Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • Both my daughters had Covid and flu jabs today. Uptake doesn't seem especially high, only 3 people in the class my eldest was in when it was jab time had them.

  • We've been advised to leave two weeks between flu and covid jabs here...

  • Feeling good so far, even got them both in the same arm for maximal 5G signal strength

  • Feel a bit groggy after my 3rd. No temp, sore arm, sore head.

  • Youngest has another school buddy with a positive PCR and as of 15 minutes ago has a positive LFT. The rest of the household are negative for now.


  • How was your 3rd jab scheduled (if you don't mind me asking)? Looking at the guidance I'm probably eligible, but then I have to chase my flu jab every year too, so I'm not sure how joined-up all this stuff is.

  • I've got my third jab scheduled Tuesday (flu jab same time), sorted through the hospital where I work. Had a letter from the NHS as well to book a booster as I'm over 60.

    Website given was

    Needed my NHS number, never used it as work beat them to it.

  • So third jabbers did you get the same as before or different vaccine?

  • The answer is in the link in the post above.­s-covid-19/coronavirus-vaccination/coron­avirus-booster-vaccine/


    Which COVID-19 vaccine will I get?

    Most people will be offered a booster dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine or Moderna vaccine.

    This means your booster dose may be different from the vaccines you had for your 1st and 2nd doses.

    Some people may be offered a booster dose of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine if they cannot have the Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna vaccine.

  • Thank you, saw the link and was wondering what people have had.

    Am not in the UK anymore so was thinking of getting my third Jab in France.

  • I'm sure mine next Tuesday is Pfizer but that was in brackets and it had a trade name beginning with c I think. Will have to Google.

  • For me the didn't work (kept telling me I wasn't eligible) but since I had previously received an SMS from NHS telling me that I am, I worked it out with the hospital. 1x Pfizer on top of 2x AZ.

  • My GP got in touch with me. In august/september I got an email, and then some weeks later a letter dated june/july, saying "congratulations! we're doing really well with covid, so we're relaxing stuff. YOU HOWEVER ARE ON THE SHIELDING LIST. TOUGH SHIT. YOU MIGHT NEED TO THINK ABOUT WHETHER IT'S SAFE FOR YOU TO MINGLE. You'll be contacted about a booster"
    (or words to that effect)
    Then I got notified by my gp. I've missed my flu though...

  • ONS are now asking whether 5-15 year olds included in the Covid-19 study (currently getting PCR tests monthly) also want to do a finger prick antibody test monthly.

    (My 11yo daughter had asymptomatic Covid a few months back. Wonder if she'll be willing to have her finger stabbed in order to participate in this bit - I'm happy but she gets the last word on the matter.)

  • At least I now feel like the tax payer is getting their money's worth as I try to milk my finger(s) for 5ml of blood once a month. There is no way either of my kids (6 and 9) would do it even if they understood what £25 would buy in the real world!

  • They won't get extra for the finger stabbing. She already gets the £25 because she does the PCR test.

    Haven't asked her about it yet, she was home from school, eating, and then out again for ballet.

  • Several of my daughters classmates are off with Covid (positive PCR). My daughter has mild symptoms but also had a flu and Covid jab on Thursday. On Sunday, Monday and today she has had a positive LFT. On Sunday she had a PCR which came back as 'unable to be read'. On Monday she had another PCR which has come back negative which seems really unlikely. 3rd PCR? Send her back to school?

  • Someone asked Tim Spector the other day about child with multiple positive LFT and negative PCR and he suggested that you were more likely to be positive and the LFT's correct given the background infection rates in schools but it all seems very non-intuitive for the lay person

  • A friend had a stomach bug last monday tuesday, off work but wanted to go back wednesday, their boss told them to get a pcr which they did on wednesday.

    on thursday their boss told them i they had a negative LFT to come in (hadnt got their pcr back)

    they had negative lft weds, thu, fri, sat, mon but yesterday evening got their PCR from wednesday back positive (5 days later??)

    I had dinner with them in Sunday, so am now quarantined in our basement bedroom, they got another pcr done yesterday so will see.. hope it doesn’t take 5 days..

  • Negative LFT but positive PCR is expected some of the time as the PCR is a lot more sensitive. Terrible it took 5 days to come back.

  • Given the first PCR was 'unable to be read' I'd consider that void so yes probably another PCR makes sense.

  • Although it took nearly a week of being sick to get my first positive after that I was basically a positive LFT machine - finally gave a negative one yesterday. But PCRs 11 and 12 days after came back negative after the NHS lost my day 8 PCR test.

    Non-intuitive is the word (or perhaps unintuitive).

    Still have a slightly sore throat, more sneezy than normal and feel completely knackered - day to day activities are exhausting me at the moment.

  • I had dinner with them in Sunday, so am now quarantined in our basement bedroom

    Are you double vaccinated? You don't have to self-isolate if so.

    Also are you getting your own PCR test? If that's negative you don't have to either (and a good idea anyway).

  • yeah i dont have to, just for safety, not doing much this week anyway, getting a PCR today..

    is it normal that they take 5 days for results to come back at the moment?

  • I do think that's sensible, you may be allowed to not self-isolate if you've had close contact and are vaccinated but I'm not saying that's a good idea!

    is it normal that they take 5 days for results to come back at the moment?

    Not in my experience, the two recent PCRs which came back for me I got results the next day.

    It was after 4 days of not getting a result for the first one we started thinking something had gone wrong then when we got re-tested realised the guy never scanned the bar codes on our phones at the end to match them against the test kits..!

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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