Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • Led by Donkeys get stuck into the delta variant’s mishandling:

  • Classic Dom, sharing WhatsApp message from Boris calling Matt Hancock “fucking hopeless”

  • There's loads more as well, it's worrying they are still in charge.

  • The one who's 'fucking hopeless' is Johnson, not Hancock. I still don't believe that there's anything real going on here, just distractions to play out some kind of soap opera, and to make Johnson look good.

  • It's just shifting the blame to someone else instead of Johnson.

  • I'm sure it'll only be like a tiny mint leaf. :(

    I think Europe blew it over the last summer. Countries like Germany managed to do reasonably well in the first wave but had horrendous second waves. I've been worrying that we may be heading towards the same again this autumn/winter.

  • My dad is working administering vaccines today up in Fife. He's 65, retired and went to be a vaccinator to try and help in a small way.

    Turns out it's a VERY small way.

    Three hundred appointments today and only fourty showed up! He worked 12 hours and did one vaccine!

  • Could this be people having early second jabs but not cancelling the previously scheduled ones?

  • What would encourage the disorganized/distracted/whatever (but not anti-vaxers) to book/turn-up? In New York you get a scratch card with a $5 million prize. In the Netherlands you get privileged access to pickled herrings. What should we do in the UK?

    Asking in part for a friend who is a Director of Public Health at a local authority and would like to drive up their vaccination rates.

  • Is there a correlation between voting for Brexit and anti vax? Let them nominate a forrun for deportation - little do they know anyone who is nominated gets indefinite leave to remain and or a blue passport.

    After quick google search there is a link

  • That's certainly a positive explanation, but seems like the boss on the ground there today didn't know anything regarding the possible cause.

  • Cases going up is no surprise. Where are the hospital admissions numbers?

  • Has anyone else had any experience of returning to the UK and required COVID tests not arriving?

    Flew back from Poland yesterday and due to take a day 2 test tomorrow. Ordered online on friday morning (i know, a little late!) and i'm a bit concerned it wont arrive by tomorrow. Would have thought the order would have flagged up that it may not arrive in time.

    EDIT: Test kits just arrived. Turns out the testing company don't believe in dispatch emails.

  • The guardian has a nice dashboard.

    Hospital admissions also going up now...­ay/28/covid-uk-coronavirus-cases-deaths-­and-vaccinations-today

    Hopefully vaccination means deaths won't rise much ...

  • So not nearly as sharp a rise in admissions/deaths as the previous 2 waves, thanks. To be clear, this is not me trying to belittle anything, just having conversations with anxious "well what's the point" type family members. "Why be careful when no one else is, there's going to he a third wave regardless?" or "We're all doomed, why did I bother with the vaccine and how shit it made me feel?"

  • So far Case rise:-> hospital admission rise is a 2 week lag.
    Over the weekend, in which we had record numbers of attendances to the department (as- seemingly- did everywhere -­h/nhs-emergency-hospital-patients-safety­-b1868711.html), there was not a substantial percentage with covid as main complaint.
    This weekend coming may tell a different story.

  • A bit crap. Got the 2 older kids to book in their jabs on Thurs night. Middle child got pfizered up yesterday. No1 was due in another week or so but phoned (from up north) to say one of his housemates tested positive.
    Saturday he's also positive - minor symptoms.
    Sunday am - feeling much worse.
    Last night we come out of cinema to be greeted by a text to say he can't breath properly, has blue lips and has called an ambulance. Paramedics check him over and say his stats aren't great but he's probably OK to stay home. Didn't like the 'probably', but he was sounding slightly better.

    Waiting for an update this morning, but he's on student time...will wake him up shortly.

  • Gotcha, will keep an eye on it. Thanks.

  • Last night we come out of cinema to be greeted by a text to say he can't breath properly, has blue lips and has called an ambulance.

    Shit! Fingers crossed

  • Jesus! Hope he’s better this morning.

  • Sending healing wishes. Hope the medics are right.

  • Jesus, fingers crossed @villa-ru

  • Good old "All or nothing thinking", I guess online articles will have some remedies against that way of thinking?

    Sure there is a third wave, but long Covid sucks. For others and themselves. Perhaps that'll convince them?

    Also I get people want to go out, why not drink / socialise outside? Maybe that works for them?

    Not looking forward to AZ round 2 feeling shite, but even less looking forward to Covid. At least with a vaccine I'm in control if that makes sense?

    Some people say it's better to explain what you know. Don't argue just say "ok this I know, what do you think?"

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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