Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • Think that cooment needs alot of quantification....

    Then Jeremy Hunt claimed that the tories envisioned the NHS....

  • One hates to disagree....(tongue in cheek comment) GF school teacher was told that according to Govt guidelines no lft test before 90 days since a positive PCR, even with symptoms.

    Spent quite alot of time asking for that edict but could not get a reply, her union rep was on pregnancy leave and then understand where that believe came from. School would not issue PCR tests.

  • So how does one reduce 10 day isolation to 7 day providing you have 2 neg tests over 24hr period? No longer relevant for me now but…. Confused!

  • Are you sure about that?

    I was fairly sure before the 7 day LFT came in but couldn't find a primary generic source. I'm a bit less sure at the moment.­ns/coronavirus-covid-19-testing-in-adult­-care-homes/covid-19-testing-schedule-fo­r-a-suspected-or-confirmed-outbreak-in-a­-care-home#the-90-day-window-after-a-pos­itive-test

    If someone has tested positive with a PCR test, they should not be tested using either PCR or rapid lateral flow tests for 90 days, unless they develop new symptoms during this time – in which case they should be retested immediately using PCR.

    That is for a care home but there is similar wording for schools from DfE sources. Again it pre-dates the 7 day test to release thing.

  • Bumped into the parent of one the kids' friends yesterday.

    Their had covid over Christmas and isolated for the requisite period.

    The only way they knew was because of regular LFTs (being key workers), confirmed by PCR.

    Their symptoms peaked at runny noses and mild headaches.

    This feels worrying, if people are being infected and infecting unknowingly, with LFTs being so unavailable.

    Or comforting, if we are approaching a point where covid is approaching flu in terms of severity (or even lower).

    Still - I imagine you'd want to are it coming, both individually and at the population level, particularly if you have other factors making you more vulnerable.

  • I don't think there's any clear guidance on what to do if, for example, your 7th/10th day LFD test is still positive

    On 7th you keep isolating. On 10th you're free if symptomless (no fever, cough fine).­s-covid-19/self-isolation-and-treatment/­how-long-to-self-isolate/

  • wife has two days posi LFT but the PCR e did yesterday after the first LFT, has come back negative.

    LFTs from the same pack come back negative (and my pcr) for me, so doesn’t seem to be a bad batch.

    what do??

  • When that happened with my daughter we kept her off school and in the house for 10 days.


    More severe effects were exceedingly rare. Out of about 8.7 million vaccinations delivered during the study period, 100 such reports were received by VAERS. They included 29 reports of fever, 21 reports of vomiting, and 10 serious reports of seizure, although in some of these seizure cases, other underlying factors were potentially involved, the CDC team said.

    There were only 15 "preliminary reports" of the rare heart condition known as myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart that has also been noted, in rare cases, among teens and young people who've received the COVID vaccine.

    Two girls, aged 5 and 6, who'd received the Pfizer vaccine died during the study period. Hause and colleagues noted that both children "had complicated medical histories and were in fragile health before vaccination," and they added that "none of the data suggested a causal association between death and vaccination."

    Although pediatric deaths from COVID-19 remain rare, hundreds of American children have died from the illness since the pandemic began.

  • Too easy just to show one figure, don't ask me about any other though. But I'd like to see front line spending on NHS. Or see what is going out on interest for the PPP hospitals, the monies disappearing in to trusts, all the private clinics, social care provision etc... to quote a pure percentage increase is Government waffle.

  • The increase in spending expressed as a number does not tell the whole story.
    If funding increases by 1% but inflation is 3% there is a net reduction in spending.

  • I think it was adjusted for inflation, still bullshit though, spend moar!

  • Back in October I got the virus, as did my 3 teenage kids. Kids had various symptoms from backache to temperatures. They caught it at school and I was positive within 5 days or so of the first kid getting it. Cut a long story short I had severe pneumonia and spent 18 days in hospital. There were 2 of us males who were not vaccinated and the others were covered by the jabs. 3 men sadly died next to me over that time who had underlying conditions. The other guy who was not jabbed left 2 days before me.
    My system went into overdrive and my wife had the call to say things were serious. Much prayer went out from our church families and I’m thankful to say God answered and allowed me to recover and get home 4 days before my middle child’s birthday.
    My wife was triple jabbed as a healthcare worker and did not get it. However she has colleagues who have long Covid who were vaccinated.
    We, myself and 2 kids also got the first variant back in Early 2020, That was ok, just a pretty bad chest infection, son lost his taste and had glowing toes.
    So from my experience it was a wake up, not to take life for granted and sort out a load of stuff that I was putting off. It also reinforced how important and real my faith is. Oh and I lost 10 kg in that time, not in a good way so hoping to loos it again sensibly as I have put half that back on.
    I have been riding again for 3 weeks or so and my lungs seem to be getting stronger.
    Stay safe all. Blessings for 2022.

  • new technical briefing out today­/government/uploads/system/uploads/attac­hment_data/file/1044481/Technical-Briefi­ng-31-Dec-2021-Omicron_severity_update.p­df

    in short 3 doses of vaccine are 88% effective at keeping you out of hospital, 66-70% reduced risk of hospitalisation with omicron v delta.

    Get boosted, its far more effective than blind faith.

  • When I had a positive LFT two days before the end of term, we thought the responsible thing to do was keep the kids off school, regardless of official guidance. School thought otherwise and phoned us up, telling us to get them back to school or we’d be fined for unauthorised absence…

  • Not needed comment from me. Ignore

  • Eternal thanks to the countless doctors, nurses, researchers and other professionals whose lifetimes of scientifically replicable and medically beneficial work has been attributed to N deities over tens of thousands of years. And the complex societies and logistics chains that made their work possible.

    (Didn’t mean to reply to you directly)

  • I feel a bit more positive now about omicron, but long COVID is still a risk.

    Perhaps that risk is also much reduced? It's not yet known.

  • Hospital stay & 10 kg that's a lot to handle, good to hear you are on the mend.

  • you appear to have left out the part where you realised you should get the jab because it can save your life more effectively than ceiling cat.

  • When daughter #2 was positive LFT but negative PCR we sent daughter #1 to school. Similarly when daughter #1 was positive LFT and PCR about 5 weeks later we sent daughter #2 to school. Neither infected either my wife or I, or at least not enough for a positive LFT or PCR at various points. Virus transmission is strange.

  • Oh, definitely. We just thought that, given it was the last two days of term when very little learning occurs, on balance it was probably better to keep them away. Mid-term it would’ve been different.

  • I’m thankful to say God answered and allowed me to recover

    Because those godless heathens in the ITU obviously has nothing to do with it, nor did the years of medical science that went into the drugs and treatment protocols.

    Jesus fucking wept.

  • Thursday evening pray-a-thon with accompanying saucepan banging seems called for.

  • i have some out of date Kool-Aid i could bring, the doe-eyed and gullible lap that shit up.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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