Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • Why are the vaccination rates so low in. our London postcode?

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  • one reference number for two people!

    I've just emailed them

    Well to be fair I got a very fast response from medicspot who said one code for two people is fine.

    Obviously a little sceptical of this given the experience of @frankenbike

    Has anyone successfully completed two passenger locator forms with one reference number recently? It does state very clearly on that each passenger should get a unique reference number.

  • Has anyone successfully completed two passenger locator forms with one reference number recently? It does state very clearly on that each passenger should get a unique reference number.

    Not possible (as I found out because of an error I made when filling out my parents' . . was randox)

  • Anybody else finding our excess death rate to be sad reading compared to our European neighbours? I was hoping our high cases per million was mostly down to our high levels of testing but the number of people dying contradicts that.

    Even if cases and deaths stay as they are now for the Winter thats an extra 15k or so dead. Feels like we are wasting our vaccine advantage.

  • Has anyone successfully completed two passenger locator forms with one reference number recently?

    A couple of colleagues coming back from italy this week used the same code as hadn't realised the 2 day test was still needed. They haven't been arrested yet.

  • When you say "Because the website is shit..."

    The Chronomics website. There was two checkboxes when I took the test with the following options:

    • CHRON123: frankenbike's partner
    • CHRON123: frankenbike

    The locator numbers were the same and the website did not allow my partner to click on her own name - we both had to click me.

    On the passenger locator form we just both put in the same number.

    Anyway ultimately it all worked out and each test got assigned to the correct person despite the above. I've not heard anything from test and trace or whoever so presumably it's all fine.

  • "Why are we "doing worse" than lots of countries that still have restrictions in place, hugely blighting their populations' everyday lives? Now let me see what possible explanation there could be for that...?"

    • Andrew Lilico on Twitter.
  • Hmm, thanks all. Sounds like it will work but the Gov. guidelines are clear so I have emailed them pointing this out and asked them for a second reference no.

    Said Government guidelines FWIW:

    1. Reference number format

    At the time the test package is booked, the test provider must provide a single test reference number to the person booking the test. If the provider sells multiple test packages to one person, each test package will require its own booking reference.­ay-2-and-day-8-for-international-arrival­s

  • It's meant to be vaccine hesitancy among particular ethnic groups, isn't it.

    Oddly though the Covid rates are very very low where I live, slightly north of you in zone 2 SE London. Something like 70 per 100,000. Where my parents live outside of London is more like 400.

  • Tim Spector's comments in the Zoe press release published yesterday pretty much sum up my feelings.

    I've found him/Zoe to be a welcome source of sensible info compared with government messaging which pretty much argues black is white.

    1 in 69 people in the UK currently have symptomatic COVID but most people are acting like the pandemic is over.

    “The UK seems to be slowly waking up to the fact that COVID cases are too high, but the reality is they’ve been soaring for months and many countries have put us on their red list. Infections remain high in young people, and look to be spilling over into the 35-55 year olds. If these increases creep into the over 55s it could spell disaster for the NHS this winter.

    This week a major UK Care Home provider has confirmed that based on our research, it’s now including cold-like symptoms on their visitor forms to stop potential COVID cases from entering their facilities. This is a bold move as it goes against the official government guidance, but will ultimately save lives, and hopefully others will follow suit.

    With cases so high, it’s clear that herd immunity isn't happening, and the risk is most people continue to believe they are safe if they have had COVID or a vaccine. ZOE data shows that vaccine protection wanes over time and a natural infection alone only gives 64% protection, so we need to be doing all we can to get everyone double vaccinated and stop waiting for herd immunity to happen through natural infection.”­e-reaches-new-peak

  • Good article here, you can read it by just providing an email address:­10/16/how-the-world-learns-to-live-with-­covid-19

    I do wonder if I should be telling my mid-70s, CEV parents to quieten life down again until they get their booster jabs and till new medications are available, e.g. Merck. They are back doing all the things they can do. But I don't hold any influence over them, and sitting in the house doing nothing is intolerable and a form of living death for them, too.

