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  • Accept the paper proof of two vacines.

    I went to spain for a day. Went to a couple of restuarants for food drinks. Accepted fine. I produced my passport too.

  • Thank you. I'm not able to fully access the NHS app yet (it would upload my verification video) so I have asked for a written copy of the COVID pass, but not sure if that will arrive in time.

  • Probebrly not, but I have seen all sorts accepted to be honest. But get a stamped letter from gp and you'll likely be ok.

    Keep trying to get the app working.

  • Have a 28 hour trip to Italy next week.

    The guidelines are as clear as mud with it being approved work and being vaccinated. Have asked our “travel security” firm we use and they too have no idea. Oh fun.

  • I'm over for a couple of days this week.
    For your short visit you need official PCR or Antigen test (from the official supplier list) within 48 hours of leaving (I've used Randox) and then a 2 day test on return. The pre-flight test will cover you so you don't need a test over there for only 28hrs. Fill in passenger locator forms and have FFP2/3 mask for flights.

  • I went to Lords and the Oval for the final days of the test cricket - crazy bottle neck masses of shuffling , jostling people getting into and out of the grounds and the tube stations.

    I suppose I was part of what was called a 'super spreader event'.

  • Thanks was trying to get confirmation on return test and no one was willing to commit. Was going to do it to be safe but an official yes/no is always good.

    Now trying to sort if I need to tell local authorities in Italy where I am as it’s under 48 hours.

  • Jab all the teenagers:­59

    Healthy children aged 12 to 15 should be offered one dose of a Covid vaccine, the UK's chief medical officers have recommended.

    I'll be signing the consent form for my 15 and 12 year olds.

  • I'll be signing the consent form for my 15 and 12 year olds.

    I'll be counting down the weeks until my 11yo is 12.

    (She's already had it, asymptomatically, but any vaccination boost is a good idea in my book.)

  • Just for confirmation rather than a random on the internet: From the gov site -­covid-19-testing-for-people-travelling-t­o-england

    If you are returning to the UK within 3 days, you can use the result of a COVID-19 test that you take in the UK before you travel. You must use a private test provider for the test and not an NHS test.

    The service on which you will arrive back in the UK must set off for the UK within 3 days of when you took the test.

    Having just filled in the EUPLF I think you'll need to put in an address, but if not staying overnight then where you are visiting I imagine.

  • My 16 yr old had one jab and they said that all he needs. His cousin a mile away has been booked in for a second. Doesn't give me the most amount of faith that they have got the messaging on point.

  • I'll be signing the consent form for my 15 and 12 year olds.

    Interesting that they say a child can override a parent who doesn't give consent, will create some fun teatimes in some houses

  • I'm okay with that. Teenagers should have a say in this kind of thing.

  • Got pinged by the app a few days ago. I'm double vaxxed and having googled it advice says I needn't isolate even if a housemate has Covid.... so what the fuck.

    I'm sure I was supposed to update the app at some point with my vax status? But it's actually as clear as mud. My info / interactions with the Zoe app are so very much more useful.

    I've deleted the app. I can't be taking time off work because can't sort it's advice out. Am I being reckless or is the app just as shite as I think it is?

  • Advice is clear; double jabbed mean you can get tested while going to work

  • That's how I read it. I've got 6 negative Laterals under my belt so far this week and a pcr incoming. Not sure I needed the damn app popping up and telling me to isolate without any advisory caveats.


  • I'm sure I was supposed to update the app at some point with my vax status?

    The NHS App has vaccination status.

    The NHS Covid-19 app is the one that powers the pinging thing.

    I haven't deleted the NHS Covid-19 app as some places I go to still require people to scan their QR code to come in (although most don't care the odd one has insisted). I have disabled the 'Contact tracing' mode in the app though, so I won't ever get pinged through that.

    If you're worried about it then do some lateral flow tests every other day. And/or book a PCR test via . One of the reasons for getting a PCR test with no symptoms is "you’ve been in contact with someone who’s tested positive" which sounds like it covers your situation. You can get it posted to you and then you post it back when done and await the result, or you can book yourself in at a test center and do it that way.

  • In your position I wouldn't self-isolate but I wouldn't delete the app either. If you test positive for some reason many weeks from now you will be able put that result in the app and then the people who registered your app pings who aren't double jabbed can self-isolate.

  • Finally got it all sorted thanks though.

    Rest before after and to send location mostly for safety of re entry…

  • Update on my covid pass issue. Wasn't able to fully access the NHS app as unable to upload a verification video with my Pixel (Android) phone, so dug around in a drawer and found an old iPhone. Put the NHS app on that as well as my regular phone. Uploaded a copy of my id and did a verification video, and within an hour received an email saying I'd passed the id checks :)

    Of course, it turns out I don't need to go to Spain in a hurry after all.

  • Am I the only one that is getting really annoyed by the lateral flow test reporting website flow? The additional step telling me they have found my account especially.

  • Bollox, just reminded me I have to do one...

  • I've been doing it without an account but it's very tiresome. And often at the final step to submit the result it just says "sorry not working, try again later". Aaargh.

  • Yeh the website is terrible, more than once I have given up which seems self defeating

  • Pinged by the app for a day where I spent the whole day in a deserted forest or in our car driving home from said deserted forest. Didn't even get out of the car on way home!

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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