Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • I'd have anxiety in a room like that covid or no covid. Plus. Ultra Nate? c'mon.
    As a balaericsilverback, I say no.

  • Unless Harvey plays a Wevverall remix. Then I'll like it. For 4 minutes. Then hate it again.

  • Testing for all is good, did my antibodies test (nothing) and not for profit, have a look­vid-19-swab-pcr-test/

  • They don't do fitness for travel certificates sadly.

  • Concepto Clinic were good for us in August last year.

  • Thanks, makes the point that the 120 I have just paid for the 2 and 8 day PCR tests is clearly 'fairly priced'.

  • This test is suitable for:

    Fit to fly for countries requiring PCR tests

    Maybe I misunderstood the requirements though

  • Maybe I misunderstood the requirements though

    You're not wrong however a lot of countries require a doctor's certificate confirming your test results. Most people call it a fit to fly certificate I think.

    Most countries also require the test to be taken within 2- 3 days of travel and the testing for all one requires you to post your swab to a lab and then it takes 1 to 2 working days to be processed.

    Edit: Just checked, the closest thing to a european standard is a requirement for a pcr test taken within 72 hours of your landing time. Given that testing for all need you to post the swab back to them and then take up to two working days to get the result back to you, it doesn't really feel like a service suitable for travel. The concepto guys get you your result and doctors certificate same day.

  • One fly in the ointment is that the UK is a third nation now so won't be eligible to be part of the new EU travel requirements.

  • Do the travel tests require you to do it in person and have your ID verified and have the swab done properly, or am I being hopelessly naive?

  • As far as I can tell, each country gets to choose the standards they require.

    I'm only familiar with Austria and Switzerland. Both countries say that the test cannot be self conducted.

    Edit: Worth noting that EU citizens don't require tests or vaccines to travel to other EU nations if their home country is rated green or orange on the new system. As it stands, UK citizens are excluded from that. Currently Austria and Switzerland forbid travel from the UK on the basis that it is a third nation.

  • Not self administered here either. You need a test certificate and the labs only issue them foe tests they carried out

  • Do the travel tests require you to do it in person and have your ID verified and have the swab done properly, or am I being hopelessly naive?

    Yes, Mrs Sifta is flying to take care of her parents on Friday, had to upload passport photocopy to Boots website, and take it with her to the test. The 48 hour turnaround, and requirement of having the test within 72 hours of landing (Not departing), makes it a very small window of testing. If she was Antipodean, I don't think its even possible.

  • Are the 15-minute tests not applicable in the UK? I can turn up to the airport and get a test here (I mean, I won't, but it's a good backup).

  • It had to be a officially administered PCR test, not the 15 min lateral flow test. And you get a certificate.

    Also this isn't for the UK (That joy is yet to come for the return journey!). These requirements are set by the airline, the destination country, and, in this case, the intermediate country since she is flying Qatar via Qatar.

  • Ah okay. The fast tests are done at the airport here by trained staff so assumed the same may be possible elsewhere.

  • Some countries are allowing lateral flow tests for entry. In most cases the lateral flow test has to be same day I think. Most are PCR only though.

    EU nations will be accepting:

    antibody test or a letter from a doctor saying you've recently had Covid
    full (two dose ) vaccination proof
    PCR test

    Although Austria is currently saying lateral flow is ok also.


    173 dogs, 161 cats, 31 hamsters, 10 rabbits, 4 chinchillas, 1 hedgehog and 1 guinea pig sent to quarantine since the start of the pandemic.

  • Not a single bat?

  • They only quarantine the pets, the larder stays intact.

  • No Rams???

    Surely the world would be a better place if all Rams were cordoned off?

  • Currently the rams are being corralled at the foot of the championship, its now down to a fight with the owls.

  • I'd be more worried about the swans and geese

  • Do you know what does that mean for pets from UK to EU and back?

    Are racehorses still moving as 'normal' now horse racing is on?

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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