Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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  • Yes - soz, typo.
    Fun to see if/when it gets to us whether bankrupt Croydon will be quite as efficient as Lambeth.

  • Just did a Rapid Antibody test through Bupa. Easy to get an appointment, £65, they prick your finger and take a small amount of blood, then in 5-10 mins you have the result.­-testing

    It came back positive as having antibodies.

    I felt that I had something in early/mid January that lingered for a while - really congested, tired, achy, feeling really cold a lot of the time - but no change to sense of taste/smell or any real cough.

    Did PCR tests on 17th and 26th Jan which both came back negative though so not sure what to make of things as haven’t felt unwell at any other point.

  • Oh wow, I'm literally on the border of that line.
    If the variant is spreading, isn't it more likely to do so in the shops on the nearest high street (eg norwood road) rather than from house to house. How are the testing zones being determined?

  • I think it's distance from the centroid of the postcode sector.

    The people in those houses will be shopping at those shops? It's not about house to house spread.


    This is to help us track any potential cases after a [my emphasis] case of the
    variant of COVID-19 that was first identified in South Africa was
    discovered in the area.

  • so not sure what to make of things as haven’t felt unwell at any other point.

    The three most likely explanations are that:
    a) you were no longer infectious by the time of the first PCR test on the 17th Jan and so it came back negative (same for the 26th test)
    b) you were still infectious at the time of the 17th PCR test but it was a false negative, and then no longer infectious for the 26th PCR test
    c) the January bug wasn't Covid-19 but just a cold/flu type thing and you'd had asymptomatic Coronovirus at another time - hence the antibodies and no other time feeling unwell

    [EDIT] Just remember that immunity isn't binary. Just because you have some antibodies it doesn't mean your body will be able to completely combat any subsequent reinfection. This is why the vaccination programme is so important as it give you even better protection against the virus.

  • Yeah that makes sense.

    I had done a PCR test on ~22nd Dec too which came back negative as well, and I thought people generally tested positive for a reasonable length of time after having it (probably wrong on this).

    Just seems to be the tests suggest I didn’t have it then but the symptoms (although relatively mild and not complete) and timing coinciding with rise in cases etc makes me think otherwise.

    Not really important overall but I just thought the Bupa test was worth mentioning as reasonably reputable company, not overly inflated price and possibly interesting for some.

    (And yep, aware that it doesn’t equal immunity but worth emphasising)

  • I'm absolutely on one of the border lines (Norwood Road). If I lived over the street I'd be being tested.

    I think your idea about shops being the main areas of spread is spot on.

  • What test did you get again?

    I can only find postal tests at £45 and up, not £35.

    Happy to wait a few days, they do BUPA here but it's more expensive and also I have to leave the house, bah :)

  • What test did you get again?

    I can only find postal tests at £45 and up, not £35.

    It wasn't a test, it was a joke.

    I can give you a 96% accurate test by taking £35 off you and telling you the result "Negative".

    It was more a point that some of the online/postal tests are a scam. (Obviously not like the BUPA one listed above).

  • Tory CRG member, I presume. Charles Walker,
    displaying impressive ignorance.

    Seems to think Brit have an inalienable right to Summer holidays abroad.
    Ignoring the fact that the UK 2nd wave was attributed to a Spanish strain,
    that unlimited interactions with people from around the World will, probably,
    lead to a 3rd wave next Autumn.

  • Ah woops missed joke.

    Will investigate thoroughly before buying.

  • On BBC R4 World at One just now right? I heard that.

    Wow. He's an angry little man isn't he.

    He's also an impressively obnoxious man, but he has OCD and has spoken publicly about his mental health issues (mental health being his main argument for lifting lockdown) so it's a bit complicated.

    He's right when he says that we were told vaccines were the way out of this and now that message has changed, but if he's so angry at BoJo and co. maybe he should quit the Tories?

  • Portugal is having a huge case spike, part thanks to Christmas relaxation but most new cases are the Kent variant thanks to Brits going on holidays....

  • Ha, we must be neighbours :)

    With this kind of instant testing, I am assuming they are the lateral flow tests which tend to miss quite a big amount of positive cases?

    In any case, good reminder to stay vigilant, wash the hands and sing happy birthday I guess

  • Presumably the Brazilian one is contributing as well...?

  • No, they are handing out PCR kits you send off for analysis.

  • A good chunk of the LFGSS population seems to be in the hot zone. Possibly centred around the Royal Circus urban velodrome?

  • I used to live in that hotspot, good times.

  • I had the Vaccine today (Pfizer) No pain from the jab but got incredibly tired within four hours. Took a 2 hr nap and feel pretty much back to normal.
    I’m under the care of a rheumatologist due to my lower back arthritis and take a benepali injection so must have been fast tracked as I’m ONLY 47. Just thought I’d post my findings as there’s apprehension re the jab. Will update if I have any adverse reactions.

  • Seems to think Brit have an inalienable right to ....

    Flashback to lockdown 1 when the previously undercover village idiots would rant against a mask mandate being against their ‘rights’, although they never specified which rights specifically. It’s sovereign citizen levels of ignorance.

  • I’ve had the Pfizer jab - a week after having the flu jab.

    Flu jab was savage. Dead painful arm for a week.

    C19 jab I barely noticed.

  • Not had the flu jab this year as I get it from my doctors and they are not the most efficient but did last year and it was very painful. C19 jab administered at the local hospital (Tameside M’cr) very impressed with the set up

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Chat about Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV - COVID-19

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