today. Exciting.

  • This morning I got a text saying that I was eligible for another Covid-19 vaccination, then in the afternoon I was emailed with details on how to book an appointment. In between, as I hadn't been well for a few days, took a lateral flow test that showed positive for the virus ..

  • 4 weeks before you can go and get jabbed.

  • A more cheery outlook on the topic I posted above­875562246348800

  • ^

    Looks we may have gotten lucky and the less dangerous / more infectious virus evolution path has taken place.

    But, not trusting yet it is "just like a cold" as "long colds" are very rare, and even with Omicron you can still get long Covid.

    Everyone in the house got a "back to school" plague (not covid, I tested) now let's see when we get hit again by Omicron build x....

  • Thanks for the information.

    Fortunately, I haven't been too badly affected. I thought I had mild flu, and only took a test on the off chance, as I was intending to go into the office on Friday.


    Now going to hospital with COVID is not equal to going to hospital because of it, but may be a case of "here we go again.. " and the NHS never got a quiet summer period to catch up / plan.

  • Yeah, even if severity of infection generally remains quite low, most people seem to think we're heading for a fairly brisk autumn and winter wave so things don't look great for the NHS.

    Apparently this summer has been like a "busy winter flu season" for the NHS.

  • Had my autumn jab last weekend. New Moderna one that covers Omicron and OG covid. So that's a full house of Astra Z, Pfizer and Moderna so I expect my phone to upgrade to 5G shortly.

  • Got my Autumn booster today too and flu jab booked for tomorrow.

    The Moderna side effects list is interesting, they’re now showing heart palpitations and breathing difficulties, both things my wife experienced after having her Pfizer booster.

  • Did you guys get called for your Autumn booster? Or were you proactive?

    I'm due my Autumn booster (will be the 6th jab), but I haven't heard anything yet.

  • Also, my mum and dad are currently down with it so that's something else to fret about... :/

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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