Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • You'll remember that Trump guy - he's now saying that the vaccines should be renamed 'Trumpcines' in his honour. I like it, I think we should all be using that term from now on.

  • I'm not sure who you're talking about. Was he in Blade Runner?

  • She'd have whatever vaccine tomorrow if it was possible, but now she has to avoid the most likely one she'd be offered due a tiny possible risk.

  • Queues outside Footlocker in Brixton at 8.30 this morning. It’s all good.

  • Went for a club ride on Sunday, fairly lumpy, brisk paced, but managed to not get dropped.
    All fine for 3h or so, but on my way home with a friend, I stopped at some traffic lights, took a swig of cold water and my heart rate jumped to 210bpm.
    This isn't completely out the blue, as I have had SVTs infrequently before, usually when I'm fighting a virus, or under the weather. Usually lasts for 1-4 minutes, quick rest, a couple of coughs, and it goes back to normal.

    This time though my HR averaged 196bpm with a max of 235 for 34 minutes. Including 2 periods off the bike on the side of the road to rest and see it go down. Soft pedalled home escorted by friend just in case, no more than 100w for the whole episode, Only went down to normal once I got home and sat down.
    Longest duration its ever been, called NHS 111 for advice.
    With some talk of post covid and heart damage/myocarditis, it has got me rather worried.

    Previously, cardiologist has said that if the episodes are repeatable, manageable, and causes no symptoms (light headedness, fainting, dizziness, pain) then I could get away with not having a cardiac ablation or similar, but definitely has me thinking again of being referred back.
    Annoyingly all the ECGs I have done, even with hard, max heart rate efforts have come back completely clear.
    I think I need to try and push for a heart MRI.

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  • Sorry to hear that, hope you get some resolution from further treatment. I'm the opposite of an expert, but stories I've heard about conditions like this usually show that you have to work on finding the right person to diagnose you for a long time, unless you get very lucky. I'm also not confident that the science of understanding post-COVID-19 symptoms will settle down soon, as there seems to be such a bewildering variety of them, both in kind and in severity, but there's at least one dedicated clinic for it, where I'm sure they'll do research, too, so they might be interested in your symptoms, particularly because they seem quite focused and perhaps easier to decode than those in people who have loads?­urge-long-covid-patients-first-clinic-il­ford-east-london-b925216.html

    I'm aware you're not in London, but just in case, or perhaps they could refer you to the right address.

  • Annoyingly all the ECGs I have done, even with hard, max heart rate efforts have come back completely clear.

    I had atrial fibrillation and a couple of 24h ECGs came back normal, it's only because one time my GP heard something momentarily off that they believed me at all. On a 72h one it finally showed up and they took interest. I had a similar diagnosis of "it isn't affecting your quality of life, so just keep an eye on it" - until a couple years later my dad's similar condition worsened such that he could no longer have an ablation and had to have a pacemaker fitted - at that point they decided I should have an ablation. (None of this is covid-related though - this was several years ago)

  • Thanks guys!
    I’ve been more tired in the mornings generally, and coughing more in the colder air in the ride.

    I’ve been referred by my GP to the cardiologist, so hopefully get myself on a 72h monitor and basically do a training camp on those days to get the HR to trigger.

    May have nothing to do with Covid of course, but also could have got worse because of it.

    In other post covid sensations, I still have neck and back issues due to muscle tightness and some torn respiratory linked muscles due to the cough.

  • In related news:­onavirus-covid-19-testing-lambeth

    Do you live in Lambeth or Wandsworth

    You need to get tested.

  • Going out to set up barricades at the end of our road to stop the filthy Lambethites from infecting us.

  • You'll need to protect the other side from all the Wandsworth too.

  • So who'll set up roadblocks on the Thames bridges?

  • Create an Extinction rebellion event on Facebook and the police will do it for you.

  • Do you live in Lambeth or Wandsworth

    Yes, going to collect mine for the family tomorrow. (Wandsworth allow you to collect them and do them at home and then drop the completed tests off later. We're a dab hand at them as we've done 15+ through the ONS over the last 12 months so far.)

  • I'm now on the twice-weekly kids at school lateral flow testing regime so I'm quite used to them but I'm not really sure if I'm swabbing correctly. Kind of wish there was more feedback for that step.

  • There are a few videos that are worth watching. Time is the key. Just make sure you do at least 5 seconds on each side of the back of the mouth, and then at least 5 seconds on each nostril (ours only have to do 5mm up in inside of each nostril, not the full on deep version).

    We've got some LFTs as we're off to visit various relatives over the next week or so too.

  • Swabbing depends on make of the LFT. Here we use Innova which is 15mm into each nostril and rotate for ten seconds. Blow nose beforehand.

  • I've had my jab. (I'm 46 and on the IoM) Astrazeneca, 3 days of full on in bed flu, chronic aches and pains constant nausea. I'm generally very healthy but haven't felt that bad on years. Day 4 back to 100%. Wife had hers yesterday, bit of a fever over night, 2 aspirin and all good today. Jab 2 in july.

  • 3 days of full on in bed flu, chronic aches and pains constant nausea.

    is that a sign you should probably go see a doctor or a sign that it's working?

  • Mate of mine in her 50s had bad headaches and fever, the in their 60s neighbours nothing at all.

    My partner is first, if he gets it bad at least he has me to feed and water him

  • Had my first jab yesterday at the Business Design Centre in Angel. I think it was their first full day of distributing the Moderna mRNA vaccine, which is what I had. Dolly Parton put up $1m of funding when they were developing it, and at one point they were actually playing 'Jolene' over the audio system :D

    I'm sure that my DNA will now be reprogrammed to give me a profound appreciation for county & western and bluegrass.

  • county

    Sounds like you got a placebo, partner.

  • they were actually playing 'Jolene' over the audio system

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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