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  • Got pinged by the app a few days ago. I'm double vaxxed and having googled it advice says I needn't isolate even if a housemate has Covid.... so what the fuck.

    I'm sure I was supposed to update the app at some point with my vax status? But it's actually as clear as mud. My info / interactions with the Zoe app are so very much more useful.

    I've deleted the app. I can't be taking time off work because can't sort it's advice out. Am I being reckless or is the app just as shite as I think it is?

  • Advice is clear; double jabbed mean you can get tested while going to work

  • That's how I read it. I've got 6 negative Laterals under my belt so far this week and a pcr incoming. Not sure I needed the damn app popping up and telling me to isolate without any advisory caveats.


  • I'm sure I was supposed to update the app at some point with my vax status?

    The NHS App has vaccination status.

    The NHS Covid-19 app is the one that powers the pinging thing.

    I haven't deleted the NHS Covid-19 app as some places I go to still require people to scan their QR code to come in (although most don't care the odd one has insisted). I have disabled the 'Contact tracing' mode in the app though, so I won't ever get pinged through that.

    If you're worried about it then do some lateral flow tests every other day. And/or book a PCR test via . One of the reasons for getting a PCR test with no symptoms is "you’ve been in contact with someone who’s tested positive" which sounds like it covers your situation. You can get it posted to you and then you post it back when done and await the result, or you can book yourself in at a test center and do it that way.

  • In your position I wouldn't self-isolate but I wouldn't delete the app either. If you test positive for some reason many weeks from now you will be able put that result in the app and then the people who registered your app pings who aren't double jabbed can self-isolate.

  • Finally got it all sorted thanks though.

    Rest before after and to send location mostly for safety of re entry…

  • A trial that may be of interest to anyone who's just tested positive:

  • Update on my covid pass issue. Wasn't able to fully access the NHS app as unable to upload a verification video with my Pixel (Android) phone, so dug around in a drawer and found an old iPhone. Put the NHS app on that as well as my regular phone. Uploaded a copy of my id and did a verification video, and within an hour received an email saying I'd passed the id checks :)

    Of course, it turns out I don't need to go to Spain in a hurry after all.

  • Am I the only one that is getting really annoyed by the lateral flow test reporting website flow? The additional step telling me they have found my account especially.

  • Bollox, just reminded me I have to do one...

  • I've been doing it without an account but it's very tiresome. And often at the final step to submit the result it just says "sorry not working, try again later". Aaargh.

  • Yeh the website is terrible, more than once I have given up which seems self defeating

  • Pinged by the app for a day where I spent the whole day in a deserted forest or in our car driving home from said deserted forest. Didn't even get out of the car on way home!

  • If the app pings in a deserted forest, does it make a sound?

  • Not if your phone is on silent.

  • Off by one error working out which day the contact was?

  • Signed consent forms for my daughters to have Covid jabs next week.

  • Petrol station?

    Possible. I had a drive thru Big Mac on the way home, eaten in the McDonald's car park.

    Off by one error working out which day the contact was?

    I suppose that was a possibility but I had even less contact with others on Saturday. I hung out with my parents, neither of whom have the app, and spent the day on a deserted beach. I don't think I was within 5 meters of somebody else all day, let alone within 2 meters for 15 or so minutes.

    I think McDonalds car park is most likely at this point. I only remembered this just now.

  • On the subject of vaccines, I thought I'd share an anecdote I just heard on a call with a client.

    Major international company. 100k+ employees. (Self reported) vaccination uptake in European staff? 83%. Vaccine uptake in US staff? 45%.

    I am really surprised at the difference. My immediate response was "surely not!".

  • Maybe the forest wasn't as deserted as it seemed...

  • I wouldn't be surprised if Predator had the app. Seems like a responsible Alien.

  • Mask — check
    Keeps distance — mostly check
    Tries to avoid gratuitously harming strangers — ….

    Still 2/3 better than many covid deniers I’ve come across.

  • Comment from a family member (somewhere in Surrey):-

    At the local primary 26 out of the 60 in yr4 have tested positive. The school sent the whole year home but the DofE ordered all those who are negative to return the next day.

    For "negative" read "not yet positive".

  • Our office has started to encourage staff to all come in on a specific day of the week to try and get the office buzz back again and let people have internal meetings IRL - it hasn't officially started yet but this Tuesday it seemed like 80% of people were in. It was slightly overwhelming but nice to see people and socialise for the first time in ages.

    Lo and behold I got an email from someone I sat adjacent to at lunchtime saying he's tested positive. Being double jabbed I don't need to isolate and I'm wfh the rest of the week anyway, and I'll do a PCR test tomorrow to be sure, but it's still kind of annoying to now feel paranoid about whether I'm starting to feel ill or not.

    Can't decide if it means that it's still too early to be doing this kind of thing or if we just have to deal with it. I imagine the majority of the office is double jabbed, so the risk is lower than unvaxxed kids, but clearly there's a lot of covid still around.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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