Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • Opposite, coffee lower risk of heart attacks.

  • Was suprised to see that there is no evidence that eating glucosamine supplements leads to more glucosamine being made available to joints. Loads of people swear by it but there is vanishingly little evidence to support efficacy.

    Placebo effect, like homeopathy.

    Nice guidelines here­ns/vitamin-d-supplementation-during-wint­er-phe-and-nice-statement/statement-from­-phe-and-nice-on-vitamin-d-supplementati­on-during-winter state that we should take vitamin d in the winter months.

    Here is the NHS guide for how much vitamin D to take­nd-minerals/vitamin-d/

  • Thank you that is really interesting.

  • Two pots of 6 cup moka here, and tea too.

  • It is, David McCandless is very good at visualisations, actually portrays real data in an engaging way

    I went to on of his talks at the British Museum. While his visualisations are wonderful, I found that he's pretty weak on actual data (if that makes sense).

  • Interesting, I guess he majors on the visuals rather than the underlying.

    I met him soon after his first book came out, seemed a nice enough chap, and was certainly passionate about visualisation, got a signed copy of his book somewhere.

  • To be fair to him, I was coming out of a particularly gruelling project, where we had to wrangle big swathes of patchy data, and was asking awkward questions.

    We did buy the book though.

  • Ha, buying the book is all that matters.

    I’m a little disappointed that I never got to see Hans Rosling give a talk.

  • That's interesting as the daily recommend intake according to vitamin package labels is 5 microgram but this recommends 10.

  • 3-5 a day? I need to up my dose!

  • No idea, maybe the website is wrong. Or NICE guidelines change.

  • Looks like bottles are NRV which come from public health England.

    nice and phe may both be right but have different aims?

  • Went to Regent's Park today and there were absolutely loads of people breaking the rules. Big groups meeting up, picnics, football matches, etc

    Didn't realise how non-compliant people were about this second lockdown.

  • Camden lock was interesting, lots of people. No masks, no two meters distancing. Lots of places open and people buying food and drink as usual there. Cycling to W10 to drop a pi off to a friends child, and then to W4 to collect a battery charger then back to camden via the canal paths and it was really busy. Lots of groups drinking on the canal edge, one was getting food delivered. There were no boats near by.

    Well the rules are going to be relaxed so why not attitude.

    Camden was for 'work', and the person I met was interesting to say the least. Trying to shake my hand and come closer than 2m without a mask.

  • Cycled with through a park in Balham yesterday. Beautiful day so I can understand why it was absolutely rammed with people, but I’m convinced we’re pretty much fucked if the vaccination strategy doesn’t work.

    Thankfully, it looks like it will work, so no use stressing about other people’s actions.

  • totally convinced the slow release start over the next few months is planning in pretty large rates of non compliance from now on

  • Hulme park round here had 2 basketball games going on the same court and a decent crowd all the way round when I rode past the other evening. The lovely weather has certainly got people out.

  • I understood the bunged beaches and BLM protests last year didn't lead to Covid outbreaks. Fingers crossed it's the same now with the new Kent Covid.

    Still not sure about schools but since NI reopens schools slowly we will know soonish what happens NI / Scotland ) Wales VS England.

  • As far as I can tell, outdoor transmission is basically non existant. It's way better for all the potential lockdown miscreants to be outside, rather than having family get togethers indoors.

    Covid does not survive well in UV light or in breezy / windy conditions.

  • Yeah based purely on the demographics of my icu (people who can’t work from home, basically), to me it’s very much workplace spread that is the issue. I’m sure young people breaking lockdown & schools going back too early plays a big role in spreading it to other demographics but I think the demonisation of “lockdown breaking” as driving wave 2 really brutally maligns the people who are actually dying of this disease.

  • Curiosity got the better of me and I ordered a Covid antibody test from "testing for all"

    Reasonable price, good instructions. Will let you know once test results comes back.

    Turns out I've a shitty superpower called "not bleeding easily" and three holes and two tubs of hot water later I hope my sample won't be invalidated...

  • No antibodies, so whatever that was we all had last year was not Covid. (two weeks of misery...quite impressive for not the flu (we get flu jabs))

    Would recommend testing for all, good website and explanation and fast turnaround if you can't get a work test :)

  • Had a lateral flow test today, tested negative.

    @JWestland Would there be any point if you have had had a positive covid test, or been vaccinated.

  • That's hard to answer because they aren't sure how long antibodies last and how protective these are.

    What would you want to get out of it?

    I was merely curious, whatever we had was before mass testing.

  • So far they're lasting longer than the vaccine ones. Both my missus and I had covid last March. We've both had antibody tests, me positive end of January (NHS test that only tells you if you have antibodies) SWMBO had the paid for, while-you-wait variety just last week and she tested +ve for IgG (long-term) antibodies, so nearly a year.

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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