Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • One of my minions is in the east side, they’re three weeks in and have a case in their block so it’s a while yet before they can go out.

  • That's grim - bad enough that they live on the east side, but this adds insult to injury.

  • Mate of mine said in her teams she thinks 70% are off due to Omicron...

    Our office is opening soon with just 30% capacity, have to see how it goes infection wise.
    They also changed the airco to fresh air, no recirculation.

    We don't have to come in btw.

  • I went into the office on Thursday for just the second time since December. Had a meeting with a colleague for half an hour, in a small room. He pinged me yesterday afternoon to say he'd just tested positive.

    Let's see how robust my immune system is (I had Covid two months ago).

  • "war on covid" and quest for zero covid continues here... The army arrived yesterday, along with 50,000 medics etc. The media boasted that more resources arrived in Shanghai than Russia sent to invade Ukraine.

    Lots of foreigners in Shanghai think that the city will get special treatment and have been talking about stuff like petitions to the government. My (pessimistic? realistic?) opinion is that we won't get special treatment. Other cities want us to have it just as bad as them and Beijing wants to suppress any ideas that the Shanghai local gov have. We will get back to zero covid even if means we're locked inside for months.

    Personally I'd appreciate it if the meme thread could be kept well stocked.

  • Children who test positive for covid are taken away from their parents and put in a room with other babies and children with covid. It's a terrifying situation for any of my friends with kids. A baby died yesterday on one of these "wards", the mother made a video and posted it on social media, I think it's been taken down now. Turns out we're not living with covid nor are we even living.

  • Well, here we go again. Just positived, having last had it just before first lockdown. Suppose it was inevitable.

  • That's awful :(

  • Covid zero lockdown craziness continues here. It's day 8 of the lockdown on this side of the river, so day 12 on the other side, but that's just the official lockdowns. Tons of rumours flying around and it's hard to tell what's true or not - the dog being beaten to death is definitely true, a few of the breakouts are true. According to the government, the medical worker committing suicide isn't true (though I saw the video) and the old people starving to death isn't true (though people are running out of food). There are two confirmed cases in my building so it's going to be sealed for 14 days. I spend a lot of time looking out the window.

  • This sounds awful. Hope a reasonable solution is found soon.

  • We both got hit with COVID last week. Luckily it didn't kick off my husband's asthma and we are ok again.

    Worse than a cold for both of us, the brain fog last longer and it came with fever and chills as well, which we normally don't get.

    Onwards and upwards to the next COVID build... ;)

  • Day 5. Very boring. Felt like a bad cold for 3 days, today feel absolutely fine. Am completely isolating from family as they have commitments and don't need it, but feel like a bit of a fraud having meals left outside my door while I watch crap on netflix.

  • Get well soon folks with Covid.
    I met up with some of the nurses who cared for me last year and it’s good to hear that things are milder and a lot less healthy people getting hospitalised, as the media have stated. It’s a strange thing how many jabbed friends and colleagues are having similar symptoms to the unjabbed I know, about 50/50 among my immediate colleagues.
    My son had Covid 3 weeks ago and had Dalta back in October when I got very ill, he tested positive for 5 days and shook it off. His taste and smell still haven’t recovered from Delta. But his immune system is pretty good. A 3x jabbed work mate tested positive for 14 days. Really bizarre.

    Thoughts with those in locked down countries.

  • Checking in here. Flew back from Sydney on Saturday last week, had jetlag which seemed to be getting worse as the week went on, tested to be on the safe side, which came back negative so I just assumed im getting old…

    Thursday felt better, Friday arrived with fever, aches and a cough - another test, this time positive.

    Saturday and Sunday and I’m just tired with no real symptoms beyond needing to rest every few hours. Hopefully that’s all there is and back to normal in few days.

  • Tested for it this morning. Symptoms came on yesterday. BOLLOCKS.

  • Just about recovered from my first bout of it, and it was genuinely the most unwell I've ever been despite being triple vaxxed. Was close to going to hospital a couple of times. I understand everyone's immune system reacts differently but this was certainly no minor flu for me.

  • I've been seeing some mad videos coming out of Shanghai. The latest being a load of cats in bags that bad been captured. Apparently rounding up strays but hard to tell the truth.

  • This your first go?

  • Yep, unless that thing that had me bed-ridden for a week in v. late 2019 was it.

    That was probably flu, though, I guess.

    Frustrating because I'd just started going out a lot more and doing interesting things with the kids and family. Le sigh.

  • You did well to avoid it this long with two kids. Hope you all feel better soon.

  • The cats in bags video isn't from Shanghai, I think it's from Wuhan. That's not to say pets aren't being killed here (not strays... pets...), the corgi last week was definitely in Shanghai. The situation here is quite crazy. If I think too much about it I spiral into bad places. I have it pretty good, I've only been locked in my house for 12 days and I still have some food.

  • I've only been locked in my house for 12 days and I still have some food.

    Puts spendy energy prices in to perspective.

    What's the end-game for this, you think? Do you know when things will go back to 'normal'?

  • Do you know when things will go back to 'normal'?

    When we get back to zero covid... :(

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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