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  • Exactly the same. The only thing I can think of is that the needle seemed a much bigger gauge than the tiny flu one, but then again none of the other people I know that got it have the same soreness. Weird.

    Did you get other side effects? I felt pretty horrendous the evening after. Chills/sweats/fatigue.

  • Huh, I thought it was a smaller needle! Less painful than flu for me at the time, I barely felt it. Yeah it's weird, I'm glad the massage helped a bit, I'll probably go back in a few weeks if it's still bothering me.

    Similar other side effects to you but I wouldn't say they were significant/bad. I didn't feel awful.
    (Btw there's a vaccine chat thread we could take this)

  • Ahhh. Last couple of flu shots I got were tiny little pricks by comparison - and no side effects to speak of.

    Years ago when I was getting the flu jab (asthma) I used to feel shitty for days, so stopped bothering with it for years. The AZ jab was basically the same thing, but more short lived.

  • Btw there's a vaccine chat thread we could take this

    Ah thanks. I’m terrible for only looking at the forum via the ‘following’ page.

  • Straw poll of people who've had AZ in the office (about 4 of us), plus friends I know who've had it, seems about 50% have had a longer period of soreness of the arm than expected. Mine felt fine after 24 hours.

  • I'm still trying to get my head around the green/amber list bullshit. I cannot believe that the gov are happy for people to travel anywhere without mandatory quarantine on return. Have they really forgotten that the strain that kicked off our Autumn wave last year came back with tourists from Spain? We were so slow in recognising the variant then...I have no confidence that we will recognise something coming out of Portugal any faster...

  • Its the typical UK Gov thing. Travel, but please don't travel. Easier/more popular than banning but they can still blame the proles when they lock the UK down again.

  • I think it's more likely we'll take it there as things stand.

  • I had my AZ vaccination a couple of weeks ago with minimal side effects and no sore arm. Weirdly though my arm has just started hurting for some reason.

  • In fairness, amber countries do need to quarantine at home for 10 days (unless I’m mistaken) and green countries still require pcr test before and after flying home. Hardly free movement

  • I went to the pub yesterday. It was great.

  • my arm was sore for a good couple of days... like a hefty bruise

  • My partner said the last flu jab from 2020 wasn't too bad, other times he feels off 1-2 days. Weird one, but perhaps worth taking it again? He gets it due to asthma as well.

  • Oops sorry, I wasn’t very clear. I had the flu in 1999/2000 and it was unbelievably bad. It didn’t affect my asthma so much - my airways were ok, but my lungs felt like they were full of water. What was worse was the all-over pain, inability to sleep while exhausted and nightmares/hallucinations. I learnt then why so many people die from it.

    Anyway, that encouraged me to get the jab, but after three years of getting it, and feeling shitty for a week - albeit nothing compared to actual flu - I gave up on it for a while.

    Nowadays my company brings in a nurse each year and administers a clinic, so it felt like I’d be really foolish to refuse it when I don’t even have to book it and go somewhere. And all the times I’ve done it this time around, I’ve been totally fine.

  • That's awesome your company has a flu jab service :)

    I don't think I ever had the flu, even a mild case is pretty crap.

    We always said as students that's unless you have to crawl out of bed to drink / go to toilet and then collapse back into bed for several days on end, it was a cold, not the flu.

  • @J0nathan Did you feel more social pre getting ill -­/ (nothing to do with covid)­darwins-subterranean-world/201801/does-t­he-flu-trick-people-being-sociable yeah I know psycologytoday but the studies it links to.

    @JWestland Isn't it said that you only get flu once in life?, or is that an urban myth?

  • Weren't there two nurses that were heralded as heroes, both Forin one, from Portugal and one from New Zealand? My comment is based on would these people have been allowed to stay in this country under the new conservative immigration rules?

  • From memory the Pfizer jab is 0.3 ml and the AZ 0.5 ml which in injection terms is a small amount to stick into an arm muscle. Unlucky to get a haematoma or if too high then can bleed from the membrane surrounding the bone.

  • Flu viruses mutate fast, so to me it seem unlikely you get it once.

    Yes the nurse who quit is born in New Zealand.

    Right no immigration expert, NHS nurses are probably on the shortage list for more relaxed rules.

    Mainland EU nurses stopped coming to the UK due to Brexit. Not really that interesting anymore with NHS work being busy, visa payments etc.

  • Interesting. Going a bit too far back in time to have reliable memory really. I was out staying/partying 27-29 Dec at various friends’ houses as had been planned already. I guess I picked it up on 27th, started feeling rough those couple of days before NYE and certainly couldn’t entertain leaving my bed, let alone the house for NYE itself. It was literally the millennium bug.

  • Isn't it said that you only get flu once in life?, or is that an urban myth?

    No, I’ve had full flu 3 times.

    Last time might have been a very early Covid case but I’ll never know.

  • Right no immigration expert, NHS nurses are probably on the shortage list for more relaxed rules.


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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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