Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • frank

    i thought your name was Steve?


  • Hi Joel Golby!

  • Yes I take the point that assuming that someones right just because I agree with them is a slippery slope ! I seem to be having regular depressing conversations these days with various relatives/inlaws about the reliability of news outlets and I'm grown increasingly protective of both the BBC & The Guardian as a result.

    'It's a difficult conversation to have frankly on a public forum because I still have a mortgage to pay, I could be a lot more open over a beer!' - If they ever let me out I'll take you up on that one

  • I'm ashamed to say that I had to look him up to see your point.
    Having done so I'm none the wiser.
    Perhaps there is no point.
    Perhaps that's the point.
    Continue in the same vein.

  • +1 to wut Fox said. Having worked more than a decade in journalism (mostly news agency side), it was scary to witness how badly papers mangle up agency content.

  • Is it to fit tha particular news outlet bias?

  • Chatting to friends living in Germany and they mentioned that the J&J one shot covid vaccine is not accepted as people being vaccinated, have searched but not seen anything come up but then I'm not in the UK atm so is it just their mis understanding of the German news?

  • the J&J one shot covid vaccine is not accepted as people being vaccinated

    It is if travelling to the UK from Germany.­th-approved-covid-19-vaccination-program­mes-and-proof-of-vaccination

  • So what's the vaccination rate at in the UK now? I'm planning to be in Europe in June but I might have to skip the UK entirely if you've still got a raging pandemic on your hands...

  • Covid tore through our household in recent weeks.
    5 year old got it at school (almost certainly) and tested positive 18/10/21 - complained of a headache and 'funny nose' symptoms came and went within 48 hours and was a bit washed out for a few days afterwards although had to endure isolation for a further 5 days after.
    Pregnant wife got it (from him as was mainly isolating with him whilst I worked) 6 days later - head cold symptoms came on almost instantly and she was pretty knocked off her feet for 5-6 days after with severe head cold congestion symptoms. Washed out and tired but today's 'freedom day' and she's without symptoms so she's been out for a short coastal walk and is now shattered.
    I tested positive 5 days after her (after mild symptoms but negative tests for a couple days before that) and basically broadly similar to her symptoms (although less eye pressure but a hacking cough and more fever - 2 nights I was up shivering/sweating at 2am). My day 2-3 after pos test were pretty uncomfortable but very quickly turned a corner and now (5 days after positive test) the feeling of being ill to my core has long gone.....light roughness, general aching and a bit of a phlegm cough are all that remains although i'm isolating until Monday!
    Bizarrely, my 3 year old who would seemingly be the most prone to catching it as he's always climbing on and kissing us etc plus shares a bed with his brother hasn't got it - weird huh?

    Edit: Wife and I both fully vaccinated as of 8 weeks ago (we weren't keen to get vaccinated but mild pressure - and weakness on our part - especially with her being pregnant, and more a more cases locally (actual people we knew or friends of friends meant we decided to get jabbed as we felt, with kids at school, our chances of catching were much higher than we'd previously estimated.)

  • I would avoid.

    I got covid and now have given to my dad who is visiting. After having not getting it in India with significantly low vaccination rates.

    Its the 'freedom day' nonsense.

  • I got pinged on the app on Monday which was a bit of a surprise as I'd pretty much forgotten I had it. Said contact was on Saturday which wasn't that surprising as I spent the day at football/pubs/curry. Worked from home and got a PCR test which came up negative.

    My brother had the same but for some reason he didn't get the notification until 24 hours after me.

  • We weren't keen to get vaccinated but mild pressure - and weakness on our part.

    What give you the impression that getting vaccinated is a bad thing?

  • Not a bad thing per se. Just something we felt wasn't right for us, personally, at a specific given point in time. It just so happened we, independently, felt the same way - it wasn't a joint decision.

    initially we we considered that we had low cases in our locality, were not high risk in terms of health and age and we didn't mix socially with others and largely tried to keep distance from others in a way that many of my friends and family didn't (their choice). I was/am also a little worried about potential future unknown side-effects from such a new vaccine given that 'real world time' is near on impossible to simulate and synthesise. I also have a slight scepticism around the amount I felt i was being pressured and forced to take the vaccine in a way that didn't seem very objective and balanced, especially with some of the semantics and language choices.

    When my wife got pregnant and cases increased in our locality the needle swung slightly to us reconsidering all the factors and deciding our risk had increased thus chose to have the vaccine.

  • My mate got COVID at the weekend from a China Crisis gig.

  • Vaccination rates are high in Spain, I'm happy to go straight there... London and my other little UK jaunts may have to wait for another year, that could be four years since my last visit, crazy...

  • So what's the vaccination rate at in the UK now?

    87% (of over 12s) first dose, 80% second dose, 15% booster. That is only part of the picture though as time since second dose might be quite important.


    Planning for then is impossible, loads of things could change hugely in that timescale.

  • By next June, I expect the pandemic to be 'over' in the sense that people will still get regular booster shots and hospitalisations and death rates will be way down, although there will still be the problem of 'long COVID-19', which by then will affect millions, and a couple of hundreds of thousands permanently. The vaccines will have to keep being updated and it'll be a continuing problem, but one that's been patched up and that will largely continue to affect vulnerable people, e.g. those who for medical reasons can't get vaccinated.


    Planning for then is impossible, loads of things could change hugely in that timescale.

    Let's hope there won't be new vaccine-resistant strains that upset the apple cart.

  • In that case there must have been some confusion.

  • Generally this kind of confusion can be avoided (or resolved) by just googling for the information.

  • Let's hope there won't be new vaccine-resistant strains that upset the apple cart.

    James Lovelock reckons Covid-19 might just be the opening salvo in Gaia's fightback against the humans.

  • so the app tells me to isolate till 9th but I got a call from test and trace telling me that I can stop isolating .. what gives?

  • Weird, is it possible you clicked through and put in 'any old date' when first booking PCR for example just to get it booked? My understanding is that the isolation period is the same for everyone and is 10 days from the day following the first day of symptoms or, if asymptomatic, 10 days from the day following the PCR test.

    In saying that, Mini's isolation end date (filled in first day of symptoms on NHS site) was x date, the 10 days following symptom day 1 and because our local public health authority system is different and doesn't allow symptoms to be more than 3 days prior to test the lady from the public health authority (they have to call to get info as children can't access and use the online NHS portal thing) said whilst it should be x date, "legally it's 3 days after" due to the restrictions of her data entry parameters!!!! you couldn't make it up.

  • nope, i did lateral flow at home towards maybe the tail end of the ill phase as I lost sense of smell and taste then, it was positive, then putting that code in the App it told me to book PCR, I booked and did it the same day, next day that came in positive.

    When I was positive with lateral flow app told me to isolate for 10 days from the time of the test.

    But when PCR came in positive I had to fill quite a long test and trace form where I had to tell when symptoms began etc so MAYBE they calculated from the symptoms began date?

    I called 119 to confirm and they told me to ignore the app.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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