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  • Got my online access to my health record added and fucking Christ they have the exact dates of my childhood vaccinations from the 1970’s loaded up on there and my BCG in the 1980’s. When/how did that get digitised?

  • I thought it would be an interesting read, I’m still waiting for my full history to be loaded up.

  • I was out of school the day they did the 6 needles and didn't have that or the BCG - will they eventually catch up on me for that? If they do, are colleagues allowed to punch you on the BCG puncture for weeks afterwards the same way schoolmates did?

  • I think I had my first brief trip after having that, few moments of brief technicolour shifting rainbow windows, one of my best memories of school.

  • No only forumengers,
    all 120,000+ of us.
    Form an orderly queue ...

  • Gutted to be reminded my haematocrit level is 48% so even heavy blood doping wouldn’t make me faster

  • My first vaccines from 1982 have been digitised but apparently my pre school ones are still on paper...weird!

  • I think the issue is more that you might be vulnerable to catching tuberculosis rather than getting whacked on the vaccination site!

    Not sure what levels are like now days but London was one of the worst Tuberculosis hotspots in Europe not long ago. My grandad died from it in his early 50s.

  • TV rates vary quite a lot within London. When my kids were babies (10+ years ago) BCG wasn't offered in Barnet but was in Lewisham for example.

  • I lazily draw some parallels between Covid and Tuberculosis. I hope I'm proven wrong.

    Tuberculosis is a potentially fatal illness that has had an effective vaccine available for over 100 years and it still kills nearly 1,500,000 people every year.

    I suspect the reality of Covid in the future will be along these lines. Treatments available, but only if you can afford it.

  • Kids don’t get the BCG like they used to since 2005. So if you pretend to be under 16 no one will suspect a thing.

  • Are we close to rolling back the relaxation of restrictions from tomorrow, do we think?

    Glasgow and Moray in Scotland remaining in level 3. Pockets of Indian variant infection cropping up in England. Fuck me, I'm so nervous

  • In England at least a rise in cases is part of the government's plan, with the the hope there won't be too many hospitalisations and deaths if the vaccine does its job.

    Whether the general public go along with that, or have the same definition of "too many" we've yet to see, but it'll take a few weeks to find out.

  • Are we close to rolling back the relaxation of restrictions from tomorrow, do we think?

    Took an overground train across London yesterday, with a transfer at Blackfriars. I counted 20 people not wearing masks, and then I stopped for my own peace of mind. This doesn’t include a posh party/dinner boat packed with mask-less guests, maybe 50 people, mostly standing close together.

    Theres little point stressing about other people now, I’m just focusing on doing my rational best to keep myself and my loved ones safe while getting back out there and living life.

  • Don't want to depress anyone, but outbreak at my daughter's school (South London) last week with a number of children testing positive and their bubble shut down on Thursday. My partner tested positive yesterday morning so we're now all isolating - she seems to mostly have symptoms of a bad cold/cough & I'm expecting there's a good chance I'll get it too. But we've both had first doses of vaccine so presuming it could be worse.
    In retrospect I suspect younger child had it at start of last week - she complained of a headache and was a bit hot (but no temperature) - however at that point cases seemed to have decreased so much it being covid didn't cross our mind. Obviously any sort of social distancing (or even hygiene) between 4 year olds at school is pretty much impossible.
    No idea if this is down to an easy spreading variant, or just that testing is so much more widespread that it's being quickly detected in children with minimal symptoms.
    PCR tests for us should be arriving tomorrow, which I presume may establish if it's a variant or not.

  • I used public transport every day last week, on the Jubilee & Central lines I didn’t see anyone without a mask. Trains were comfortable with good spacing out of people. Journeys were Stratford to Green Park 9am, Bond St to Leyton 4pm.

    Train from Stratford to Chelmsford was the same, everyone masked up, coming home the same, even the school kids were about 80% masked. Same journey times.

    I’ve heard not so good reports about rush hour but that’s just anecdotal.

  • Fingers crossed for you all.

  • Where as I walked into town yesterday to go to supermarket. What's the point in having limited numbers and masks in shops, if when outside in the town centre its packed like sardines and no one wearing a mask.

    Coming back from.spain I find it baffling, like no one knows someone who's died of covid or has such a short term memory. People really are daft.

  • What's the point in having limited numbers and masks in shops, if when outside in the town centre its packed like sardines and no one wearing a mask.

    Because outdoor transmissions is really very rare compared to indoor?

  • Is it? Perhaps. But when there is no social distancing and hundreds of people in a small outdoor area, it seems wild to me.

  • Took the Overground last weekend for the first time in forever, Sunday late night most people not masked but lots of space and Overground always feels pretty well ventilated.

    A friend who has been taking the Victoria line across London in rush hour reported the first instance of 'full trains' a few days ago - all seats full plus standing (not full in the pre-covid sense!).

  • I'm not saying why wear masks in shops, if that's what you think? What i meant was, if town centres are packed like sardines, why not wear masks there too. I did. Each to their own.

  • I was just sharing a study that supports the contention that outdoor transmission is very rare compared with indoors.

    Yeah, wear a mask outdoors / helmet on a bike if you want to, but it's hard to justify wanting others to do likewise.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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