Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • I know these blocks

  • I tend to live in glorious isolation. Am travelling to London by train right now. I am the only person in the carriage wearing a mask. Is this going to be the case in London’s famous London?

  • Popped out to the local supermarket earlier, I was the only person in there wearing a mask.

  • Yeh was an expat in the radio this morning, sounds proper rubbish if you test positive, sent to a detention centre with a bed and curtain for privacy, communal toilets but no washing facilities she claimed

  • You are dj aicmfp

  • I've just returned from Whitstable, having gone there yesterday.
    Standing room only on the train in both directions.
    Other than myself, I didn't see anyone wearing a mask.

  • A uni friend of my partners is currently in isolation in Shanghai under a gazebo outside.
    From the video it looks pretty grim!!

  • Some people are trying not to be released from the covid camps as you're often not allowed back into your apartment (the neighbourhood management won't let you in cos they think you're contagious), and migrant workers have nowhere to go. Plus there's so little food available in the city... in the camps you get three meals a day.

    A few of my friends are in the covid camps now, quite a range of experiences but none are good. The "best" is a friend who is actually quite unwell who's in a room with four others, including a kid who doesn't actually have covid but her (migrant worker) mum does so she's had to come too as otherwise she'd be homeless.

  • Hope you stay covid-free @hats !

  • I'm trying my best. My next door neighbour tested positive. I'm going slightly crazy stuck in my (small) apartment, afraid to open the windows, worried about the sewer system. But I'm at home and I have enough food for now, so I'm lucky.

  • Any tips on recovery after Covid?
    I tested positive at the start of Feb and was negatieve again six days later. However, since I have been plagued by other symptoms - pretty much the full range with the exception of loss of smell/tatse.
    Currently it's manifesting as dizziness, nasuea and terrible brainfog. Even typing now, it's as if the text on the screen is sailing the high seas.
    I've done some gentle exercise, keeping hydrated, taking a load of supplements as recommended on here and generally trying to look after myself (eat/sleep well etc)
    Any tips welcome as it doesn't really seem to be getting much better in the last month.

  • Little update from Shanghai: day 22 locked in my apartment now, I've had 9 covid tests in that time. There was an announcement a while ago saying that if you hadn't had a case in your compound for 14 days then you would be "free". Well, we got to day 12 and then yesterday there was a new positive case in my building. In any event, being officially free doesn't mean that you'll be allowed to go out. A lot of people I know fall into the category of free but their compound/building management thinks it's too risky and won't let anyone out (Why don't they just walk out anyway you ask? Because the door is locked shut. But surely that's a fire risk you say! Yes it is and there have been several fires). If you're reading in the media that 5m people have gone free... that's not true.

    Every day the statistics get released, listing how many cases each district and subdistrict has. Yesterday my district shot to the top of the leaderboard and my subdistrict is in the top ten for the whole city.

    Government rations of food are a fucking joke. The most recent one was a bunch of the greenest bananas I've ever seen. Even the volunteers who distributed them were quick to point out that it's a "gift" from another region of the country, nothing to do with them.

    Two districts have been announced as having achieved zero covid. One is a rural island off the coast of the city. The other is a large, rural area in the south where a lot of the factories are. Factories in other districts are operating as they are making workers live in the factory. "Closed loop system" yay.

    My friend got a positive test two weeks ago and her partner was taken to quarantine as a "close contact" and she was told to wait at home and that she'd be taken to covid "hospital" soon. While in quarantine, her partner tested positive, but as she'd been taken to quarantine in a city 200km away she got to go to an actual hospital. A week or so later she got the two necessary negative tests and came home. Meanwhile! My friend was never picked up and taken away, and is now testing negative - but has been told that she will still be taken away and to stand by.

    Censorship is at an all-time high. The first line of the national anthem is banned from social media. Videos are taken down, articles removed. 上海加油

  • The first line of the national anthem is banned from social media.


    So frustrating and scary. Fortunately you have company at home. What about their food?

  • Mad, this should be the pages of a dystopian novel not a real life experience!

  • This sounds, to me, like a more serious issue than internet help, I guess you tried your GP?

  • Grim :(

    I don't understand it anymore.

    The dystopian aspect, sadly I'm not surprised.

    But surely they know Omnicron is just far too infections for this to work? It's nuts, is there some politicians ego thing behind it?

  • Yeah have you heard of this guy called Xi Jinping?

  • Of course...this is coming directly from him? I guess I thought he was smarter....

    The initial suppression of COVID existing was due to some local politicians.

    This is some power play for him then I guess....or just pure stubbornness.


    3/10 pre Omnicron then 4/10 recently.

    I'm just waiting for a new variant just in come for Christmas, we just had it, luckily no lasting effects..

    Infections are dropping in NI but immunity is only about 12 weeks or so? I expect an autum peak and it increasing again in winter.

  • This sounds truly grim, and my heart genuinely goes out to you and everyone else suffering. I am intrigued though - if everyone is locked in their flat/apartment or building, then how are people still being infected?


  • Is it coming from people organising group buys of groceries?! Maybe - let's ban it!

    One thing it definitely CAN'T be is forcing everyone to do mass testing every day... let's keep that up indefinitely!

  • Thankfully I buy cat food and cat litter in bulk. Otherwise the cats wouldn't hesitate to eat me.

  • Maybe they should stop shipping infected people all over the place.

  • I tested positive for covid today, for the first time. I'm tired and I have a sore throat. My workplace is no longer telling people about close contacts :/ (I have emailed them directly anyway)

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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