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  • I know the age drops were live on the website before officially announced but as you say that wasn't a government policy change but an operational how many free slots are available thing.

  • So, we've both been able to book boosters, but not until 6 mths after second dose. As I'm working with the homeless over the Xmas period, would rather have had it before then, as many if them have severely compromised immune systems.

    Are there still any walk-in centres around Ldn?

  • Walk-in centres are searchable at­s-covid-19/coronavirus-vaccination/find-­a-walk-in-coronavirus-covid-19-vaccinati­on-site/

    The rules currently say 6 months wait so maybe wait a day or two and see if they change.

  • At Montgomery Hall by Oval I'm pretty sure they had a drop-in registration section when I went to get child jabbed. Was very busy (saturday morning) but might be worth calling to check.

  • @jellybaby @villa-ru - thanks for that, will see if I can get one over the next couple of weeks.

  • Good luck as I couldn't get one for 4 days pre six months.

    Isn't the gap now 5 months?

    EDIT: You can book your vaccine online from 5 months but not before 6 months.

  • Read the news (e.g.­268).

    They're just moving it to 3 months between 2nd and 3rd doses.

  • Remember reading 5 months somewhere and checked with the NHS website, hence the edit.

    When is that going through as there is just the mention? Wow there will be a forth too! Lets see what the full story is.

  • Kind of hoping this means I can bring forward my booster jab from January (when it will be 6 months) to now, as my wife is currently immune-compromised and I have to work in a big public space...

  • Got my 6 month booster invite the day after I get covid.

  • I also currently have covid and was eager to get the booster (am 39).

    Do you know any guidance on when to have the booster if you’ve not long had covid?

    I’ve read in various places that the post infection anti-bodies are good for about 9 months, so I guess I’m in no rush to get the booster, unless it doesn’t work like that.

    How are you doing? I feel mostly fine, would just rather be asleep all day. Loss of sense of smell and taste since Saturday is the biggest bummer. I don’t want to read much about how long that might take to return and will just hope it does by Christmas.

  • "Government has confirmed that face coverings will become compulsory again on public transport and in shops across the country in order to help prevent the spread of the new COVID-19 Omicron variant in the UK"

    from TFL email

  • Need to wait at least 28 days from positive test or onset of symptoms before you have any vaccine (1st, 2nd or booster).

    Other than that I wouldn't personally wait any longer than necessary. Who knows what the future will hold, but I'm guessing it's going to look something like annual or bi-annual boosters for a good few years.

    I’m in no rush to get the booster, unless it doesn’t work like that.

    It's not a binary thing. Recent infection antibodies might be good, but recent infection antibodies plus antibodies from booster will be better.

  • Which rock have you been living under the for the last couple of days? (Booze probably.)

    That all came into force at 4am this morning, along with further restrictions on quarantining when returning to the UK (you now need to get a PCR test and quarantine until it comes back negative).

  • NHS vaccine booking website (­s-covid-19/coronavirus-vaccination/book-­coronavirus-vaccination/) also now saying they haven't yet implemented the latest changes to the jabs schedule, but they're working on it.

    Please note that this is not yet available.

    We'll update this page once the service is updated. Please wait to be contacted by the NHS.

    Need to get my daughter booked in, she'll be 12 in under a month.

  • I wasn't up at 4am. I don't really leave my flat much now. I don't read/watch news or read this thread, for that matter. I posted it after I got the TFL email, so blame TFL's slow press department/mail sender.

    "further restrictions on quarantining when returning to the UK"

    Not this nonsense again? Fucksake.

  • Do you know any guidance on when to have the booster if you’ve not long had covid?

    I don't unfortunately. Trying to get through the covid first (I have it, my wife has it, the kids are off school and I'm understaffed at work, trying to interview new people!), then look into it. I suppose this is a booster, in a form :)

    I expect there'll be a period to let the body adjust before getting the booster? Will need to read up properly next week once this one passes.

    I've found the nights pretty bad, where I can feel the fever moving through me and my body fighting it, so I'm pouring sweat out. Today the cough is starting to become more pronounced and deeper, but just having to really deal with it as theres too much other stuff going on the really stop and be ill, if that makes sense.

    I'll be out there getting my booster ASAP, frankly!

  • Do you know any guidance on when to have the booster if you’ve not long had covid?

    "If you've had a positive COVID-19 test
    If you're eligible for a booster dose and you've had a positive COVID-19 test, you need to wait 4 weeks (28 days) before getting a booster dose.

    This starts from the date you had symptoms, or the date of the positive test if you did not have any symptoms."­s-covid-19/coronavirus-vaccination/book-­coronavirus-vaccination/

  • Cheers, I just want to strategically time it for maximum efficiency and duration, so looks like first week of Jan is a good bet.

  • Potentially really stupid question, but I'll ask it anyway - if you've got (or recently had) Covid, should you put back the booster for a couple of months as you'll have peak antibodies anyway once you recover, so the booster would be better when they've worn off a bit?

    I'm not in that position, that just seems logical and there's probably some obvious reason I'm missing as to why it's idiocy.

  • Given the NHS say wait 4 weeks I'd do that and not longer.

  • If I were to book another PCR in a couple of days, when feeling better, then it came up as positive again, would that reset the clock on the self isolation period and start the 10 days again? Or is it just better to sit it out and not see if Negative early?


    You should not use this service if you’ve received a positive PCR test result in the last 90 days, unless you develop any new symptoms.

    I guess you'd be expected to isolate for another 10 days from the date of a positive test.

  • Fair enough. Did just speak to test and trace who explained that, by chance :)

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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