Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • Dave down the pub and Karen on facebook don’t care about stuff like that.

  • I don't think they are dying pointlessly, they are proving a point.

  • Friend of mine, fit guy in his early 50s just had a serious stroke after catching Omicron a week or two back. He's anti vax, but I still feel sorry for him, just seems like the vast majority of evidence is the vaccines are pretty low risk and the disease is quite high risk in relation.

  • Was the stroke definitely a result of the virus?

    My wife has had raised blood pressure the past four weeks since getting the Pfizer booster, it doesn’t seem to be a common side effect, if anything the opposite seems more widely reported.

  • I guess it's impossible to tell, but it happened a day after he was discharged from hospital for covid treatment. Could be a convince.

  • The source is an op ed that I've just read too.. Estimates from US think-tanks! Kuper should stick to soccer..

  • What point?

  • that the virus/vaccines work.

  • Was the stroke definitely a result of the virus?

    Is there ever a cause for a stroke? Or do they just happen to very healthy people too, see Timothy Obmundson off the top of my head.

  • Sorry, you are right. Agree with you and I am being a bit salty today. Sorry.

    EDIT: We have lots of historical pier reviewed scientific proof that vaccines work. How can you go against that?

  • The USA is making quite a strong case for the efficacy of the vaccines and the severity of Omicron in the immune naive.

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  • I don’t have the data in front of me, but the percentage of the population fully vaccinated isn’t that far below the UK is it? I read a while back (quote from Clive Dix) that we may be doing better due to Astra Zeneca vaccine proving more effective long term. Is there any research that supports that?

  • Huge difference in booster rate, the U.K rate is more than double the U.S.

  • Cant really draw much conclusions right now on these typ of data imo.

  • I'm amazed I haven't bumped into all you public health experts in my office or on my teams calls.

  • you're too busy following the science rather than your nose

  • Have you met Dave and Karen?

  • This is such a weird attitude.

    The logic of it is ‘don’t post in the football thread unless you are a professional footballer; don’t post in the pro-cycling thread unless your are a pro cyclist; don’t on politics unless you are a politician.’

  • Posted before but this shows the differences in immunity between the U.S and UK.
    i am not a qualified healthcare professional, but i’m not posting spurious misinformation either.

    *this data is likely several weeks old and the rate of boosting in the U.K. and an earlier omicron peak will likely have made a difference in the comparison

    i’m not surprised of Chalfies attitude, if you spent you working hours looking at health data and were constantly challenged by the university of facebook graduates how would you feel?

  • To be fair, I'd say there's enough useless morons on here to give a professional's point of view on UK politics.

  • No it's not. It's really not.
    What it is, and I'm sure you don't need explaining to this degree but still I'll go with it for the arc of this post, is a slightly absurd exaggeration in the name of a lol while trying at the same time some pretty basic blunt putdown.

    What I would like to hear from anyone, and this is sincere btw, is an idea and some examples where they might have worked on how to solve the vaccine uptake gap. And how you're going to convince groups of people who are most at risk from the virus to take a vaccine and be convinced a government and societal structure care for them while their past lived experience shows it doesn't.

    I mean, I'm not doing that work, but it's possibly key.

  • Heres an idea...How about an honest and transparent government. One who doesn't use PR agencies to underhandedly sell their desired agenda via the media and the likes of tik tok.
    Remove the Psy-op fear tools and replace with constructive discussion around risk reduction and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Stop pretending the vaccines are a miracle cure and be realistic that they are not perfect but for some they are the best option.

  • "Remove the Psy-op fear tools”

    in my view it’s the ‘weirdo’s/do your own research/dave/karen’s/agenda media who resort to the ‘fear tools’
    As for the desired agenda I would imagine that’s to stop people dying to soon, to get people working thus paying tax and spending money and not something deeply sinister.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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