Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • The best way to solve global inequality is to kill the poor and vulnerable, obvs

  • Im worried and not normally to worried by things like this. HK public in full masks up. its the 1st time I have masked up to travel on the MTR. HK Gov atm has little confidence from the public and they have done little to quell fears. Its all intensified because of what happened here on 2003 with sars. My classes have all been canceled for next week. Schools given extra holiday for luna new year untill Feb 15th. Talks of medical staff striking unless HK shuts the boarder with the mainland
    ( how true this is uncertain).

  • Stay safe, mate, mask up! ❤️

  • I smashed through that today, the anti-vaxxer lot made me sick to my core... Entitled, new age, middle class, white wankers, the lot of them... Lot of heroes in there otherwise, highly recommended...

  • Think @adroit might have just meant that we really could do with fewer humans on the planet full stop rather than anything to do with the groups that the virus is likely to target.

  • Entitled, new age, middle class, white wankers, the lot of them

    Welcome to lfgss

  • Yeah def👍 alot of westerners or gwailos as we are affectionatey know don't mask up. I never used to beacuse its totaly alien to do so. But this is quiet scary I mean wuhan is big city and its been locked down imagine if London was on lockdown the western meadia would have a fit. Wuhan flu ain't nuttin to fuck wit

  • Wuhan flu ain't nuttin to fuck wit


  • Ha... I've taken to masking up when I fly back to Europe now, because why wouldn't you?!? I just need to find a supply of black masks in Brisbane... 😎

  • Eye masks. Guy on the news yesterday saying the Doctors infected where he was were infected through the eyes....

  • Aren’t eye masks usually called goggles

    Unless you mean people should be walking around with those sleeping masks or cosmetic gunk on their faces.

  • Full face mask is the way to go. Ideally with filtered air.

    Amazon are out of stock for some reason.

  • Yeah eye goggles dems the ones

  • I was never sure how masks were supposed to help protect the wearer in Hong Kong. None of these germs are airborne.

  • The virus is transmitted by respiratory droplets, and is classed as airborne. Airborne transmission can be by droplets - which do not travel far, and ultimately settle on a surface from which they can also transmit by contact, or can be aerosol, which are indefinitely suspended (smaller particle size). So this virus as a droplet transmission, would still be classed as airborne, and masks/goggles etc would in theory be an appropriate precaution in public places and crowds

  • A full face mask would stop you from touching your face which is the usual way how stuff gets from surfaces to your eyes etc.

  • How will it effect house prices and Megan markel taking r Prinz

  • Bonus is face recognition avoidance

  • From what I can tell over here in Singapore is that people are still pretty scarred from SARS.

    I don’t believe china’s SARS stats for a minute but if the current situation is as underreported (which I doubt) than you’d fear the worst. Although not as aggressive this virus seems to be spreading faster.

    Not covering up yet, surgical or haze mask won’t make much of a difference. Washing hands, being away from confined areas with large crowds might be a better idea.

    I’m cycling to work for the next few weeks. Maybe longer.

  • Want throwaway or fabric?

  • As I understand it surgical masks are not good at preventing inhaling airborne virus but are good at restricting the amount of infected air that you breathe out. They do however reduce the chances of infected people spreading the disease. Doctors and nurses wear masks to protect the patients from the doctors and nurses.
    In Brisbane going to the Invasion Day events is a good idea, wearing a mask won't make a difference.

  • On ebay the price of the disposable masks I bought for our trip to HK has gone up by 10% in a week.

  • Not surprised schools and universities are shutting, there’s a lot of gigs and other events being cancelled this week. Even Ocean Park is shut until further notice.

  • Eh? Not airborn Im sure I'm technically not right on how stuff is spread but I'd rather have a cover on my face in a confined space if someone coughs in my face sneezes in my face. I understand washing my hands and not rubbing my eyes picking my nose and sticking my fingers in my mouth also helps. Shit like you have just said does not help. Also its majorly about containment if Im ill and cough sneeze I wear a mask it contains it. Edit.
    sorry to sound angry but the throw away remark doesn't help, I'm on edge about stuff and people here a scared about what is happening, a city roughly 200 miles away has been put on lock down now that may seam along way but here it's not. Apologies if I was salty but I'm worried.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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