  • hugely blighting their populations' everyday lives?

    I guess thats the rub though isn't it. If you go to Europe and talk to people, observe what is happening, the general attitude is that the restrictions aren't blighting lives but saving lives.

    We're not talking lockdowns, we're talking about wearing masks in supermarkets (some insist on FFP2) and having to be vaccinated or neg tested to go to indoor events (most accept LFD). Its hardly servitude.

    Its all about messaging. By keeping these basic requirements in place they've stopped their populations from behaving like the pandemic is over.

    The other thing I notice about Europe is that most countries seem to have a robust and clearly communicated plan for what restrictions will be in place this winter, depending on various values such as infection rates. In Austria, for example, there are three tiers. And at each tier different rules apply. At the lowest level(where they are now) its basically just face coverings in indoor public places. At mid level its masks its ffp2 masks in indoor public places and vaccination or LFD tests to go to restaurants. Next step is FFP2 masks and vaccines/PCR test only to get into places. Top level is where they start to talk about restrictions and closures.

  • Another frustrating thing is that there isnt even really an economic argument for the UK approach. Our economy has suffered amongst the worst and recovered amongst the least (compared to pre-pandemic levels).

  • Do you want the throwaway answer or the longer one?

  • Another little snippet and semi rant.

    We're learning today that one PCR testing site has been issuing a lot of false negatives. ~43,000 people is the estimate. This explains the pos LFD and negative PCR anecdata that has been in the press in recent weeks. A shit situation but shit happens and it was identified quickly. Given the number of tests taken nationally, I'm amazed that this hasn't happened more often.

    However, buried in this news is that the 43,00 tests with false negatives cost the government between £5m and £6m in just materials (not including buildings, salaries etc etc). This works out between £116 per test and £150 per test. I think its safe to assume that the true figure, once all costs are included, will be in the middle...£133 per test.

    If the UK gov is paying £113 per PCR test, how am I able to get a private test for £59?

    Are other countries in Europe paying testing companies £133 per PCR test? I'm not so sure.

  • "One of these lines is not like the others"

  • I'm surprised cases in the Netherlands, where restrictions are pretty much lifted, are lower than the UK.

    21/100k NL 381/100K (!) UK may do more testing but that's a huge difference...

    Ireland is also higher than many mainland EU countries but restrictions still apply and the Pfizer vaxx is given to 12+

    NI isn't great either not sure if antivaxx ejits or something else.

    I guess we aren't leaving the house much this winter... a luxury we can afford though. It's not over, UK double vax rates are barely increasing... :(

  • My life is sooo blighted by said restrictions.

  • This explains the pos LFD and negative PCR anecdata that has been in the press in recent weeks.

    Yep. I had my first negative lateral flow test yesterday, tested positive for about two and a half weeks.

    As my symptoms faded, so did the lines on the LFTs. I've been feeling loads better the last few days.

    Given this and the math behind the issue I think it's fair now to assume I've had Covid.

  • Update on Medicspot - I asked them why they aren't following the government's minimum testing standards by giving each testing package it's own reference - their reply was:


    Kits placed under one order will use the same reference number.


    Despite the fact that according to the page I linked:

    By law, all tests privately provided on day 2 and day 8 for international arrivals must meet minimum standards as outlined in the guidance below.

    Edit: My concern is now being escalated with their product team apparently!

  • 1 in 69 people in the UK currently have symptomatic COVID

    Aaaaand according to the news, as of today it's up to 1 in 60.

    I was planning on going to Bespoked this weekend, but am not sure spending hours in an enclosed space with hundreds or thousands of other people is looking like the best of ideas, masked and double-jabbed or not...

  • This is the second site to be announced isn't it, Newbury was announced shortly before Wolverhampton as having an issue with their lab­ic-urged-to-get-retested-after-false-neg­ative-results-at-newbury-showground-in-b­erkshire-12434107

  • Yep it's not just one site. BBC saying South West and to a lesser degree the South East and Wales.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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