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  • it's hard to justify wanting others to do likewise.

    Is it?

  • I used public transport every day last week, on the Jubilee & Central lines I didn’t see anyone without a mask.

    Hopefully your experience is the norm!

    Herne hill to Blackfriars to Finsbury Park around 10am. Return around 5, which is when we saw the party barge. Even some station staff didn’t have a mask on (Herne hill) or kept pulling it down around their chin when talking to people (Blackfriars).

  • Is it?

    I think so. Did you read the study?

  • This doesn’t seem very ‘each to their own’ of you

  • What i meant was, if town centres are packed like sardines, time to have some music festivals.

  • I think the operant word, and where I might’ve gotten the wrong end of the stick, was ‘justify’. I’d taken your message to say it was hard to find a reason for wanting others to wear a mask.... My initial thought was it was quite easy to find reasons for why someone would want others to wear a mask outdoors, hence my querying your message. I didn’t mean to imply anything about the validity of those reasons.

    Does that make sense?

  • This doesn’t seem very ‘each to their own’ of you

    See above.

  • This has become a semantics conversation, so probably of limited value.

    But, FWIW, I wrote "justify" to mean "support the reasons that you have found with a basis that is arguable and defensible in the context of known evidence, in accordance with the classical liberal approach of allowing others to have their liberty, unless that liberty deprives others of an equivalent or greater liberty."

    CF wanting others to wear masks indoors: I justify asking others to forego the liberty of choice over mask wearing, since them not wearing a mask has a demonstrably high chance of depriving yet more people of their liberty of being healthy and alive.

    Outdoors, very much not so much.

  • I'm fully aware that I could have written those sentences more coherently.


  • Oops, that obviously hasn't sunk in.

    I'll try harder.



    A cautionary tales from Taiwan. One lax hotel and flight staff socialising and voila, outbreak brewing.

  • Both wife and I now have Pfizer booked for Friday (age 36/37).
    Keeping the dreams of an overseas holiday this year alive...

  • Me and my wife (36/37) had tizer on Saturday, yesterday was a bit shit but ok again today.

  • tizer ... yesterday was a bit shit

    Stick to booze.

  • Seems quite outdoorsie­dia-57005563

    From the article Epidemiologist Dr Lalit Kant says "huge groups of mask-less pilgrims sitting on the river bank singing the glories of the Ganges" created an ideal environment for the virus to spread rapidly. "We already know that chorus singing in churches and temples are known to be super-spreader events."

  • With incredibly low vaccination rates, lots of countries out here which have been lauded for controlling the virus are on a knife edge. They still rely on vigilance to keep the infection out. Singapore going through similar and HK had a near miss recently when the Indian mutation got spread at a quarantine hotel.

  • For those 36 and 37, the NHS website is now letting some people book, I just booked in for Thursday, when I wasn't able to this morning.

  • Ah, yeah, if there are no vaccines you need to be ultra, ultra careful.

    I see this play out in no time over here to be honest, we just have to hope the Indian mutation isn't even more transmittable than the Kent one.

  • Taiwan having some issues. The speed at which positive cases have increased is frightening.

    Also impressive is their relative rapid reaction in closing schools, nurseries.

    Less than 1% of the population have had a first shot yet.

  • Got a mate out there and he's been telling me that they've "beaten" it. Haven't spoken to him since this outbreak but I imagine he's not so confident any more

  • On the topic of beaten it,­ay/18/96-of-britons-develop-antibodies-a­fter-one-covid-jab-study-finds?CMP=Share­_iOSApp_Other

    If only people who felt safe in their little closed borders would realise that the jab is the real way to beat this.

    HK have quite a lot of doses going out of date soon and the debate is now moving to how we get these to poorer countries with vaccine demand as chucking them in the bin really wouldn’t look good.

  • I got the AZ jab 7 weeks ago now and still have a sore arm. More noticeable in the morning and evening or when doing anything strenuous. Odd.

  • Same. Just in the muscle, right? And only when using it - like trying to hold my arm straight up or pulling a jumper over my head. Range of movement fine, no bruise or tenderness to the touch. I went to a massage therapist last week and it helped a lot.

    I get the flu vaccine in the same muscle most years and it's never done that. I can't work out what it is.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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