Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • living the dream!

  • it's to a grim parking lot in catford to stick a swab up my schnoz.


  • At least you get to go out more often than 99% of the forum.

  • All the LFTs I've taken have had dire warnings that even a faint positive line should be treated as a positive; PCR time?

  • They allocatethe tests when you hand them in and they scan the barcode

  • Thanks, confirming what I feared really. Will be patient and wait for the PCR result!

  • Already had one 👍🏻

  • Ah ok, thanks. But then how would they know who is who without photos?

    I think a different guy scanned our qr codes on arrival but not sure about that now.

  • When i have done it they have been quite deliberate about scanning the right packet when handing it over. To be honest i`m not sure how it all lines up but as far as i can tell the only risk of mixing up is if oyu mix them up yourselves as far as i can see and hand them back together without saying who is whos.

  • it's to a grim parking lot in catford

    now you can see what gentrification looks like and get a decent cup of coffee!

  • That parking lots where traveller usually camp at; I feel you.

  • Ours were just chucked in a box and we were told to help ourselves.

    We were the only people in the place so maybe they just noted who was who.

    If one comes back positive we'll know who it is, but I can see that being a right bother admin wise.

  • Still no PCR test result but did another lateral flow this morning and it's positive so a negative result is looking very unlikely :/

    Do feel crap and this is day 9 but not as bad as a lot of folk on here have reported being with delta after two jabs.

  • Jeez, I hope you'll recover swiftly.

  • Thanks Ed. So far it pretty much feels like flu but with no symptoms other than being a bit snotty (apart from for the first few days) so I'm pretty hopeful.

    I came out of hospital after a fairly major spine op five weeks ago today so I was being very very careful - seeing people outside when I did, wearing an FFP2 mask when I had to get transport (still can't ride yet), washing hands lots etc. So presuming the PCR comes back positive it just shows how transmissible it is.

  • Sorry to hear about your op. Hope recovery is going well.

  • Don't be, best thing that happened to me for ages - over a year of unbearable sciatic pain went away pretty much overnight!

    The surgeon found a hole in the lining around my spinal cord though which had been made by one of the discs entering the spinal canal and puncturing a hole in the lining. So that had to be patched up (with 'paper and glue' in his words, lol) then I had five nights of flat bed rest which was about as much fun as it sounds.

    He also had to take that disc out, untangle the nerve from around it then put it back in again 😬

    I'm very lucky I had such a skilled surgeon. Recovery was going great until I got covid! I was told at the post-op I was on track to recover as if the hole and bed rest stuff had never happened. I'd been walking an average of five miles a day since the operation and had built up to doing half an hour of pilates physio exercises for core strength too.

    I'd been doing this for a month so was actually fitter than I'd been for ages (given I basically had to stop exercising) and I've lost 2kg since the op.

    I reckon this is all helping now with the covid - the thing I'm most bothered about right now is that I can't leave the house for a walk for another eight days...

  • Main covid symptoms in the double vaxxed are basically cold symptoms so I bet loads of people have read that and decided they've just got a cold...

  • Still no PCR test results from 10am Friday :/

  • Sounds like epic surgery. Awesome that it seems to have done the trick.

  • Time will tell but it seems to have done. Really looking forward to finally getting back on a bike!

    Got bored of waiting for our PCR test results and went to get tested again tonight.

    Turns out the the answer to this

    Went to get PCR tested with my partner and because I managed to accidentally leave him off the booking he booked separately. When we got there we were given two of those grey bags at the same time. They then scanned our barcodes after, but we can't work out how each testing kit will be allocated to the right person - any ideas?

    Is that they're meant to rescan the bar code on your phone before scanning the test kit barcode at the end.

    Except when we went on Friday they didn't do this, so those results are never going to arrive.

    Seeing as they scan the bar code on your phone when you arrive, an obvious improvement would be linking a test kit to your at this point before they give you the test kit, no?

    Then they'd only have to scan your bar code once too.

  • Oh and if you follow the instructions to follow up on a test result and call 119, when you press whatever to chase up a test result it basically says

    We're too busy to follow up on test results at the moment, now bugger off

    Then terminates the call.

    So that's good.

  • I came out of hospital after a fairly major spine op five weeks ago today.

    I remember, it sound like a horrifying ordeal on top of getting positive.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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