Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • Yep. Plenty of spare teachers...

  • So no more restrictions in the UK.

    Am I the only one thinking carnage?

  • The antimaskers are being assholes and deserve flight bans.

    They know damn well about the mask requirements.
    They buy a ticket knowing about the mask requirements.
    They wear a mask get on the plane and take their mask off in flight.

    These are the same assholes who go into a store and take their mask off. It’s not about freedumb it’s about getting attention by being obnoxious.
    Darwin needs to hurry up.

  • Nb1 child's class is being winnowed by covid - almost a third of a class of 30 in the past couple of weeks.

    It feels like it's just a matter of time now.

  • Did a lateral flow test last night ahead of an evening class as I had what I thought was a cold. Am positive. Isolated at home over night.

    Other half does tests for everyone else this morning, both girls positive but she’s negative (for now).

    I was like you @TW - thought it was only a matter of time with two kids in (separate) school(s).

  • To add insult to injury, the dog threw up a sock and a face mask overnight and now has the squitters.

  • Another two in the class this morning.

    We all LFTd last night, and were negative.

    5 year old is symptomatic and feels rough this morning, so we're keeping them home - we're reluctant put them through another test just now, as they do not react well at all.

    No dog poo though.

  • funny

    hope you are okay

  • Should make battle for third at the tour interesting!

    Hope it’s only mild for you all

  • hope it goes easy on you dude. the blacktop and not so blacktop awaits

  • One of our dogs chews on synthetic furry blankets. Occasionally I find bits of dead Kermit littering the woods he has shat out.

  • Spent 3 hours in a car and had lunch inside with someone on Sunday who'd tested negative in the morning then went down with it that evening.

    Hoping that having had Delta and 3 jabs might mean I'm immune, but I'm probably screwed right?

  • It seems pretty random.

  • My whole family is now isolating from me, as the only one without covid/suspected covid (they’re all doing fine). Operation Save Big Dog in full flow.

  • 3 hour lunch in a civic?

  • Hah that wasn't worded well was it.

    I try to discourage eating in the car as it lives on the street and we don't have a rechargable hoover.

    Also it was seafood.

  • Has transpired that there was a miscommunication and our friend went down with it yesterday morning, not Sunday evening. So my chances of not getting it (again) seem a lot better now even if she almost certainly would have had it on Sunday.

  • the dog threw up a sock and a face mask overnight and now has the squitters.

    We've all been there

  • When I last looked I couldn’t find any further information on the “middle 50%”.
    Have you seen anything?

  • All restrictions lifted on Tuesday in Denmark.

  • Just had my first positive covid test. Seemed inevitable eventually, my job means I'm out and about in public all day and come in to contact with quite a lot of people. Awful timing though, I'm missing out on seeing my step sister who's visiting from Australia for the first time in years.

  • This covid lark is a bit shit eh? I'm incredibly grateful that I'm double jabbed and boosted, am in my early 30s and am generally fit and healthy with a good immune system. If this is a mild version, I really wouldn't fancy getting a less mild version.

  • Ditto, I’ve yet to get infected despite being open since the first lockdown in customer-facing roles.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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