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  • A large proportion of the 20-39 group seems to be my friends, I know of about 15 or 20 in the last few weeks who have had it. I’ve managed to avoid due to working away and quarantining from foreign travel.

    I’m back to operating at the lockdown level from May, meeting outside, no visitors inside and mask wearing.

  • @Soul tough gig. Take care.

    This is also one of my nightmares with regards to childcare when we get it.

  • Thanks - I've managed to book a couple of days next week at short notice to support Siona with Ayla. Midnight next Friday is 'freedom day' for us. Feels like a really long way away.

  • Pretty embarrassing

    "There are stark differences between how the pandemic is being managed in the UK compared to Australasia, and recent developments have highlighted how quickly things can change.­/57925720

  • Any data on average hospital stay?
    Wondering if lower deaths means;
    Higher hospital occupancy?
    Or if vaccines reduce severity of outcomes across the population evenly?

  • Anecdotally (one hospital) - hospital stays are also shorter than previous waves. Don’t know if this is replicated across the rest of the country.

  • Somewhere on my phone (android) was a list of the potential Covid interactions that the NHS app deemed not sufficient to trigger self-isolation.

    I remember seeing it before but can't find it now, does anyone know where it is?

  • You can access it from Android settings if you search for "covid".

  • Take care of yourselves! Try to break up the time as best you can with fun stuff.

    When we all got it in Feb, both my wife and I were really quite unwell, and the kids, 11 months old and 5 years were off school and nursery and very grumpy and sick.

    I isolated for 15 days due to post covid lung infection, so I did have the additional stress that I was going to have to go to hospital and then die, so I’m still pretty scarred with the whole experience.

  • That’s positive news. Was worried saving lives might have unintended consequences

  • Stupid question, I don't have blue tooth activated on my phone. Will that make a difference?

  • Ah yes, you then need to go on the three dots and Exposure Checks. Cheers

  • Have you suffered some kind of brain injury?

  • Depends on your phone/OS.

    On some phones/OSes the Covid exposure notification stuff might still be using BlueTooth even if the general "BlueTooth" setting is disabled. That setting might mean "Don't allow BlueTooth to talk to other devices like watches/headphones/speakers/etc but still allow it to do Covid-19 exposure notifications if that isn't explicitly disabled". It's hard to find a definitive answer on this for any phone/OS.

    If you go into the NHS Covid app you can just pause the contact tracing stuff by going into the "Manage contact tracing" menu and turning it off. Or just delete the app if you're so worried about it.

  • Can confirm that for all Samsung devices you need to have Bluetooth turned on.

  • Why wouldn't you have bluetooth turned on?

  • Not worried about the app, wondering if I should be activating bluetooth to make the app effective.

    @dubtap What has having a brain injury got to with me asking what I think to be a question I should know the answer to but don't. My concern is being infected and either infecting others or getting ill.

  • Don't connect to any bluetooth things so don't have bluetooth activated. Don't have wifi or mobile internet turned on all the time. If I am driving I turn my phone off. Have a broken mobile phone for here now maps in the car.

    @dancing james Best you can do?

  • On Sony android you need bluetooth on for the app to work. When bluetooth is off there is a constant reminder notification saying "unable to check for exposures". I don't have bluetooth on in the house, I try to remember to turn it on when I go out.

  • Given your going for the tired golf club trope recently I went for the low hanging fruit of you being incomprehensibly you.

  • Not worried about the app, wondering if I should be activating bluetooth to make the app effective.

    Most probably, yes, you need to have bluetooth activated for the app to be effective.

  • Because the whole point of the app is that it runs off Bluetooth LE, and the tech spec stating this is literally the first google result if you bother to search "COVID 19 app Bluetooth"

  • While searching covid 19 app the first few links are to the gov here and here and even links to the IOS and google store and none mention anything about bluetooth. Play store seem to mention bluetooth in the replies to feedback which weren't there when I downloaded the app.

    Here is from the details:
    *Trace: Find out when you’ve been near other app users who have tested positive for coronavirus

    Alert: Lets you know the level of coronavirus risk in your postcode district.

    Check-in: Use our simple QR code scanner to check-in to venues like bars and restaurants. You will get alerted if you have visited a venue where you may have come into contact with coronavirus*

    Doesn't mention bluetooth, so how am I suppose to know? I though that it was something to do with the checking in to venues.

  • It would have asked you to turn the bluetooth on with a notification when you installed and opened the first time (is what I'd assume).

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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