Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • Snap!

    Delingpole really is a card.

  • Dr who exposes all the covid truths

    Wow - conspiracy runs deep.

  • Thanks for those suggestions. This is going to be fun.

  • Will get a code and pick some up at a local pharmacy.

    All of our locals are out, with none due in.

  • Best get Tor browser revved up so the lizards can't see

  • Dr who exposes all the covid truths

    Didn't think they'd revealed the 14th Doctor yet

  • Where is it being peddled?

    I've yet to pursue that one other than beyond the mainstream media.

    [heads to conspiracy theory thread for research]

  • The media are in on it. Wake up sheeple

  • I assume they're asking Royal Mail very nicely for a solid.

    They probably need an extra label printer and someone to stick them on boxes too. I can't picture 220k test boxes in my head but it probably takes up a bit of space including all the Royal Mail Yorks (which they sort into, I'm apparently Home Counties North). If course if they had a distribution centre that had been 90% idle they would be accused of being inefficient.

  • People without any LFTs at home: Do you also not have a couple of packs of pasta and some tins of baked beans in the cupboard?

    It's daily LFTs in our household, at the request of the DfE via school, and we have more than 2 weeks supply in the cupboard.

  • Most people without kids have only been doing them occasionally until now. For them, a single pack is more than 2 weeks supply.

    I've had to do twice weekly for work and have been doing more like thrice, but only recently increased to daily. I was also collecting packs from work to bring home but we've all just gone WFH.

  • Indeed. More social events means myself and Mrs GB are doing them more often (up to 3 times a week). Daughter also upped from 2 or 3 per week, and she doesn't seem to bring home enough from school.

    Also now that people are testing every day during isolation it means loads more are required.

    And as soon as it hit the news that there are supply/delivery problems people start to panic hoard them like toilet rolls and pasta.

    The Government won't sort out the delivery problems as none of their mates are suitably set up with distribution companies and it's not quite the same as promising to deliver PPE in a few months giving enough lead time to subcontract it out for a substantial profit.

  • Handing out packs of LFT next to the Hackney Tap if anyone local is stuck for some.

  • Colleague’s kid has covid. Of course she decided to come in all day since she did an (one) LFT and it was negative. Had meetings with external contacts and the wider team in poorly ventilated joint work area. So 11 or so people potentially exposed because she decided today wasn’t the day to work from home like usual, instead let’s meet everyone.

  • 2 of my team from work tested positive on Monday. We were in the office together on Thursday.
    So far testing negative on LFT myself but ordered a PCR to be sure. Staying indoors just in case.
    I'll be fuming if I have managed to avoid it this long and then I get it through being forced back into the office

  • Sister-in-law has just tested positive so our family Christmas plans are cancelled. It's really frustrating for her as she's just returned from maternity leave after having her first kid and was made to go back into the office.

  • Lateral flows available to order online again. I guess they've either upped the delivery capacity or they're rationing the slots out in chunks over the day rather than one big lump at the beginning of the day.

  • Thats real shit. I am sure that is not really allowed.

  • Bozza at 5

  • Record number of positive cases reported, most of my office have it after going to the works Christmas do, which was in a venue with 18 other company's. Made the decision not to go as I have a wedding to go this weekend, thirds time of trying. Also I hate Christmas parties

  • Christmas is going to be another super spreading event I suppose :(
    In for a fun January.

  • this "press conference" is a PR/damage limitation exercise for johnson. waste of time.

    stay home folks.

  • What's he blathering on about, the specious twat.

  • yup, 'things are bad, be safe, its your fault!'

  • My kids will be delighted to receive their second vaccination appointments in their stockings on Christmas morning. I assume that although I might be able to book them a slot an actual jab will be a while away.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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