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  • Tested positive this morning after five days of being sick and sure I'd got it but not testing positive.

    This is a pattern for me and has happened before, I don't test positive for a while then get a fairly faint line. It will be interesting to see when the line clears.

    It has really whacked my sleep this time, the body battery on my Garmin went up by a whopping 3% last night which reflects how I feel. But on the plus side no real brain fog like the previous times.

    Other half is a lot better and his very angry line is a lot fainter.

  • Hope you get through it ok.
    Kind of annoyed the new strains don't seem to provide increased immunity, really no benefits to catching it!

  • Thanks. So far it's crap but I could feel worse.

    Yeah I was reading about that - I look forward to round four! đź’©

  • My wife tested positive on Monday, and I've got a mild positive today. Just hoping our 4 month old doesn't get it too bad, it's already been a tumultuous week.

  • Wife got back from a ten day business trip on Thursday feeling exhausted and not well. Tested clear Thursday and Friday but has just tested positive. She is one of those people who rarely gets ill and if she does just soldiers on anyway. This has floored her.

  • It also finally got me last Saturday, after thinking I had some kind of wizard T cell set up all this time. Still tested positive this morning and oddly the lines seem to be getting stronger again having got weaker on day 4&5. I don't know what to make of that. Symptoms wise, I've not been so bad- I felt groggy on the first day (the reason I tested) and dizzy and tired on days 2 and 3, and have been coughing quite a lot. Sore throat in the last day or two.

    The worst bit (although I realise this is nothing compared to other people's problems!) is trying to parent and not pass it on. This is purely for selfish reasons - I don't want to pass it to anyone in the house as next weekend we are due to go away and I really don't really want to hand over COVID children to grandparents. On Thursday night Mrs Oat was out on a work trip, and Friday was my turn to look after the 2 year old and pick the 5 year old from school. That was hard. I had an fpp2 mask on, but still wanted to be precautious. Trying not to breathe out in the same room as the kids you're looking after / trying to put to bed was really stressful, and was hard for the children too who hadn't seen me for 5 days, but who didn't understand why I didn't want to get close to them. I'll be really miffed after all that they catch it anyway!

  • Went for a meal and night out with friends last Saturday.
    Felt a bit groggy on Sunday, tested positive after feeling cold and shivering in the afternoon sun.

    Let my friends know, 2 people tested positive on the same day, and as of today, 75% of those that were there have now tested positive.
    I’ve also given it to my wife, my 2 kids, and my mum who popped by briefly last Sunday.

    I was completely knocked on my arse Monday to Wednesday, still coughing but feeling a lot better today, and just tested negative.

    I had elderly family arrive from Korea on Friday, that my dad, who fortunately managed to avoid contact with us, is currently looking after until the rest of us test negative.
    Though the chances of them not getting it with it spreading like wildfire is pretty slim…

  • Fingers crossed for you guys and your 4 month old.
    When we all got it Jan last year, our youngest had the mildest symptoms, basically the same as a typical cold, so snotty and grumpy.

    Mind you we were absolutely slayed by covid, so keeping them alive felt 100x harder than it would have been normally.

  • My fairly faint line six days ago turned into a whopping great thick angry line the next day, and now I'm on day five of these with no sign of it going anywhere yet. Feeling pretty rough with it too.

    Stuck inside for the hottest day of the year and now solstice, but at least we didn't have anything important planned. Plus once this is out of the way I can hopefully enjoy the rest of the summer without getting it again...

  • After avoiding it for 2 years it's finally hit our house and absolutely floored me.

  • Exactly the same here :( I tested positive yesterday and the rest of the household this morning. Hope you feel better soon

  • Cheers same to you!

    I've found paracetamol and staring into nothing helps, I couldn't focus on TV or a book as it hurt my head!!

  • Spent most of the last 2 days staring at the inside of my eyelids in bed, really has knocked me back. Managed some toast and soup for tea.

    Alternating ibuprofen / paracetamol here. I'm in the NHS so been sent home, test on day 5 and 6 and if negative back to work.

  • I couldn't focus on TV or a book as it hurt my head!!

    This was me! Have found it mega boring as haven't really been able to read or look at screens properly (seemed to result in a headache) so my usual being ill activities haven't really been possible.

    Finally got a faint line today after a week of solid ones and I was extra rough on day 7/8. Felt rougher yesterday than ever but finally seem to be feeling a bit better today.

    Probably cod science but I wonder if symptoms are worse now due to waning immunity - know a lot of people with it/who've just had it at the moment and it seems to be hitting harder.

  • Is this just spam?

  • Just trying to share my experience:(

  • Nah, a comment after yours that has since been nuked.


  • I had some plans to keep occupied if it got me, making an old hasegawa model for example. Not a chance lol. Watched the birds on the feeders a lot.

    Gave it to the rest of the family including eldest who ended up in hospital having had his insulin controlled diabetes control turned upside down :(

    Still solid instant positive on LFT.....

  • That sounds particularly rough. Healing vibes through the internet to forumers and family! It does seem to be everywhere atm. Again.

  • 7 days post +ve test here. First time for me - after going through the whole thing as an NHS nurse. Fully vaccinated and boosted obviously for what it’s worth with this variant. Started off with a sort of tightness in the nose, no other symptoms, felt fine and just put it down to heat and pollen. Woke up last Friday after a couple of days of that, felt rubbish, instant positive test, still instantly positive today.

    2 or 3 rather rough days, all sorts of strangeness going on: calf cramps, shivers, sweats, foggy head. Couldn’t sleep, couldn’t watch TV or sit and read. That all gradually lifted but what I have at this stage is fatigue and an absolute fucker of a cough. Very hard to shift what is in there and I can see now how devastating a more severe form of this would have been for someone older or more vulnerable. Just coughing this crap out is hard work in itself.

    Frustrating thing over the last day or two is waking up, thinking “yep, definitely getting over this now” and then in the evening feeling as bad as ever.

    Today, though, I went for a bit of spin to test out a bike, deliberately restricted myself to tootling about on towpaths etc., and feel better for it. Fingers crossed I’m over the worst.

    Heal well everyone.


    Cases are rising fast now... We had it in April so not much immunity left now.

  • Good to hear you are on the mend :). Are you still testing positive? My day 5 test is tomorrow and back to work Monday if day 5 + 6 negative.

  • Oh no, is the eldest ok now?

    Diabetes complications are serious :(

  • Thanks for asking, appreciated. Now discharged and at home with us, just cough/snotty. Tripple jabbed but even so when covid kicked in it all tipped towards ketosis / acidosis.

  • My manager/coworker at one of my jobs got it about a fortnight ago, he's fucked, tried coming in the other day and lasted about 2 hours, says he feels the worst he's ever felt at the moment. 1st time haver, seems sensible enough to be vaccinated.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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