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  • Doesn't that contradict the earlier gov explanation of spacing to 12 weeks to get more bag per buck. As well as the greater/stronger response.

  • Like most things, it probably depends on the situation.

  • @lynx
    Yep it does, jam today as the saying goes....

  • Tx grams and greenbank

  • No, it doesn't contradict anything. It's not an exact science, and it's not as simplistic as you describe.

    As you say, the longer you leave it between doses the greater/stronger the eventual response will be (up until a point), but it leaves more people with a lesser/lower response for longer (prior to the second dose). Having more people with a lesser/lower response for longer could lead to more deaths overall especially in the presence of a more dangerous variant.

    Without a more dangerous variant they'd probably be looking to get more 1st doses in rather than getting the 2nd doses in to the more vulnerable earlier.

    Also, ending up with a slightly lower response is going to be offset by the likelihood of 3rd (and subsequent) boosters that might be tweaked for any future variants/mutations.

  • Got confirmation tonight by phone that I had the Indian variant, along with some questions from PHE about my activities in the 14 days pre-symptoms

  • Hope you are feeling better soon

  • Thanks! I'm past 10 days isolation now and approaching back to normal. Some breathlessness and fatigue left over but I think I got off lightly overall.

  • Bumped into a long time neighbour who I haven't seen much recently. Turns out that she had Covid pretty badly at the start of the 2nd wave. She has COPD and asthma so is in a high risk group.

    Apparently she was hit for six by it. She lost 9kg in weight, her oxygen saturation dropped to 60% and carriedon falling. She thought she was dying so said goodbye to her (grown up) kids and made arrangements with her lawyers for probate etc. She fell asleep, woke up 72 hours later and her sats were up to 75 and increasing. She never stopped getting better from there. I think she was super lucky not to be put into an induced coma. Poor woman.

  • oh, and virtually no long term effects for her amazingly. Back playing tennis.

  • seems like third wave is here then, now what?

  • Oh hope you get off lightly.

  • So, Mrs Hammer got a positive PCR result and I got a negative result with same symptoms (3-4 days lag). I’ve been rapid testing every day too just in case. What are the chances she’s got asymptomatic COVID and we just happened to get a cold at the same time? It’s now over 2 weeks from our first jab (Pfizer) so I’m assuming that’s kicked in as it’s impossible to social distance with a toddler!

  • Hope it stays asymptomatic.

    I have friends where one half of the couple tested positive and the other never did (both NHS staff so lots.of testing) even though they continued to share a bed etc.

    There is talk of super spreaders being behind most cases, perhaps if you aren't one you are much less likely to shed virus and infect others?

  • I have friends where one half of the couple tested positive and the other never did (both NHS staff so lots.of testing) even though they continued to share a bed etc.

    Same here. My brother-in-law tested positive twice on PCR tests, my sister tested negative. Maybe she just has Covid superpowers.

  • seems like third wave is here then, now what?

    Nothing to see here:-

    I'm guessing they're betting on it not being unbounded exponential growth and that it will tail off some time soon. I don't hold much hope for that myself.

    I think the news will start to be dominated by pieces that highlight the fact that a vaccine that is ~95% effective still leaves 5% (3.5 million people in the UK) susceptible. So much of the news so far has pushed the "double vaccination == immune" line, and that's going to quickly unravel as things go up from here.

  • 95% effectiveness is good, if everyone has it.

    The number of people still on 1 dose or none means that another wave could still be large, although will have the see. Places like Bolton are showing signs of declining again.

  • London 2 weeks ago vs now (­interactive-map)

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    • Screenshot 2021-06-09 at 10.46.24.png
  • Also it seems at this stage that the number of vaccinations may just about have broken the link from cases to hospitalisations/death, so even if (when) we see the third wave of cases, we may be at the stage that we can live with it / NHS can cope with it.
    That's the hope anyway. The next couple of weeks will be pretty tense I think...

  • I don’t want to get in anyone’s way but i’d love to be offered a second jab ahead of time, i’m a bit worried

  • Just to give an idea of what vaccine hesitancy might look like in the general population, here in one of the largest NHS Trusts in the country where we have had access to vaccines for anyone of any age who wants them since January, we still haven't hit 80% fully jabbed.

  • Not all people have phones with 5g support yet.

  • Yeah very concerning gaps between the headline figures for % of >50s vaccinated and the coverage in areas of east & south ldn that were worst hit by the last wave. Definitely enough unvaccinated people for a problematic third wave in big cities, especially london.

  • Seem to be a reluctance to get jabbed.

    Wonder why, especially in certain ethnic groups.

  • Just had notification that my 2nd jab has been moved from 12th July to 15th June. You think they are getting nervous about a possible third wave/new variant. I'm not in a at risk group. Anyone else had this happening? I had the AZ one if that makes any difference?

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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