Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • VeriFLY

    Just read the Ts&Cs to see just what you're giving away by signing up to that.

    (The alternative, obviously, is just not going on the trip.)

  • Feeling a lot better this morning. Still testing positive, but the line is much fainter and takes much longer to appear.
    Optimistically hoping to head back to work tomorrow, but will obviously go back to masking up and some extra precautions for a few days too.

  • Day 47 in lockdown in Shanghai. According to the news, we're opening up! In my building, this means that we are now allowed to go downstairs to throw out our rubbish - until now we haven't been allowed to do that, we've had to leave everything outside the front door of our apartments and a volunteer collected it all. Such progress, so freedom.

    Last night I sneaked out of my building and walked around the block in the dead of night, being careful to avoid junctions where I know there are checkpoints. I thought it would make me feel better to be out and about. Spoiler alert: it did not. I saw some of the new test centres that have been set up - portacabins where we will have to go for tests every 48 hours to be allowed entrance to offices, public transport and shops.

    My district, like many other districts, is going for zero covid by making us show a negative antigen test before we're allowed to take a PCR test. A friend of mine has positive antigen test results so is hiding out in her apartment and not answering when the loudspeakers start up telling people to come downstairs for tests. Zero covid has been redefined at least three times that I can think of. We will achieve it, in the same way that a square peg eventually fits a round hole if you hammer the fuck out of it.

  • Grim !

  • keep going Hats i hope it ends soon at least the cats haven't eaten you yet.

  • Will be time for a Monkey Pox thread soon /trollface

  • Noooooo don't you dare say that.

  • Managed to get away with work trip (mingling with 700 people and also transatlantic flights) with no Covid. Just got latest ONS PCR test result back and all negative. I'm guessing having it 3 months ago was beneficial.

  • So over 2 years into this and having worked in essential retail for all the lockdowns etc I’ve finally tested positive

    Coughs pretty grim, definitely not mild, definitely not a fucking cold. Came on pretty quickly from sore throat Friday AM to full blown shivers etc in the evening

  • Hope you get through the properly ill bit quick and don't push the recovery phase

  • Hope you recover quickly. My wife and I stayed clear as well until 2 weeks ago, symptoms similar to you for a short period. The thing that crippled me was the he headache, that lasted a couple of days and then just had cold symptoms. Still bunged up now

  • Do you need any Covid documents for uk - EU travel at the moment? Or everything back to normal

  • Depends on the country - you'll need to research.

  • Just tested positive yesterday morning, after feeling a bit "off" and with a strong headache.

    Symptoms are not too bad so far. Headache is still there but added to that Im freezing all the time. Mildly soar throat however not really any coughs .

  • I just been to Germany and no one asked at the border for nha covid pass.

  • I went to Ireland a few weeks ago and no-one even asked to see a passport!

  • Spain a couple of months ago required SPTH forms being completed

  • I find it so wild that the rest of the world can travel around with no covid passes or passports - I had to show my pass to cross from one district of the city I live in to another district. When public transport/shops/offices reopen, we will need to show a covid test in the last 72h to be allowed entrance (recently relaxed from 48h). At least I'm allowed to walk around outside now!! Shanghai lockdown has been a fucking embarrassment and the death toll has been enormous so there's really been no fucking point.

  • Went to Paris a couple of weeks ago - no-one asked to see documents on the way out or on the way back.

    Two days after we came back, felt a bit of a cold creeping in - had a box of lat flow tests left over & did one just to check, very faint positive then totally clear the next day... tickly cough lasted about a week but not bad really, might have been a low level exposure which didn't come to much. After 2 years of managing to dodge it I got it from Mickey Mouse... or maybe one of the 2 million people rammed into Disney Paris that week as they recently relaxed the masks & covid pass rules for entry, felt like all the punters across mainland Europe that deliberately stayed away because of this rule descended en masse.

  • felt like all the punters across mainland Europe that deliberately stayed away because of this rule descended en masse

    You are the traffic.

  • It got me finally. Asymptomatic positive last July but feel properly shit today.

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  • What's that surface?
    (Also - hope you feel better soon!)

  • Recycled plastic / cork place mat

  • True, I'd have preferred if everyone was wearing masks, or at the very least required to prove vaccination status to enter theme parks etc to be fair - until recently both of these measures were still in place & it would maybe have been a bit quieter if they still were. The trip had been postponed every 6 months since early 2020, really didn't fancy rebooking everything again at the last minute - and we didn't stay away because of masks / covid passes, was just how the timing worked out this time.

    That's us all back to enforced normality now, roll on monkeypox & the return of personal space.

  • After 61 days (and 56 covid tests!), Shanghai's citywide lockdown has ended. Could this be due to the absolute scorcher of speech Li Keqiang (2nd in command) gave chastising all the regional governments for fucking the economy? It's certainly not because covid has been eliminated - 3m people in Shanghai are still in lockdown. I went out to get a covid test earlier as mine has expired but the queues at the new testing boxes are huge (and crowded) so I guess I'll live without going indoors for a while. Some friends are not allowed into their houses without a valid test - thankfully not the case for me. The whole thing has been absolutely bonkers. Feels surreal that it's "over". My mental health is pretty fucked. Overwhelmed.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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